Monday Mentionings: October 3

Hello, happy October, and happy Monday!

I was in Hays over the weekend, and took Chris along with me, so I only have a few photos from the weekend to share!  We made it into Hays Friday evening, and very early Saturday morning, Chris and I ran 10 miles around Hays.  Mom joined us about halfway through, and it was such a beautiful morning for a long run.


Just after our run, we went to Cervs to get snoballs and then watched the FHSU parade.  Chris had his first snoball.  He’s hooked now too, just like me.


After the parade and lunch (at Lomato’s), we drove around Hays a bit showing Chris the sights, and then got another snoball.  Dad even got one!

Photo Oct 01, 3 25 00 PM.jpg

Later on Saturday, after dinner with Grandma and Granddad (at Gutierrez), we had dessert and hung out with Grandma and Granddad, and Steve, Leann, and Ava.  Ava was shy at first around Chris, but certainly got over her shyness Saturday night.  She and Chris played for quite a long time.


Sunday morning, Mom and I ran, while Dad biked along with us, then we all went out to the Q for lunch.


After lunch, we walked around Frontier Park and then Chris and I headed back to KC.


It was such a great weekend, and went far too quickly.

Monday Mentionings: September 26

Monday again, and FALL HAS ARRIVED! The weather was so nice and cool yesterday, and should be feeling like fall all week long!  Somehow, I only took a few pictures last week…

Chris and Jazzy have been bonding; Jasper has even cuddled up on his chest a few times.  Adorable.


About the only other pictures I have to share are from the weekend.  Saturday morning I ran the KC Zoo Run 4 mile race and got to run in the zoo, which was a lot of fun! Unfortunately, I’ve been having bouts of hives over the last couple weeks, and also unfortunately, I woke up covered on Saturday morning.  It was pretty warm at the race, and I ended up having my slowest 4 mile race time, but it was still a ton of fun running through the zoo, seeing the animals (the monkeys were watching us!), and being able to navigate the fun little zoo paths.  I met up with some work friends before the race; thanks RTS for having fun events and races for us to do!



Sunday morning, it was thunderstorming and raining, so Chris and I postponed our long run until a bit later in the morning.  It was still raining and drizzling, but it was such a pretty and great run.  We finished up with 9 miles on the day, and all of it was in the beautiful rain and cool fall temps.


Looking to this week, I hope to get some good miles in, and Chris and I are going to Hays for the weekend, which is going to be tons of fun! Small Town Western Kansas Hays America, get ready for a Michigander!

Less than 3 weeks until the KC Half Marathon!

Have a great week!