Monday Mentionings: May 16

Monday again!

Last Monday evening is one I won’t soon forget! I go to cycle class [almost] every single Monday evening.  I call my Mom after work on my way home, or to the gym, etc, EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  Well, last Monday was no different.  I called Mom on my way to the gym (about a 2-3 minute drive from work), and she didn’t answer.  I didn’t call her a second time, because by then, I was at the gym.  I figured I would just call her after the gym.  Apparently, Mom’s phone didn’t actually register my call, so didn’t have a missed call.

When I finished with my hour long cycle class, around 6:30, and made it down to my locker, I heard my phone buzzing, so I answered it real quick.  It was my sister, and she said Mom had lost me, and to call her right away.  I called Mom, and she told me Amy was on her way to find me, because I wasn’t answering my phone.  By the time it was all said and done, I think I had 4 missed calls, a voicemail, 8 text messages (from 4 different people) and 2 calls to the gym to find my whereabouts.  Amy was about halfway to my house, and I imagine my mom was minutes away from hopping in the car to drive 4 here herself!

I was just in cycle class!  I’m thankful and lucky to have such an amazing family and friends, who care about me enough to track me down when I go missing, even though I wasn’t lost or missing.

Photo May 09, 9 32 06 PM

There’s really no caption for this.  It’s just Jasper, doing what he does, napping and being adorable.

Photo May 11, 9 27 21 PM

Thursday evening, Mom and Dad got to town for the weekend.  Amy came over, and Dad rode his bike while Amy and Mom and I ran a few shakeout miles.  It was absolutely gorgeous out, and we had a great few miles on the trails.

Photo May 12, 6 39 47 PM

Friday morning, Kristen flew in, and Mom, Dad, and Kristen came to see my office building.  I got off at noon, and we hung out all afternoon, and went to Grinders for pizza and calzones that evening.

Photo May 13, 6 02 49 PM

Photo May 13, 6 51 15 PM

After dinner, we laid out our flat runners, and Dad said he wanted to do a flat Dad.  Kristen laid out Flat Dad to match the rest of them.

Photo May 13, 8 44 43 PM

Saturday morning we got up WAY early, and made it to Bucyrus, KS about an hour and a half before the Running with the Cows half marathon and 5k.  I’ll write a recap later on this week, but it was a great race, though I had a little less than perfect race.  Half marathon #9 in the books!  Kristen raced the 5k, and won! I’m so proud of her!

Photo May 14, 10 32 28 AM

Photo May 14, 12 05 15 PM

We celebrated with Ted’s Cafe and margaritas!

Photo May 14, 5 09 40 PM

Sunday, after sleeping in a tiny bit, we all got up and around, and made it out to Shawnee Mission Park, where Mom and I ran a short shakeout, and then Kristen ran her long run, and Dad and Mom and I biked along.  It was a beautiful day, and a really fun run/ride/adventure.

Photo May 15, 12 05 33 PM

Photo May 15, 12 56 49 PM

Sunday afternoon, Kristen had to fly home, so we drove out to the airport and back.  It was sad to see her go; the weekend was really fun and went really fast.  Mom and Dad and I hung out Sunday night, and had some ice cream.  Mom and Dad bought a fold up wagon, and Jasper had to check it out.

Photo May 15, 5 13 55 PM

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for today!  I’ll get my race recap out this week!  I hope your week is great!

Royals Royals Royals!

My parents came to KC over the weekend, and we went to 2 steaming hot Royals games, and had a hugely fun filled weekend!  But first, last Thursday night, I went to a Royals game too, with Amy and her family!

Photo Jun 09, 2 36 36 PM

Friday night, my parents came into town, and we ate dinner at the Blue Moose Bar and Grill.  I had some delicious Chicken Mac.  Mom took the picture below, and said she thought the only Blue Moose in KC was Mike Moustakas!  Afterwards, we went back to my apartment and watched the rest of the Royals game on TV. Photo Jun 09, 2 38 09 PM

Saturday morning, we were up and out the door by 5:30am, for my Hospital Hill Half Marathon.  I’ll recap the race as soon as race pics are up online, later this week.  Mom and Dad cheered and waited around for me to finish, then we went to the Royals game!  We got super lucky and got a free premium parking pass, and parked right next to the gate.  Then, we got super unlucky, and I locked my keys in my trunk.  #facepalm  I can’t believe I locked my keys in my car!  We went into the stadium, and were too late for a Cain Bobble Head, so then I called Emergency Roadside Assistance, and only missed about 5 minutes of the first part of the game when they came to unlock my car.  At least it was before we wanted to leave!

Photo Jun 06, 12 41 15 PM

Photo Jun 06, 12 40 45 PM

Unfortunately, the Royals lost, but we still had a great time, and didn’t get TOO sunburned. Saturday night, we ate at Jack Stack Barbecue and did a bit of shopping, then headed to my apartment for an early night; we were all tired from the long day outside.  Sunday morning, Mom and I went to the KCRC Groupies run, and she ran with me for a shakeout run after the half marathon.

We ate breakfast after, and got ready for the Sunday Royals game.  I remembered to take my keys and not lock them in the trunk this time! Our seats for the Saturday game were in the Right Outfield upper level, and for Sunday, our seats were the complete opposite! Lowest level, on first base, just behind the dugout.  We were able to watch the players warm up a bit, and we walked around the stadium before the game started.

The game itself was very exciting, and very hot! The sun beat down on us for both games, but we kept applying sunscreen, and Mom and I only got burnt a little bit.  When Salvy homered in the 8th inning, it was so cool to hear the whole stadium chanting SALVY, SALVY, SALVY!  The Royals won by one, and we were right there to see it all.

Photo Jun 07, 11 58 14 AM

Photo Jun 07, 12 09 35 PM

Photo Jun 07, 1 12 32 PM

Photo Jun 07, 12 48 07 PM

After the game, we went to eat at Ted’s Cafe for an early dinner, and were hot, and tired, and back to my apartment pretty early.  We chilled for the rest of the night, and Monday morning, Mom and Dad headed home.  It was a super busy weekend, but tons of fun; I’m so glad my parents were able to come down and so glad the Royals won on Sunday!  Mom and Dad, thank you for an amazing weekend!

Photo Jun 07, 3 50 56 PM

Photo Jun 07, 6 48 32 PM

I just read on the news today, that 7 Royals players currently have the top votes for the All-Star Game, which is pretty cool! You can read about the story and vote here if you want to make sure as many Royals as possible end up All-Stars!

Another Lap Around the Sun

This past weekend was a busy one, full of family, friends, Memorial Day, and my birthday! I have tons of pictures to share!

Friday morning, I picked Kristen up from the airport and we hit the road to Hays!

 First stop in Hays was to get a snowball, of course.

 We went for a quick run Friday afternoon, and in non-traditional Hays weather, it was drizzling and chilly. Where’s summer? Before it started drizzling heavily, I was able to get a couple action running pictures. Kristen didn’t have a run on her schedule, so she biked while Mom and Shay and I ran.

Kristen finally got Grandpa’s jacket this weekend. If you ever saw Grandpa, he was either in his FHSU jacket it his Pepsi jacket. I’m really glad she is able to wear it for him.

Friday night Dad grilled some delicious steaks and we watched the Royals beat the Cardinals.  Saturday morning, we went for another run, and it rained the whole time! What’s with this weather, Hays!?

After our run, we had delicious a Gutierrez lunch with Leann and Ava, then saw Pitch Perfect 2 again!

Mom and Dad’s backyard is pretty much like a jungle, thanks to the wet spring. It was really pretty! Everything was green. The drive from KC to Hays was probably the prettiest drive I’ve ever had.

Saturday night, Kristen and I went to Grandma and Granddads and ate and visited, which was really nice. Grandma made her famous macaroni and cheese and corn casserole. I’m pretty sure Kristen and I had thirds.

Sunday morning, Mom and Shay and I ran while Kristen ran to Munjor, which is about 10 miles south east of Hays. We then met her at the cemetery in Munjor and visited Grandma and Grandpa’s graves.  Later on Sunday, Mom and Dad cooked for a BBQ hot dog bar, and family and friends came over for hot dogs, s’mores and cake for my birthday.

The kitties, my Jasper and Mom and Dad’s Lucy and Gordon, finally became friends Sunday night. And by friends, I mean they ate some treats without hissing and growling at each other. No blood was shed the whole weekend though, so I call that a success.

Monday morning (my birthday!) we went for a short little run before having to leave to get Kristen back to KC in time for her afternoon flight.

I got to see Maja for a few minutes on the way out of town. I love and miss my Maja. Then mom sent a pic right after we left, of Lucy and Gordon. I think they missed Jasper and wanted him to come back and play.

Monday night I went to dinner with Amy and Emily for my birthday. We went to Ted’s Cafe, which was just as delicious as I remember!

I loved being home with family for the weekend. The 3 and a half days went way too quickly. I am super excited for Mom and Dad to come down to KC in a few weeks, and also super excited to take Amy to Hays for the 4th of July holiday weekend.