The Ups and the Downs

I’ve not run too terribly many miles this month.  My best is out with a running injury…  It’s hot as hell outside…  I’ve been dabbling in a new relationship…  There are lots of excuses I could make, but basically I’ve run less miles this month, and I’m ok with it.

So far this year, I’ve run about 90-100 miles per month, with the exception of January and February when I was dealing with my knee injury.  I’ll likely hit around 65 miles this month, which isn’t terrible, but it isn’t the 85 that I’ve been getting.  My knee still does hurt (more my upper calf where it hooks into my outer knee), I’m working with that, I’m trying to take different kinds of fitness classes at the gym… I’m trying to beat the heat.

And I’m content with my running. Sure, I wish I had more miles this month, but thinking long term, I’m glad I’m taking a bit of a break, while still doing other things to gain strength and fitness.  And I find that life and running are both cyclical, the ups and the downs, the times running (and life) feel great and amazing, and those times it’s a bit of a struggle.  The heat is making running a bit of a struggle, and I’m content with doing what I can, and enjoying the journey.

Photo Jul 21, 12 55 37 PM