A Run Does Not

Today, by all rights, I had a pretty crappy run.  I’m still getting over my cough, it’s been lingering for a week.  I had WAY too much sugar and not enough water this past weekend.  The cold weather cut right through me, and went straight to my lungs.  Not every run is a good run, it’s just a fact.

In my yoga classes lately, my instructor has taught us about the ego mind and the buddhi mind.  The ego mind tells me that “this run sucked… and I’m bad because I couldn’t run well tonight.”  The buddhi mind, however, tells me “I ran, and it was.”  The buddhi mind does not judge, it is the ego mind that reacts and puts judgment on the sensations.  You can read more about the ego mind and buddhi mind, and the other two minds, the manas and chitta, here.  It’s all very interesting, and I think it’s very true.  My mom and I have talked a lot about this too, though we didn’t call it buddhi mind and ego mind, we have talked about the importance of “being and accepting” instead of judging.

So during my run this evening, when I realized I was having a “bad” run, I tried really hard to push those feelings of “bad” down, and just BE IN THE RUN.  This journey to “be”  will not be a short one, the ego mind is a strong one, but I think that acknowledging it is definitely a step in the right direction.  I think my weekly yoga classes are helping my running, in more ways than I thought they could.  I am strengthening my body, my muscles, my joints, and most of all, my mind.  This is not just true for yoga and running, I believe the journey to recognize things as they are, and not placing judgments is going to be a lifelong journey, and one I am excited to undergo.

Photo Feb 23, 10 04 16 AM

A run, or any thing in life, does not have to be perfect to be beautiful.