The March Run Down

March! I’ll cut straight to the chase: I ran 105 miles in March! After reevaluating my goals, and getting rid of my year long 1100 mile goal, my knee continued improve, and I had lots and lots of fantastic runs in March!  Read up on previous months’ run-downs here: January, February.

Between my knee feeling so much better, my glute feeling just about 99% better, and really enjoying my runs, I end up running twice as much in March as I did in each January and February! I ended March with 105 miles, which puts my yearly total at 211.  I still am sticking to my plan of not aiming for a specific number for the year, I’m happy with just running and doing what I can! I biked/cycled 105 miles as well (yesterday when I had 105 miles biked, and had 100 miles running, I knew I had to do a 5 miler to even them up!)

During the first week of March, I traded in my old bike and bought a beautiful (used but new to me) bike. I named her Aspen.  I’ve ridden my bike to work several times, and taken her out for a few bike rides this month too.  My longest ride was a 10 mile ride to Missouri and back! She’s a Trek seven.three, and I love her!

Photo Mar 06, 4 36 54 PM

I’ve continued to take cycling classes a couple times a week at the Athletic Club of Overland Park.  Since I ran more in March than I had in January and February, I didn’t take as many classes, and some of the classes I did go to, I only took half the class, so that I could also run.

I somehow only ran with the KC Running Co. groupies twice in March! Between some chilly weather, some scheduling conflicts, a race, and going home for a weekend, I only  managed to get to the Groupies twice!  I did run with friends numerous times, which makes up for missing so many Groupie runs.  I also had my second race of the year, the Whiskey Run 5k, on March 13.  I ended up not running as quickly as I wish I would have, but had a pretty good race, and a dang good breakfast after the race!

Photo Mar 31, 8 48 24 PM

My longest run of the month was 8 miles, which was actually broken up into a solo 5 miler followed by a 3 mile run (5k, actually, for the virtual 5k for Rett Syndrome) with Momma and Shay puppy, in Hays, on March 26.

The entire month, I’ve run a bit longer than previous, during each run.  10 of my runs in March were 5 miles or more!  I think that adding a mile or two to my normal 3-4 mile runs has really helped my endurance, and my mental strength!  Though I’m not aiming, specifically, for 100+ miles each month, I definitely like being able to do some longer runs without feeling like it’s so taxing.  I guess that’s called progress!

Photo Mar 26, 9 22 27 AM.jpg

Looking forward to April, I have two races, the Rock the Parkway Half Marathon on April 9, and the Trolley Run 4 miler on April 24.  Rock the Parkway begins my 3 half marathons in 3 months, and I’m hoping my knee is up to the task!  Do you have any races coming up?

March Run-Down:
Running: 25 runs, totaling 105 miles.
Cycling: 7 cycling classes, 5.5 hours, and several bike rides, totaling 105 miles.
Longest Run: 8 miles, Mar. 26.
Races: Whiskey Run 5k.

Monday Mentionings: March 14

It’s Monday, and it’s officially spring in my apartment! The time changed last night, and it was light out until 7:45 last night!! I also bought lots of spring clothes over the weekend, so I’m ready! Bring on the beautiful weather!

Jasper and I have still been cuddling a lot, and it warms my heart. He’s such a sweetheart.

Photo Mar 09, 8 50 19 PM

We started playing Factoring Feud (Family Feud) at work last week – it’ll be a weekly thing for a while.  I love where I work. 🙂  Also, I realize I spelled Feud incorrectly in my snapchat below, I was in a hurry and autocorrect didn’t do it’s job.  Don’t judge!

Photo Mar 09, 10 11 32 AM

Amy and I found a beautiful flowering tree/bush right by the trail after a 5 mile run on Wednesday.  We just had to stop and take a picture.  The blooms are so pretty.  I think it’s a tulip magnolia tree.

Photo Mar 09, 6 33 55 PM

My apartment building got a new roof last week.  Jasper (and I) didn’t appreciate the loud noises.  At least it was over in a day and a half!

Photo Mar 09, 12 45 28 PM

Epic runfie action taking place on Thursday night runs with the KC Running Co. groupies!

Photo Mar 10, 6 06 47 PM

It’s okay Jasper, its not like I was about to get up and go to bed! I’m always up for more snuggles.

Photo Mar 11, 9 31 18 PM

Friday night, Michelle and I made hamburgers, rice, and asparagus, and ate on the balcony.  It was a most perfect evening.  We even had ice cream sandwiches for dessert.  Mmmm!

Photo Mar 11, 6 12 30 PM

Sunday morning was the Whiskey Run 5k in Martin City.  It was a really fun race! I had to walk a couple times because of  a crazy side stitch I’ve gotten during my runs over the last week or so (way out of the ordinary, I never get side stitches!).  Check out my race recap here!

Photo Mar 13, 9 51 42 AM

After the race and my second little run, Jasper and I had some balcony time.  It was overcast and kind of drizzly on and off all weekend, but the temps have been amazing.

Photo Mar 13, 11 50 02 AM

Have a great week, friends!


Photo Mar 13, 11 57 07 AM

Whiskey Run 5k Recap

The Whiskey Run 5k was this morning, in Martin City, MO.  For those of you who don’t know Martin City is a small, very old town right by state line in southern KC.  Martin City has a yearly Irishpalooza, and the 5k is part of the palooza each year.  Saturday afternoon, Amy and I picked up our packets, and we were all ready to go!

Photo Mar 12, 6 47 52 PM

Photo Mar 12, 6 43 00 PM

Sunday morning, it was overcast and cool, but really, no complaints! It was a bit humid, but it wasn’t raining, and it wasn’t hot, or cold.  We got to the race about 45 minutes early, met up with some friends, waited for the race.


Photo courtesy Run and Shoot Photo.

The race itself was pretty good.  It was an out and back, with 2 decent little hills.  We ran through the main road in Martin City, then through a neighborhood, and behind some car lots, then back into town.  I started off at a really good pace, perhaps a PR pace.  At about a mile in, I got a side stitch.  Now, I normally don’t get side stitches, but over the last week or so, I’ve been getting them; I’m not really sure what’s going on, but it’s annoying.  I let it get the better of me, and I walked.  I think I walked 3 times total, all because of the stitch.

Photo Mar 13, 11 55 16 AM

Bottom picture, left to right: Amy’s son Joshua, Amy, Sandey, Melissa, and me.

I was frustrated with myself for not just pushing through, and letting myself walk. I ended up finishing about 80 seconds slower than my PR.  Overall, I’m pleased with my time, and if I wouldn’t have walked, I may have PR’d, but even with the walking, I feel like my time was decent.


Photo courtesy Run and Shoot Photo.

It was really nice that Amy’s husband and son came to cheer us on, then eat brunch with us.  Instead of a race medal for the Whiskey Run 5k, we got a huge brunch, courtesy of RC’s Chicken.  Tons of really good food, fruit, and company!

Photo Mar 13, 9 28 16 AM

Photo Mar 13, 12 02 55 PM

Clockwise from bottom left: Valerie, me, Amy, Melissa, Greg, Jess, and Jeremy.  All KCRC groupies!

The race, food, and experience were all great, I’d definitely do this race again.  Martin City is a really cute little part of KC, with lots of history.  We didn’t end up staying for the dog show or parade, but that was all happening later on Sunday, after the race, as part of Irishpalooza.

After breakfast, I headed home.  On my drive home, I realized how frustrated I was in my run. I dropped my stuff off at home, and headed out for another 3 miles.  I went slowly, and had a really great second run.  It was still really pretty out, and I saw so many squirrels and robins.  I wasn’t punishing myself for a bad run, but I felt like I needed a nice, easy run to clear my mind and kind of get the bad taste out of my mouth, so to speak.  It was a truly refreshing run!

Photo Mar 13, 11 57 07 AM