Monday Mentionings: April 11

Another Monday, another post! Last week was a great week, let’s jump right in!

On Monday, I met up with Thayne for dinner; he was in KC for opening day on Sunday, then flew out Tuesday for a work meeting.  It was nice to see him, it’s been since Christmas! Thayne, did you give Kristen her hug from me? We went to Joe’s KC BBQ, and it was delicious, as always.

Photo Apr 10, 9 04 22 PM

Jazzy has been leaving Michelle toys several times per week.  So precious, that little kitty, and his love for Michelle.  She’s moving to her new place this weekend; Jasper and I will both miss her like crazy, but I know we will see her often!

Photo Apr 04, 6 56 35 PM

We finished off the Amaretto Slushies last week, so tasty!  The weather has been warmer, which means Jasper hasn’t been snuggling as much lately – he likes to snuggle when it’s cold out.  I soaked up every minute of snuggle time I had last week.

Photo Apr 10, 9 06 18 PM.jpg

This is what I see every morning while I’m getting ready for work.  He sits patiently while I get ready, then about 5 minutes before I’m ready to go, he starts crying, to make sure I don’t forget to give him his morning treats.  So spoiled, this one.

Photo Apr 08, 7 38 21 AM

This tweet exchange cracked me up so much.  Kristen wrote about hedgehogs in the wild, and our Granddad’s response is just too funny.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Photo Apr 07, 8 41 25 PM

There were hot dog races at work last Friday, which cracked me up.  Some of the guys from the building next to us had the races, and we stood by the window in our building to watch them.  I love love love the place I work!  We work hard, but play hard too!

Photo Apr 07, 11 53 23 PM

This may be a dangerous search.  I’m contemplating trying a duathlon this summer/fall! Have you ever done a duathlon or triathlon? Should I go for it??  I’m also looking at trail races for this summer/fall!

Photo Apr 07, 12 18 16 PM

Saturday morning, bright and early (and cold), was Rock the Parkway, my first half marathon of the year.  I will have a race recap up later this week, once the race pictures are posted, but I wanted to share a couple pictures with you – pre and post race.  It wasn’t a PR for me, but it was for Amy, and for several of my friends, which was so great, and I finished with my second best half marathon time!

Photo Apr 10, 9 21 35 PM.jpg

Then, several hours and a painful shower later, this happened…

Photo Apr 09, 7 29 58 PM

I think Jasper’s most favorite thing ever is sitting in/on all the places he isn’t supposed to be.  He has probably sat on everything possible in Michelle’s room.  I think he’s just trying to make sure all of his extra fur goes with her to her new apartment.

Photo Apr 10, 8 56 00 PM

Last night, after yummy fajitas and quesadillas, Michelle and I decided we needed some good old fashioned TCBY.  We made the trip to Prairie Village, and had a very strange TCBY experience, but the ice cream was yummy, and that made up for it!  What’s your favorite froyo flavor?

Photo Apr 10, 8 20 26 PM

Have a great week friends!

2016 Running Goals

“There’s something so universal about that sensation, the way running unites our two most primal impulses: fear and pleasure. We run when we’re scared, we run when we’re ecstatic, we run away from our problems and run around for a good time.”

-Christopher McDougall


Running Goals for 2016:

1.  Run 1100+ miles. In 2015, my initial goal was to run 1100 miles.  Because of some personal matters in the first half of the year, I revised that goal, and changed my goal to 950 for the year.  With 10 days left in 2015, I should end 2015 with about 970 miles.  I am going to make a goal for 2016 to run 1100+ miles, which averages out to about 92 miles per month.  I’ve had 4 months in 2014 and 2015 with over 100 miles per month, and I’m planning on hopefully 6+ months in 2016 with over 100 miles in each month.

2.  Run at least 1 Trail Race.  Towards the end of 2015, I kind of got burnt out on races.  I had a record 16 races in 2015, and I will definitely run fewer races in 2016.  But, that being said, I want to do a trail race, probably a 10k, 10 miler, or half marathon.  I don’t really want to do a short trail race; I want to do a bit longer race and really get the experience.  There are lots of trail races near Wyandotte County Lake, and also near Clinton Lake, so in the next few months, I’ll try to find one to tackle.

3.  Get into the gym regularly.  A wonderful perk of my new job is a $10 monthly membership to a really nice gym close to home.  With running longer distances in 2016, I need to keep my body happy and healthy, and one way to help with that is going to the gym and working on adding a lifting regimen at least a couple times each week.  I’ll continue to try to go to yoga when I can, and hopefully add some other group classes as well.

4.  Run a half marathon with no walking.  This is something I’ve been working on, and I’m so happy that I made it over 10 miles before walking during the KC Half Marathon in October.  I felt wonderful, but got dizzy.  I’m confident I will improve on my half marathons, and be able to tackle one without walking at all in 2016.

5.  Complete my first full marathon.  This is the most terrifying goal of all, for 2016.  I have committed to completing my first full marathon at the KC Marathon in October 2016, and I’ve officially signed up for the race, so it’s really happening!  I have no kind of time expectations, and fully expect to walk and just get through the race, and I don’t know if I’ll ever do a second  marathon, but it’s a huge bucket list item to do a full marathon.

Photo Dec 20, 3 02 03 PM