Tuesday Mentionings: January 3

Good morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I had a great New Year’s weekend in Detroit, meeting and celebrating the new year with Chris’ family. We drove home Sunday and were able to stop and see Chris’ friends a couple hours from KC as well.  I have a quick little update for this week, since it’s already Tuesday!

On the plane up to Detroit, I read the book below, I spent a lot of time laughing to myself on the plane! This is a great fun read.


I got into Detroit Thursday night, and met Chris’ parents and stayed up late talking. Friday for lunch, Chris took me to Olga’s Kitchen, a restaurant native to Detroit.  We had Snackers, which are delicious pita bread slices with spices.  Mmmm they were tasty.  We also had some steak and cheese and pepper wraps in pita bread.  It was a delicious lunch.


Friday afternoon, we had tickets to Trans-Siberian Orchestra, thanks to Chris’ aunt who gave us the seats. They put on a great show, I highly recommend seeing them if you have the chance.


After the show, we had dinner with Chris’ Aunt Dar and Uncle Rick, and then drove to Rochester, outside Detroit, to see these awesome Christmas lights downtown.  There were lots of people driving and walking around looking at the lights.


On New Years Eve, Saturday, Chris and I ran 4 miles around his hometown of Allen Park.  I reached 1025 miles for the year with that run, and it was really cool to run around where Chris grew up, went to school, and see downtown.  I managed to trip on a sidewalk crack and skin my knee, so a bit of Renee stayed in Allen Park, too.


Later in the afternoon, we went to Chris’ cousin’s house to see his Mom’s side of the family.  They had these weird candy things, called Flying Saucers.  The outside part tasted like styrofoam, and I really didn’t think I was supposed to eat it, but I was told (and shown) that it was ok to eat it, and inside were little candy sugar beads.  Quite the interesting candy, to say the least.


We spent the rest of New Years Eve chiling at his parent’s house, and watched the ball drop together.


Early on New Years Day, we ate breakfast with Chris’ family and then hit the road for home.  We drove and drove, and when it was time to stop for gas and lunch, we ran a quick mile, because you HAVE to run on New Year’s Day!


We spent most of Monday cleaning up, putting Christmas decorations away, and running errands.  Chris opened the gifts from my family, and he got this hockey game, where you can freeze water in it and play ice hockey.  I sent the snap below…


Have a great week! I hope you have a Happy New Year!

Thursday Thoughts: Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  We came back home to KC on Sunday after a whirlwind couple of weeks in Hays for Grandpa’s funeral and Christmas.

Jasper seemed happy to come back home and see all his normal things.  He spent a while staring out the window and watching the birds in the tree.

Photo Dec 31, 10 55 58 AM

James and I bought Jasper a water fountain drinking bowl – he always likes to sit in the shower when I trickle the water on and drink from the faucet, so we thought it would be a good idea to try out this bowl.  He wasn’t too sure of it at first, and after he played in it and got the floor all wet, he decided it was okay to drink from.

Photo Jan 01, 1 47 40 PM

I had my last run of 2014 on Tuesday (December 30), which was actually the first run I’d had in 10 days! I did 5 miles on the treadmill because the wind chill was crazy low, and parts of it hurt, but I got through, and finished 2014 with 845 total miles.  I’ve already written about my 2015 goals, I’m excited to hit the ground running this year!

Photo Dec 30, 7 26 54 PM

James and I had a low key New Years Eve, which was perfect after the crazy last few weeks.  We ate at Barley’s Brewhaus, then came home and ran in the new year from our comfortable and cozy couch.

Photo Dec 31, 8 36 05 PM

Photo Jan 01, 12 07 09 AM

This morning, a friend and I ran in the KC Track Club New Years Day Fun Run, which was cold, but fun.  We got 4 miles in the books, then had some hot chocolate to warm up.  About 150 people ran this morning, it was a great way to start the new year! I even won a pair of shoes from Garry Gribbles in the raffle!

Photo Jan 01, 11 03 32 AM

This afternoon, James and I are going to a movie and will relax the rest of the day.  Did you party hard to ring in the new year? Share your 2015 goals below!