MM: January 16

Once again, I didn’t take too many pictures last week! I have a few to share, though.  KC was expected to get hit with a huge ice storm Friday/Saturday/Sunday. I really was getting tired of running on the treadmill so many days in a row, so Chris and I went to KC Running Co. to run outside Thursday night. Brr it was so cold! We got a few miles in before the storm that never really came.


Friday, work let out early (again, because of the ice storms that never actually showed up!) and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to run.  Usually I take Fridays off, so it was a bonus run last week!


Saturday, Chris and I got so much adulting stuff done, and Jasper spent some time tending to the plants.


We spent a fair amount of time cuddling and chilling on the couch.  Saturday night, I I was the pillow for the boys.  Sunday afternoon, Jasper and Chris shared a nap.


The weather was kind of crappy, drizzly and kind of icy (not nearly the catastrophe that was forecasted) so I opted to run inside. I wanted to get a quality long run in, as I haven’t had a good quality long run in a while.  I managed to get all 10 miles in, only stopping twice to refill water and reset the treadmill! 10 miles!

Photo Jan 15, 2 48 37 PM.jpg

The rest of Sunday was spent relaxing, watching football, and eating pizza.  Have a great week, friends! Stay safe in the wintery weather!

Tips for Running in the Cold

I had the wonderful opportunity last night to attend the KC Running Co. “Winter Wonderland” Running Event!  We had a fun little group run, then had some delicious food and listened to a great presentation about dressing appropriately for the colder weather.

I’d like to share some of the tips that KC Running Co. had about dressing to “feel good to perform good.”

  1.  If you walk outside and you feel comfortable, you are probably overdressed.  What this means, is that your body heats up when you run, and if you walk outside ready to run and are feeling comfortable, you have too many layers, or too much clothing on.  Once you start running, you will overheat.
  2. If you walk outside and feel freezing cold, you are dressed too lightly. What this means, is that you will likely be cold throughout your run, and you need to add a base layer of clothing to ensure your body temperature doesn’t drop while you are outside running.
  3. If you walk outside and feel a bit chilly, you are dressed perfectly.  You need to dress like it is 10-15 degrees warmer outside than it is.  So if you walk outside and are a bit chilly, but not freezing, and not comfortable, you are likely dressed perfectly for the weather.  You want to be a little chilly at first, because once your body warms up from running, you will be dressed perfectly.

These tips from KC Running Co. are perfect. Many times I dress like I want to be comfortable, only to burn up while I’m running, which then causes me to chill drastically once I’m done running, because all the sweat is trapped and then cools once I stop moving.

KC Running Company’s tips for layering are as follows:

  1.  Start with a base layer, something that is close to the body, and not cotton.  This layer will help trap your heat and keep it close to your body.  A wicking material will wick away the sweat, so definitely don’t choose cotton, because that will stay wet and heavy and cool you down.
  2. An insulation layer is second, and it provides insulation!  It can be looser fitting, but not so loose that it doesn’t trap the heat inside.
  3. Finally, if it is cold enough for three layers (think, 3 layers for 30 degrees or below, generally), then add a protecting layer, such as a windbreaker or water resistant shell.  This is also where you add in reflectivity for night running.
  4. Lastly, don’t forget to cover your head – headband for your ears, or earmuffs, a beanie to trap your head heat, and even a balaclava or face mask if it is cold enough, to help keep your lungs from inhaling really cold air.

KC Running Co. has tons of awesome options for winter or cold weather running.  This post was not sponsored by KC Running Co, but I am a member of the running group there, and love this store so much!  Thank you, KC Running Co. for the awesome information and for always keeping us runners warm, safe, and happy!

Stay warm, friends!!