2018 Running Goals

Don’t call it a comeback…



Over the past 2 months, I’ve graduated from physical therapy and continued on my therapy “return to running” plan. Just a couple weeks ago, I ran my very first nonstop mile post-surgery. It’s slow going, and not entirely pain free (my KNEE is pain free while running, it’s the hamstring and calf now that are sore while running, and then there’s a bit of residual knee pain after running).. but I’M RUNNING!

Photo Dec 27, 8 12 32 PM

These pictures were taken 6 days apart, in December. Tank tops to long sleeves.. only in Kansas!

I have a few goals for 2018. If you would compare these goals to previous years’ running goals, you’d scoff at how tiny these goals are, but if you look back at the year I’ve had in regards to my knee injury, surgery, and recovery, I’m so excited the roughest and toughest stuff is behind me, and I can RUN!  It’s not going to be easy. In fact, it’s disheartening how much fitness I lost over the past 8 months of barely running to not weight bearing at all after surgery, to slowly recovering back to where I am now. My last month of decent-ish mileage was May, and that month only had 50 or so miles in it!  2017 was extremely low in terms of mileage; I will end up with just about 300 miles for 2017, almost all of those miles happening January through May.  For comparison, I ran 1025 miles in 2016. 

2017 was a really rough year in terms of fitness and running for me. I have a lot of work to do, and I need to be kind to my body and be extra kind and thankful for my knee which is still mending.  But I’m not looking into the past, I’m looking forward!

In 2018, I hope to complete 2 half marathons, even if it is a walk/run. I hope to do 1 in the spring and 1 in the fall. Ideally, I will walk/run the spring and run the half in the fall, but right now, all options are open, and no races are on my schedule.  I have a couple races in mind, but I’m not signing up for anything until much closer. Right now, I’m on a running schedule with minutes, and strictly using a metronome to keep my cadence up. My return to running schedule currently does not allow me to run back to back days, and I am very cognizant of my running form and any signals my knee is giving me.  I will continue on this path until I’m ready to run back to back days without a metronome. I will sign up for a race when I feel I can complete it.

In 2018, I will get my butt to the gym. I hope to get back to lunch time classes about once per week, and lift once or twice per week as well. I’m not setting myself up with a strict schedule to begin, but I want to get back to the gym consistently in 2018. I am lucky that my employer pays most of my gym membership, leaving me with a tiny monthly fee. There is absolutely no reason I can’t get into a solid routine, which will certainly help strengthen my weak leg muscles and help me get some fitness back.  I want to keep up my cycling, and add in a regular cycle class, in addition to using my bike at home.

In 2018, I want to eat healthier. I want to limit or eliminate my pop and sugar intake. I drink wayyyy too much pop and have wayyyyy too many sweet treats.  The addiction is real.  As I ease my way back into running, I want to help my body and treat it with kind and tasty healthier foods instead of giving it sugar and crap to eat and drink. I know the journey off sugar or limiting sugar will be a long one, and I’m not planning to go cold turkey.  There isn’t anything wrong with an occasional treat, but my treats have become mostly daily. I anticipate this goal will be the toughest of the three I have for 2018.

Photo Nov 25, 10 54 03 AM

Thanksgiving run in Hays with Chris and Momma, my first outdoor run since before my surgery in July.



2017 Running Goals


File Jan 03, 9 07 52 PM.jpeg

Running Goals for 2017:

1. Complete a marathon. I am signing up for the Detroit Free Press International Marathon for this October, and will run it with Chris. I’m quite terrified, but excited.  I think running my first 26.2 as a racecation will be beneficial, as I won’t be able to psych myself out about the hills of KC quite so much. Plus, I’ll be running every step with Chris, and I know we can push each other to finish together and finish strong.

2. Run a trail race.  I’ve wanted to run a trail race for a while now. I’m a bit nervous about running on true single track trails because of the instability in my knee, but I think adding some trail runs will only help strengthen me, both mentally and physically, and I can’t wait to enjoy nature in a different way like this.

3. Feel more confident in the half marathon distance.  I have already signed up for Rock the Parkway, in April, and I hope to add a couple more half marathons to my schedule for 2017.  I want to feel confident and strong running a half marathon. I know training for a full marathon, and adding in trail runs, will help boost my confidence as I build up the miles.

4. Run 1000+ miles.  I was so happy to reach 1025 miles for 2016, I think the amount of miles was a good push for me to keep each month high enough but doable.  I want to reach 1000 miles again in 2017.

5. Add in strength training, yoga, and more biking.  I always feel stronger and more well rounded and balanced when I cycle regularly.  I miss doing yoga, it’s been a long time, but I want to regain the flexibility and centeredness I get from yoga.  I also need to add in strength training, and plan to start slowly by adding in a little bit once a week, and build from there.



Tuesday Mentionings: January 3

Good morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I had a great New Year’s weekend in Detroit, meeting and celebrating the new year with Chris’ family. We drove home Sunday and were able to stop and see Chris’ friends a couple hours from KC as well.  I have a quick little update for this week, since it’s already Tuesday!

On the plane up to Detroit, I read the book below, I spent a lot of time laughing to myself on the plane! This is a great fun read.


I got into Detroit Thursday night, and met Chris’ parents and stayed up late talking. Friday for lunch, Chris took me to Olga’s Kitchen, a restaurant native to Detroit.  We had Snackers, which are delicious pita bread slices with spices.  Mmmm they were tasty.  We also had some steak and cheese and pepper wraps in pita bread.  It was a delicious lunch.


Friday afternoon, we had tickets to Trans-Siberian Orchestra, thanks to Chris’ aunt who gave us the seats. They put on a great show, I highly recommend seeing them if you have the chance.


After the show, we had dinner with Chris’ Aunt Dar and Uncle Rick, and then drove to Rochester, outside Detroit, to see these awesome Christmas lights downtown.  There were lots of people driving and walking around looking at the lights.


On New Years Eve, Saturday, Chris and I ran 4 miles around his hometown of Allen Park.  I reached 1025 miles for the year with that run, and it was really cool to run around where Chris grew up, went to school, and see downtown.  I managed to trip on a sidewalk crack and skin my knee, so a bit of Renee stayed in Allen Park, too.


Later in the afternoon, we went to Chris’ cousin’s house to see his Mom’s side of the family.  They had these weird candy things, called Flying Saucers.  The outside part tasted like styrofoam, and I really didn’t think I was supposed to eat it, but I was told (and shown) that it was ok to eat it, and inside were little candy sugar beads.  Quite the interesting candy, to say the least.


We spent the rest of New Years Eve chiling at his parent’s house, and watched the ball drop together.


Early on New Years Day, we ate breakfast with Chris’ family and then hit the road for home.  We drove and drove, and when it was time to stop for gas and lunch, we ran a quick mile, because you HAVE to run on New Year’s Day!


We spent most of Monday cleaning up, putting Christmas decorations away, and running errands.  Chris opened the gifts from my family, and he got this hockey game, where you can freeze water in it and play ice hockey.  I sent the snap below…


Have a great week! I hope you have a Happy New Year!