Dear Fall Running…

Dear Fall Running,

I love you.  I love the cool, crisp air, after a hot and steamy summer.  I love the leaves falling as I run, and crunching underfoot.  I love the smells of fall.  I love the feel of fall.  My lungs love running and being able to breathe.  My skin loves the cool breeze.  I love the colors of the leaves changing.  I love seeing the squirrels gathering nuts for the winter.

I simply love every single thing about fall running.  I have had such a great week of running, and it’s only half done!  I had a great long run last weekend, absolutely gorgeous run in the fall rain, followed by 5 miles each on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Each of those runs felt so amazing, like I could have kept going for twice as long.  I didn’t want the runs to end.  Compared to how difficult some of my runs felt in the heat of the summer, the runs this week were heaven.


Running in the fall is the dessert of running.  I’m feeling rejuvenated and refreshed and ready for my two fall half marathons.  I’m ready to enjoy the best season for running.  The KC Half is 2 and a half weeks away, and I feel more ready and confident for this half marathon than I have for my previous 10 halves.  Then, 4 weeks later is the Longview Half.  I’m excited for these races, to treat them like the desserts of running, to thoroughly enjoy every mile of them, just as I’ve enjoyed every mile of these first fall runs.

I’m excited for fall running; I’m excited it’s finally here!  What is your favorite season for running?

The August Run Down

Here’s a story for you: I was just totaling up my mileage for August last night, and thusly, totaling my mileage for the year.  Around 8:30 last night (as I was writing this), I realized my total miles for the year was at 666.  I couldn’t let that stand, after a bit of groaning and a call to my mom, I went out and ran a mile.   I finished August with 84 miles, and 667 for the year so far.

With 667 for the year, I’m on track to reach my goal of 1000 for 2016, needing an average of 83 miles each month for the remaining 4 months of the year. Catch up on previous months’ recaps here: January, February, March, April, May, June, July.

I started July off with a new pair of shoes, which is always a great way to start off a new month.  The first couple weeks of July were super hot, and I did some indoor runs and fitness classes at the gym to beat the heat during the first half of July.  I went home over the second weekend in July, and had a couple great runs with Mom.

Photo Aug 14, 10 39 56 AM

I also had my very first “2 race day” on July 20.  In the morning, I ran the Diva Dash 5k with Amy and some of the KC Running Co. ladies.  Then after dark, I ran the Blacklight 5k “color” run with Michelle and some of her Y friends.  I ended up having 2 fantastic races, my 2nd and 3rd best 5k times overall.  My double race recap can be found here.

Photo Aug 20, 8 26 27 AM

Photo Aug 20, 9 40 01 PM

I ran with the KC Running Co. Groupies twice, once for a long run.  I had two 7 mile runs this month, which was my longest run of the month.  I did one of the 7 milers the day after a 6 miler, so that was a nice way to get some extra fatigue on my legs in preparation for half marathon season coming up.

Photo Aug 31, 8 12 52 PM

I also got several runs in with Chris. =) It’s been so much fun watching him grow as a runner, and it’s been such a fun way to grow in our relationship, too, by running together.

Photo Aug 31, 8 13 50 PM

I have no races coming up in September.  I hope to get my long runs up to 10 miles or so in the next few weeks.

My main goal for September is #NoSweetsSeptember.  I’ll be cutting out pop, candy, and sweet treats, for the month of September.  I’ve been eating far too much sugar, and drinking way too much pop, so join me with #NoSweetsSeptember (I’ll be posting on twitter, @renfle!) and let’s kick this sugar addiction, or at least curb it a bit for the month of Septembe!

I’m also really excited to cheer Kristen on for her Ironman on Sept. 11.  Be sure to send her lots of good juju and badass good vibes – she’s going to do amazing!!

August Run-Down:
Running: 24 runs, 84 miles total.
Cycling: 2 cycle classes, 1.5 hours, totaling 18 miles.
Longest Run: 7 mile runs on August 14 and on August 28
Races: Diva Dash 5k and Blacklight Run 5k


Runcrastination: The act of needing to complete a run, but doing a hundred other things instead of walking out the door to start the run.

Also see: Runcrastination: The act of having a hundred other things you need to do, but going for a run instead.

I most definitely succumb to both versions of runcrastination, nearly on a daily basis.  Running is one of the top things I think about daily.  But when it comes down to actually stepping out the door, it is dang hard to take that step! But when I have a list of things to do, such as vaccuuming, laundry, unloading the dishwasher, and grocery shopping, I usually can’t wait to get out and go for a run instead.

Photo Jul 13, 5 41 54 PM.jpg

I feel like the runcrastination of finding things to do instead of running most often happens in the hot hot months of the summer, and also in the cold and dark months of the winter.  Yesterday, I spent at least a half hour in my running clothes, ready to walk out the door, but checking Facebook and Twitter, texting a friend, taking selfies, playing with Jazzy, and otherwise not getting out the door.  Once I finally started my run, I was fine.  Hot, sweaty, and HOT, but fine.


On the other hand, the runcrastination of having a bunch of things that need done, but going for a run instead, that happens ALL the time in the spring and fall, when the weather is most perfect, and all I want to do is be outside running!

Does anyone else have either or both of these runcrastinations in their life?