Longview Half Marathon Race Recap

On Saturday, I completed the Longview Half Marathon, which was my 12th half marathon, and my last race of 2016.  Friday night, Mom and her friend Denise got to town, and we had dinner and set out our flat runners.  It was supposed to freeze in KC for the first time this fall, and was supposed to be around 38-40 degrees at the start.


We got to Longview Lake around 7:00 Saturday morning, and watched the sun rise and waited for the race to start.  This was the third year for the Longview Half, and the weather was gorgeous for a fall half marathon along Longview Lake in South KC.  It was a bit chilly, and we stayed in the car until about 20 minutes before the race.  I think there were about 2000 people running, and I’m really glad Mom was able to come down for the weekend.


Photo courtesy KC Run Co Smugmug.

One of the hills along the course is right about about a mile long, and the race has a “King/Queen of the Hill.”  There is a timing mat at the bottom of the hill, and again at the top.  This was a decent hill, and I was proud of myself for not walking it at all, even though I sure wanted to.  Here’s the hill, from the bottom:


Photo courtesy Denise Orth.

By the time I got to the top of the mile long hill, around mile 3 or so, I was warm! It had warmed up a bit, and the sun felt warm, especially with the wind being blocked by the trees.  We turned around and went down the hill right after we got up it, so I spent most of the next mile taking off my shirt so I could take off my fleece lined base layer, and then putting my shirt/bib back on.  It was not as easy as it should have been, due to my gloves, visor, and earbud situation.  I finally got everything situated, and ran the rest of the race with my base shirt tied around my waist.


Photo courtesy KC Run Co Smugmug.

Miles 4-9 were rolling hills along the roads around Longview Lake. I was kind of disappointed we didn’t see the lake at all until around mile 9.  Coincidentally, around mile 9 is when I kind of fell apart.  Miles 9-11 are along the dam, and it was more wide open, so the wind picked up a little, and though the lake was gorgeous, I was feeling fatigued, my hips were very tight, and there were a couple long inclines to get to the dam. I started walking just after 9 miles, and walked on and off for the last 4 miles.


Photo courtesy Denise Orth.

I ended up coming through and feeling strong, but I did feel like the last 4 miles were a disappointment for me.  There was no reason that I stopped to walk.  I was not injured.. sure, my feet and hips were sore and tight, but there was nothing wrong.  My knee was acting up and achy, but there was nothing wrong.  Mentally, I decided that mile 9 was where I needed to stop and walk, and I let my mind win, and let my body lose.  I’m proud of myself for finishing.  This was my 12th half marathon, but I have a lot of work to do, mentally, to get where I want to be.


Photo courtesy KC Run Co Smugmug.

After the race, I met up with Amy, Melissa, and Sandey, and then later, found John, and Mom and Denise.  We ended up hanging around and watching the rest of the half marathoners finish, and took some pictures by the lake before heading out.


Left photo: Mom, Denise, Me, Amy, and John.  Right photo: Sandey, Melissa, Me, and Amy.


Saturday night, after the race, Mom, Denise, Chris and I went out for Mexican, including yummy margaritas.  We did some shopping Saturday, too, and got pedicures, which felt amazing.


Sunday morning, we went out for a shakeout run, and Chris joined us.  It was such a beautiful day on the trails, we even saw 5 deer!  Mom and Denise had to head home later on Sunday afternoon.


Overall, I’m pleased with how the first 2/3 of the half marathon went, and I have a lot of work to do before my next half marathon, in April.

I’m also 95% sure I’ll be doing my first full marathon next spring, so I’m going to start training for that in January.  I’m glad to be done with races for a few months, I enjoyed all the races I had this year, but I’m ready for a quiet few months, especially with the holidays coming up!

Thursday Thoughts: September 11

Last weekend, James and I and a close friend went to a wine and painting bar.  It was so much fun! We drank wine, and the teacher walked us through how to paint a fall tree.  Definitely something we will do again!! (Side note: How great does James’ new beard look? I love it!)

Photo Sep 06, 4 21 34 PM

It has been just great getting back in touch with our friend, we were friends in college, and kind of lost touch for a few years.  Since we moved to KC, we’ve gotten the chance to hang out a couple times, and I, for one, have very much enjoyed it, and can’t wait to do it again!

Photo Sep 09, 11 48 31 AM

There are several painting bars in the area, and it seems to be the new “thing” to drink wine and do “art,” I think there are wine and pottery classes in the area too.  The place we went to was called Pinot’s Palette.  I recommend trying something like it if you get the chance, it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Photo Sep 06, 5 58 15 PM

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here lately.  The temperatures have dropped, and the fall weather is here! Amazingly enough, my running has been GREAT lately, my pace has actually dropped about 45-50 seconds per mile!  I’ll certainly take it!

Photo Sep 07, 3 41 07 PM

Jasper has been loving the weather too, he’s got to spend more time outside, and has been stalking bugs.

Photo Sep 07, 4 41 28 PM

At the KCRC Groupies run tonight, I had the chance to try a pair of Altra Zero Drop running shoes.  I’d never tried any other brands besides Saucony, Brooks, and Nike.  They were very different than the Saucony Kinvara’s I currently use, but I really liked them.  I will keep them in mind when I need a new pair, and I will at least consider the zero drop shoes if I don’t pick Altra.

Speaking of KCRC, I LOVE THE KANSAS CITY RUNNING COMPANY!! They are some of the nicest people I’ve met, and the entire atmosphere is fantastic.  Before the group run, I picked up my packet for the Plaza 10k this Sunday, it’s my first bib with my name on it! I couldn’t be more excited.  I’ll be sure to post a recap after the race.

Photo Sep 11, 7 05 55 PM

Can you believe 9/11 was 13 years ago? I wrote a short remembrance piece this morning.  It is nice to see the outburst of American Flags and patriotism, and I wish there would be more patriotism present during the rest of the year, not just on holidays and days of remembrance.

DAD, Happy Birthday tomorrow!! ❤