Monday Mentionings: August 17

Another week! My mom celebrated her birthday over the weekend, happy birthday Mom!

This is basically how Jasper and I spend our evenings; Royals baseball on TV.  I’ll be sad when baseball is over for the year.Photo Aug 15, 8 00 53 PMTuesday and Thursday nights were spent with the Groupies!Photo Aug 13, 7 44 55 PMFriday night I went to the Royals game with my work friend Carmen, her husband, and father in law. Our seats were great, the company was great, and we got to see a fantastic win! I had the Best. Drink. Ever.  It’s called a Royal ‘Rita, and it’s frozen lemonade margarita and frozen blue raspberry margarita mixed together.  Ahhh-Mazing.  I also ran into my good friend Kristen, who recently moved to KC! I can’t wait to see her again soon, and can’t wait to see another Royals game in just a couple weeks with Mom!  We also stayed for summer fireworks after the game, and the picture below is from the Royals Instagram, because my pictures look like poop compared to the professional ones.Photo Aug 16, 1 53 11 PMPhoto Aug 16, 1 54 29 PM

Photo courtesy of Royals Instagram.

Photo courtesy of the Royals Instagram page.

Saturday morning was spent changing all my passwords, because some jerk in California tired to hack my Google and Verizon accounts Friday while I was a the game.  Luckily, no information was stolen, and the password protection verifications saved me a lot of headaches.  But alas, Saturday morning was spent changing everything.  Once I was finished, it was hot outside! I took to the treadmill, and listened to This American Life to get me through 7 miles on the treadmill.  It was a nice change, because I don’t like listening to music while I run, but I needed something to get me through 7 miles staring at a blank white wall.

Sunday morning, Amy and I ran with the Groupies for 5 miles, which puts me at 55 for August so far.  If you remember my goals for August, with 55 miles, I’m on track to get to 100+ miles this month! I need to get on the foam rolling train, because I’m failing at the 5x per week goal.  =(  I’ve been getting my water in though, at least 120 ounces per day!Photo Aug 15, 2 20 18 PMMy TimeHop and some gems this weekend! First, I found some pictures that I took of my little cousin Ava when she was almost a year old.  So precious.  I remember going out to the sunflower fields south of town to take these pictures.  She was so itty bitty!Photo Aug 16, 1 50 02 PMI also came across one of Jasper’s first meetings with his Uncle Cooper.  Cooper bopped Jasper on the head a few times, just to make sure he knew who was boss.  Jasper was so itty bitty too! He would have been about 6 months old in these pictures.Photo Aug 16, 1 48 02 PMThis was Jasper yesterday, sleeping away the dog days of summer.  I had to take a picture, he was just so fluffy! He opened his eyes when I came over, and of course, rolled over as soon as I took the picture.Photo Aug 16, 2 56 05 PMSomething to think about for this week.  I saw this quote last week, and it really kind of resonated with me.  Photo Aug 15, 8 08 53 PM