4 Favorites

I have 4 of my favorite recipes to share with you today! They are all quick and easy, they are all relatively healthy, and they are all easily changed if you want to tweak them to your own style!

The first two recipes are for protein bites.  I have used the first recipe for several months, and recently came across the second recipe, and tried it out.  I like both, and they have different tastes, so I wanted to share both with you today. Photo Jan 05, 5 24 45 PM

protein bites

I came across this recipe for Protein Bites from Bethany’s blog, several months ago.  I have been making these every week or two for several months.  I first used almond butter and though it was tasty, I have gone back to peanut butter because for a while there, James was eating them like candy, and almond butter is expensive! Feel free to experiment with the kind of nut butter, and if you want any “add ins” like chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, chopped walnuts or slivered almonds…  I typically put in some chocolate chips and a handful of chopped walnuts.

oatmeal protein bites

The Oatmeal Protein Bites are very similar to the Protein Bites, but there are quick oats included.  This recipe is from Hungry Runner Girl.  I added a bit of vanilla, and did not put in the flax seed.  I have only made these once, and they did taste a bit dry after I chilled them, I may add a little more honey next time.  Feel free to tweak the recipes, add in chia seeds, a different sweetener if you don’t like honey, a different nut butter, or different “add ins.”

I try to eat a protein bite when I leave for work in the morning, and then usually one or two before I run in the evening, since I don’t eat dinner until later.  You can see below, the “smooth” one is the regular protein bite, and the “flaky” looking one is the oatmeal protein bite.

Photo Jan 05, 5 58 03 PM

Photo Jan 05, 8 12 53 PM

The next recipe is one I’ve only tried a couple times, and it might not sound good right off the bat, but I encourage you to try it, you may find you like it, as I did!

My dad found a recipe online, add an egg to oatmeal for a protein filled, filling breakfast.  I made a gross face when he told me about it, an egg in oatmeal? Gross! I tried it, fully thinking I would take a bite or two and throw the rest away.  The egg, when beaten in with the oatmeal, makes it fluffy and more filling! You could tweak this and add fruit or granola, or even put a dollop of yogurt on top.  I typically cook my oatmeal about 20 seconds longer, because I always add a bit more water to mine, and my egg has cooked perfectly each time.

eggy oatmeal

Photo Jan 05, 6 06 54 PM

The last recipe is a mish-mosh of random things I threw in a salsa-type mixture once, and I love this as a snack or a dinner.  I use a couple cans of beans, some corn, ground beef, salsa, and rice.  You can add in or switch out anything you’d like.  Once, I didn’t have any corn, so I left it out.  Another time I used two cans of black beans and no kidney beans.  You could use ground turkey or even chicken.  I love this as a meal, it’s filling, and when I use whole grain tortilla chips, it’s relatively healthy.  I’ve put it in a soft taco shell before, and I’ve even eaten it with a spoon on occasion.

beefy bean salsa

Photo Jan 05, 6 08 55 PM

Photo Jan 05, 8 37 33 PM

I try to make sure to always have protein bites on hand, if I’m hungry and there are bad choices around, I’ll typically make the bad choice, like a candy bar or chips… but if there is a healthy alternative, like a protein bite with a bit of sweetness, or a spicy salsa mix, it can curb my hunger and get me to my next meal without going off the deep end.

Do you have any fun, easy, healthy snacks you have on a regular basis?  I’d love to try them!  What kind of “add ins” would you add to my recipes?