Monday Mentionings: March 7

Hello March! Let’s jump right into my week.

Jazzy and Michelle have become quite the buds, after Michelle came back from her trip, Jasper was happy she was home, and even slept with her for a while Monday night.  So precious.

Photo Feb 29, 9 35 47 PM

My tattoo has healed up quite nicely, and I got to put my bracelets back on!

Photo Mar 02, 10 57 44 AM

Oh Jazzy.  I put some of his toys up that were all over the floor, so I could vacuum.  Once it was safe to come back out (he’s afraid of the vacuum), he laid by them.

Photo Mar 05, 5 41 46 PM

Wednesday and Thursday I had solo runs, because Amy was feeling under the weather. Wednesday’s run was more of a tempo, and I was super happy after finishing.  Plus, I was happy that it was still light out!! Thursday’s run was amazing, the longest run with no walking in quite some time.

Photo Mar 02, 6 22 00 PM

Friday night, I had some wine, some pizza, and some House of Cards.  The 4th season debuted on Friday, and so far I’m 4 episodes on (no spoilers please!!)  All I can say is OH. MY. GOSH.

Photo Mar 04, 6 09 13 PM

Jasper was pretty unimpressed with House of Cards, but he did play with his hedgehog quite a bit.

Photo Mar 06, 10 49 41 AM

Saturday was such a great day too.  I went to cycle class, then met Amy for a 4 mile run.  It felt so much like spring outside.  There were people walking and biking and running everywhere! The sun was so warm, there was a breeze, it was just fantastic.

Photo Mar 05, 10 56 26 AM

After the run, we played around with snapchat and face swapped a few times.  Because we are 12 years old.  We giggled like we were 12, anyway.

Photo Mar 05, 11 05 12 AM

Later on Saturday, Michelle and I went to Chipotle for some amazing burritos, then spent several hours on the balcony soaking up the sun.  Michelle got some organizing done, and I painted my toenails.  And we sat in the sun and just enjoyed life.

Photo Mar 05, 8 20 06 PM

Sunday morning, after running with Amy, I got groceries, including cat food.  Jasper decided it was time to eat the cat food, right now.

Photo Mar 06, 10 33 50 AM

Later on Sunday, I went to the bike store to see about getting my bike tuned up.  A couple hours later, I had traded in my old bike, bought this pretty girl, and was proudly and happily riding her home.  I’ve named her Aspen.  She’s really pretty.

Photo Mar 06, 4 36 54 PM

Michelle and I made some bomb spaghetti for dinner on Sunday night, then did some Walmarting and got a blizzard at DQ.  It was the perfect end to a perfect weekend.

Photo Mar 06, 8 59 00 PM

I have a 5k coming up on Sunday, and THE TIME CHANGES ON SUNDAY!!!  I hope everyone has a fantastic week!


Thursday Things: Netflix Shows

With baseball now in the postseason, and sadly coming to an end soon, Netflix is coming back into my life. All spring and summer, I’ve been watching the Royals play, nearly every night. And my poor Netflix account has been collecting dust, as it were. Over the last few weeks, though, I’ve been getting back into Netflix. Today, I have a couple shows to share with you for Thursday’s Things (today isn’t Thursday’s Three, because I only have two!)

I like to watch one or two shows at a time, it’s hard for me to simultaneously watch more than that. I recently finished Bloodline, which was strangely addicting. I have two shows, now, that I’ve recently began watching on Netflix, that I just can’t get enough of. Now, both of these shows have been around for a bit, so don’t judge me for jumping on the series’ late.   First, Scandal. I have finally started watching Scandal, and can’t get enough. As of last night, I am 4 episodes into season 2. I don’t know how I didn’t find this show sooner. I love the politics, the drama, and Kerry Washington. I am in love with this show, and can’t look away when it’s on. It’s smart and elegantly crafted, and I love learning a little more about each character every episode. Second, Parenthood. Thanks so much to my sister, who is watching this show, and wanted to watch it while I was visiting last weekend… I have watched parts of season 4 and 5, and now, must start at the beginning and catch up, because I’m fully invested now. I have heard people talking about watching Parenthood, and just by the name, kind of assumed it was some sort of reality TV show following parents, or something. I didn’t realize it was a series.    Just about the only show I watch week-to-week is The Big Bang Theory, which I really enjoy, but the drama and intelligence in Scandal, and the heart-string-pulling relationships in Parenthood give me something that The Big Bang Theory, as a 30 minute comedy, just can’t.

Some of my other recent favorites are House of Cards, The Fall, Sherlock, Orange is the New Black. I’d LOVE for you to share your favorite shows with me, because once I binge watch my way through Scandal and Parenthood, I’ll need new shows!! 

Thursday Thoughts: June 11

Short little post for Thursday Thoughts this week.  Last weekend was super busy, with my parents coming to town to watch a couple Royals games and to spectate my half marathon.  It was a really fun weekend, but all that time outside in the sun wore me out!
Photo Jun 06, 6 31 10 AM

Photo Jun 06, 12 41 15 PM

I found a new favorite snack.  I went to Trader Joe’s on Tuesday, and picked up some Partially Popped Popcorn.  Delicious.  I must buy more.  They are little kernels of popcorn that is popped a little bit.  It tastes like a mix between corn nuts and popcorn.  MMMMMM!!!!!

Photo Jun 10, 8 23 11 PM

I’m beyond excited to see Michelle tomorrow!! She moved to KC at the beginning of this month, and I can’t wait to hang out with her and make memories more than once or twice a year!  I’m ready for some bestie time!  I’m also looking forward to the new season of Orange is the New Black, which comes out on Netflix this weekend.

I’ve also been continuing to go to the chiropractor once or twice a week for my sore glute/hamstring.  I think we are making progress, but it sure is slow going.  I’m tired of having a pain in my butt!  This weekend, I may have to check out the pool at my apartment complex.  It’s a salt water pool, and it’s definitely hot enough to go for a dip this weekend.