Rock the Crossroads 2016

Saturday night, I “rocked” the Crossroads for the second time!

I ran this race last year, and pretty much never wanted to do it again because of the heat and humidity!  A couple weeks ago, work offered to pay for the race for us, so of course I couldn’t say no, even though I’m not a huge fan of night races.  I still wasn’t super excited about the race, especially since my best is out with a foot injury and isn’t able to run right now.

So I also just started seeing Chris a couple week ago too, and he’s just getting into running, and he is also a musician and guitar player, and was excited at the thought of running his first 5k and getting a sweet “rock and roll” themed medal.  So it was a date.

Photo Jul 23, 7 12 13 PM

At the race, I met up with several coworkers and chatted before we raced!  There was not really a chance for rain, but a few drops fell from the sky beforehand.  The cloud cover was nice fore the race, it wasn’t quite as hot as last year.

Photo Jul 24, 7 51 36 PM

L to R: Me, Jenn, Beth, Joe, and Patrycja from RTS.

Chris did awesome for his first 5k.  The hills, heat, and humidity were pretty awful, but he tackled them like a boss, and we had some fantastic views of the city while we were running.

Photo Jul 24, 7 25 58 PM

Once we finished and guzzled lots of water and watermelon, we found friends and had lots of smiles and cheers (congrats, Jenn, on your awesome PR!! And congrats Chris on your very first 5k!).  Chris and I opted to not stay for the concert.  We were both famished, and it was still quite warm.  We walked back to the car and got back to OP just in time to grab a bite to eat before Smashburger closed.

Photo Jul 24, 7 46 47 PM

Overall, it was a fun evening, I’m really glad I ended up doing this race again.  Not sure about next year, it is an awfully hot race, but we’ll see.

Have you Rocked the Crossroads? Do you like evening races?