10 Years of Throwbacks

Today is a throwback kind of day! I have 10 photos, one from each of the past 10 years, to share for a Throwback Thursday today! This could also be… 10 years of Renee’s changing hair… haha!

2o06, my family at the Fleharty Family Reunion at my great Uncle’s home in Nebraska:


2007, at a Nebraska football game.  GO BIG RED.  We went to lots of Husker games back in the day:


2008, Kristen and I parasailing in the Gulf of Mexico, when we visited South Padre Island, Texas with my family:


2009, the day I adopted my baby Jasper:


2010, the era of ZUMBA, and my Bestie forever:


2011, at a park in Hays, after we surprised Dad for his 50th birthday:


2012, the year I started running! Mom, Kristen, and I ran the Color Run in KC, my first race:


2013, visiting Reno, Nevada, and my uncle, with Grandpa:


2014, a huge Christmas celebration with the whole Fleharty gang:


2015, the year Amy and I became inseparable, sisters, and bests for life… also, the Plaza 10k was the race where I ran 2 steps behind Amy for about 2 miles, to surprise her in the last quarter mile and to cross the finish line together:


It was a lot of fun looking through old pictures on Facebook, I’ll probably do another throwback post sometime, because I had lots of runner up pictures to share, too… and I had some crazy hair going on in some of them.

Thursday’s Three (or 9, who’s counting!)

I didn’t have time this week to prepare a proper Thursday’s Three post, so I came up with some random hat/mask selfies to share, some dating almost 10 years back! Enjoy my #throwbackthursday pics!!

September 2006, Lincoln Nebraska May 2007, Colorado Springs Colorado.  March 2008, Boston Massachusetts  November 2008, Salina KansasMay 2011, Key West Florida    October 2012, Hays Kansas September 2013, Fernley Nevada October 2013, Hays Kansas     December 2014, Hays Kansas  

Thursday Thoughts: June 18

I got my #WeRunSocial shirt in the mail last week!  My twitter buddy Pavement Runner is selling these amazing shirts!  On his website, he describes We Run Social: “We wanted to create a running crew-group-club-team that captured everything that we are about: running all the miles and killing it on social media. Whether we are taking selfies with 44 people, taking pictures of our feet for Instagram, or signing up for all the races because we can’t help ourselves — we are doing it together.”Photo Jun 14, 11 42 03 AMFriday evening I had some much needed Bestie time! Michelle and I met up and went to Jurassic World, stopped at Trader Joe’s, had some iPhone adventures, and she got to see my apartment! I am SO beyond excited for her to be so close!!Photo Jun 13, 9 26 58 PMSaturday on my run, I found a pretty big snapping turtle by the trail.  I stopped to say hello.  Later on that same run, I saw a couple muskrats or groundhogs.  Quite the adventurous run for only 4 miles!Photo Jun 13, 2 30 35 PMSunday morning, Amy and I ran with the Groupies, we ran a steamy 5+ miles, followed by the best invention ever, icy wet towels.  Ahhhh-Mazing!  These icy towels will be great motivation to push harder on the long runs this summer!Photo Jun 14, 10 02 18 AMA video that’s been circling around lately made its way into my world.  You may have seen it.  If not, here’s the link for hair plopping! Well, the other night, I tried it! I used different products than the video, but I think it would work with any kind of curl enhancer cream or mouse.  I showered and combed my hair after putting It’s a 10 leave in conditioner in my hair, then sprayed some sea salt spray and used some hair cream, then “plopped” my hair into a cotton t-shirt.  After I wrapped it all up and tied it, I went to bed.  When I woke up, I un-tied the t-shirt and sprayed a bit of hair spray, and ta da! Curls!  I was very surprised at how well it worked.  I was also pleased at how comfortable it was to sleep in.  With my hair all tied up, it wasn’t in my face or on my neck while I slept!  My hair was soft and curly and really full all day long.Photo Jun 17, 8 33 20 PMI finally made it back to yoga! It’s been 2 weeks since I had class, and it feels like it’s been ages!  Maylo’s amazing class is now at Lotus Yoga, which is a beautiful studio, but I’ll miss yoga at Life Spring.

Weekly kitty picture: Jasper was outside for over an hour earlier this week, just watching his world pass by.  It had rained earlier in the afternoon, and there were lots of birds and a few squirrels out for him to watch.Photo Jun 14, 8 06 26 PMIt’s Father’s Day this weekend, I’m wishing my dad and all the dads a big happy Father’s Day! #ThrowbackThursday to when I was 3 or 4, and Dad took me fishing.  Ahh! Look at that mustache on Dad, and look at my hair and that hat!Photo Jun 16, 8 46 13 AMIn my timehop this morning, I found out that the My Brave Wings logo was born a year ago!   Have a good weekend!