Monday Mentionings: May 30

What a week! I can’t believe it’s Monday again, let alone Memorial Day! Happy Memorial Day to everyone, thank you to all who have served.

Last Monday, I ended up having to stay at work a bit longer to help a client on the phone.  I missed going to cycle class, so I headed out for 4 solo miles instead.  It’s been raining so much lately, and it was pretty humid, so I had a few minutes after my run in the shade of this gigantic and beautiful tree.

Photo May 23, 6 54 43 PM

The tree was just so gorgeous in the sunlight.

Photo May 23, 6 57 00 PM

Tuesday night, Amy and I ran a few miles, and then I relaxed with Jasper.  I also had a bit of reflection about my last day of my 20s, because Wednesday, I was going to turn 3o!

Photo May 24, 9 02 27 PM

Wednesday was my birthday!  I ran with Amy in the morning, had a carrot cake at work, and had dinner and went to a painting class with Amy and Michelle after work. It was the perfect day!

Photo May 25, 8 10 38 PM

I also got my new medal holder in the mail this past week.  My previous medal holder was full! I ended up putting all my half marathon medals on the opposite wall.  Now I have lots of new spots to fill up on my new holder!  Both of the medal holders are from Running on the Wall.  I love how everything turned out.Photo May 29, 8 49 27 PM.jpg

Friday, after work, I drove home to Hays for the long weekend.  This sight will always mean I’m home.

Photo May 27, 7 28 25 PM

Saturday morning, I headed out for 5 solo miles, before Mom joined me for the final 2 miles.  I hoped to run 8 miles, but I was pretty wiped out after my 5 miles, and only managed 2 more! Half marathon #10 is in less than a week!  Anyway, while I was running, I ran a bit on the bypass, and had to stop and take a selfie with the horses.

Photo May 28, 9 35 58 AM

After we were finished, we took Shay on a short little walk.  She’s been limping with a sore back leg, so she can’t run with us, but she sure wanted to.

Photo May 28, 10 54 06 AM

After our run, I finally got my snoball! YAS!  Cervs is the best.

Photo May 28, 11 25 30 AM

Mom and I had lunch with Ava at The Q, another of Hays’ best.  We went topless in Mom and Dad’s bug.

Photo May 28, 2 22 37 PM

Saturday night, we went to Jalisco’s for my birthday dinner.  I was able to stretch my birthday through the weekend!  I was even given a birthday shot, wahoo! HAH!

Photo May 29, 8 28 29 PM

Sunday morning, Mom and I ran a few miles, and then took Shay for a short walk.  Sweet girl.  After our run and walk, Mom and I went to the cemetery in Munjor.   Something amazing that happened: So last fall, Mom put an electronic solitaire game out at Grandpa’s grave, because he loved playing his solitaire game.  While we were at the cemetery yesterday, we rearranged some things, and Mom picked up the solitaire game, and it started dinging the WIN WIN WIN sound, and even showed the WIN on the screen.  It has been oustide in the cold, snow, and in the hot, rain, wind, dirt, for over 6 months, and the dang thing turned on, and had a WIN!  I guess Grandpa’s been playing solitaire out there. =)

Photo May 29, 11 09 43 AM

Sunday afternoon, we watched the Royals win (for the third straight game of being down and coming back in the last few innings!!)  Mom and Dad were cooking/grilling for dinner, but first, Belle and I went to get a snoball on Sunday afternoon.  Mmmmm. So good!

Photo May 29, 5 21 33 PM

Grandma and Granddad came over to eat burgers, brats, corn on the cob, and cheesy potatoes.  MMMM!!! So much great food over the weekend.  Granddad had fun playing with my snapchat.   Love this so much.

Photo May 29, 7 20 07 PM

After dinner, Michelle came over (her parents live at the opposite end of the same block as my parents), and Steve, Leann, and Ava came over too, for dessert.  When it was time for Belle to go home, we went topless in the bug again for a little joy ride!

Photo May 29, 8 16 06 PM

It was the perfect end to a wonderful weekend, and the best way to end a birthday week! I’ll be going home this afternoon, and already can’t wait to come back again for the 4th of July! Did you have a nice Memorial Day weekend? Have a great week!

Thursday Thoughts: September 11

Last weekend, James and I and a close friend went to a wine and painting bar.  It was so much fun! We drank wine, and the teacher walked us through how to paint a fall tree.  Definitely something we will do again!! (Side note: How great does James’ new beard look? I love it!)

Photo Sep 06, 4 21 34 PM

It has been just great getting back in touch with our friend, we were friends in college, and kind of lost touch for a few years.  Since we moved to KC, we’ve gotten the chance to hang out a couple times, and I, for one, have very much enjoyed it, and can’t wait to do it again!

Photo Sep 09, 11 48 31 AM

There are several painting bars in the area, and it seems to be the new “thing” to drink wine and do “art,” I think there are wine and pottery classes in the area too.  The place we went to was called Pinot’s Palette.  I recommend trying something like it if you get the chance, it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Photo Sep 06, 5 58 15 PM

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here lately.  The temperatures have dropped, and the fall weather is here! Amazingly enough, my running has been GREAT lately, my pace has actually dropped about 45-50 seconds per mile!  I’ll certainly take it!

Photo Sep 07, 3 41 07 PM

Jasper has been loving the weather too, he’s got to spend more time outside, and has been stalking bugs.

Photo Sep 07, 4 41 28 PM

At the KCRC Groupies run tonight, I had the chance to try a pair of Altra Zero Drop running shoes.  I’d never tried any other brands besides Saucony, Brooks, and Nike.  They were very different than the Saucony Kinvara’s I currently use, but I really liked them.  I will keep them in mind when I need a new pair, and I will at least consider the zero drop shoes if I don’t pick Altra.

Speaking of KCRC, I LOVE THE KANSAS CITY RUNNING COMPANY!! They are some of the nicest people I’ve met, and the entire atmosphere is fantastic.  Before the group run, I picked up my packet for the Plaza 10k this Sunday, it’s my first bib with my name on it! I couldn’t be more excited.  I’ll be sure to post a recap after the race.

Photo Sep 11, 7 05 55 PM

Can you believe 9/11 was 13 years ago? I wrote a short remembrance piece this morning.  It is nice to see the outburst of American Flags and patriotism, and I wish there would be more patriotism present during the rest of the year, not just on holidays and days of remembrance.

DAD, Happy Birthday tomorrow!! ❤