Monday Mentionings: July 20

Last week went by quickly… especially since Amy made me get up and run before work Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, Amy joined me at yoga, and I saw this amazing opportunity to do yoga with some of the Royals players, on the outfield before a game!! I signed up this weekend, and Mom will come down to KC over Labor Day weekend and do it with me! It should be a really fun experience!Photo Jul 15, 5 54 43 PMAfter really hot weather Monday and Tuesday, forcing us to run in the mornings, it cooled down (by about 5 degrees) on Thursday.  We ran 3 miles instead of 4 with the group, due to the heat and humidity.Photo Jul 17, 8 38 56 AMFriday, my workspace adjustment was completed, and now I have a standing desk at work! I have been wanting to have my desk changed for a while, and finally took the plunge.  I do have an anti fatigue mat that I can stand on, and I also have a stool if I need to get off my feet for a few minutes, but I will be standing at work from now on!  I’m sure it will take my feet and back a week or two to adjust.Photo Jul 19, 3 43 56 PMFriday evening, my new bracelet came in the mail! I’ve had the jade spoke bracelet for several months now, and I’ve had the feather Alex and Ani bracelet for a while too, but added the white spoke bracelet to my collection!  The spoke bracelets are made from bicycle spokes, and have so far held up amazingly.  I don’t take them off, even with running, swimming, showering, etc.Photo Jul 17, 5 42 46 PMOver the weekend, Mom saved a baby blue jay that was out of his nest, and having problems with the hot weather.  She’s fed and watered him, and he squawks every couple hours for more food! She hopes to release him or give him to a local animal rehab place today or tomorrow.Photo Jul 19, 7 06 18 PMAlso over the weekend, I bought a pair of Oofos recovery sandals.  I’d heard of these recovery sandals before, but when Mom, Dad, and Kristen each bought a pair last weekend, I decided I should give them a better look.  Basically, imagine walking on the softest and most cooshy and amazing cloud. That’s pretty much what Oofos feel like.Photo Jul 18, 11 09 32 AMSaturday morning, Amy and I ran 5 miles in the rain, which felt really nice, compared to the heat!  Sunday after I ran 6 miles with Amy and the Groupies, Jasper and I relaxed in style.  Notice his tongue sticking out, I caught him right as he was licking his nose.Photo Jul 19, 4 26 11 PMThis week is looking fun, KC Running Company is hosting a night at the K on Wednesday, so we get to tailgate and watch the Royals and Astros! Then Saturday night, Amy and I (and a bunch of Groupies) will run the Rock the Crossroads 5k.

Have you tried Oofos?  Have you ever considered a standing workspace?