MM: July 17

Hello! It’s been a while! Life has been a little crazy lately! Between traveling to Hays and Detroit, celebrating birthdays, finishing packing and then actually moving and unpacking, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to post. I’m back!

We are all moved in to our new home, everything is unpacked and in it’s place. It is so nice to have Chris’ stuff out of storage, and to have combined all our stuff in a larger and better space.  We are also about 30 feet from one of the properties pools, which is SO nice.  I’ve been doing a lot of pool running to help rehab my knee, and to try to keep some fitness while not running.

My surgery is scheduled for a week from tomorrow… I’m a bit anxious about it, especially since the last couple weeks, my knee hasn’t been hurting at all. I even ran 2 miles last week, trying it out, and had no pain until after a mile in.  I know I need to go through with it, but it’s frustrating that now the surgery is scheduled and I haven’t been having pain.

Chris and I have been biking a bit more these past few weeks, a couple weeks ago we biked about 10 miles around our new neighborhood, and yesterday, we biked at the gym in the cycle studio because it was just so dang hot out.

Photo Jul 16, 8 28 20 PM

My parents were in town a couple weekends ago, we spent a lot of time eating at lots of our favorite places, we visited my favorite bike store and Mom and Dad got some sweet new bikes, and we chilled by the pool for a while too.

Photo Jul 07, 7 26 39 PM

Jasper and Chris have the cutest little relationship. Jasper loves him so much and is constantly jumping on him to cuddle, way more than with me. Be still, my heart.

Photo Jul 12, 9 41 50 AM

Jasper has been enjoying his new backyard area, exploring and sniffing and watching birds and is pretty happy. We had to cat-proof a few areas of the fence; the first time he was out there he snuck right into the next door neighbor’s backyard. I think all the holes and gaps are covered, now.

Photo Jul 13, 6 39 29 PM

Friday night, Chris’ band played in a Battle of the Bands. All the bands were really good! Chris’ band didn’t make it to the next round, but it was still lots of fun to go and watch everyone play.

Photo Jul 16, 8 20 40 PM

We used our new grill for the first time last night! We grilled hamburgers and corn on the cob. It’s nice to be able to grill outside instead of using our George Foreman grill inside every time we want something grilled.

Photo Jul 16, 6 27 18 PM

The Detroit Tigers are in town this week, and Chris and I will be going Thursday to cheer dem Roys on. 😛

Have a great week, friends!

MM: January 30

Good morning! It’s been quite the week. I started off last week by being sick, which drug on and on.  I am still sniffling and coughing some, but for the most part, I’m back to normal.

The highlight of the week was going wedding dress shopping on Thursday night! Michelle and Amy and I went and looked at several dresses; I didn’t find the one on Thursday, but I did find my perfect dress yesterday, and it’s now hanging in the guestroom, waiting for November!


I saw this gem in my timehop last week, it’s from 7 years ago, when Jazzy was almost a year old.  He was chilling in the chair with Dad.  And dad had a mustache at the time.  Everything about this picture is awesome.


Over the weekend, we finished packing Chris’ apartment and he’s officially moved in with Jazzy and me now!


We were finally able to get outside for a run, in the sun!  It’s been so gloomy and dark and cold, or we’ve been out with head colds, or busy packing, that we haven’t made it outside for a run in far too long.  We went on the trails and though it was chilly and windy, it was so nice to get some much needed Vitamin D and get a good run in!


Have a great week! PS, how is it FEBRUARY this week!!?

Leawood Gerstners

It’s officially official! James, Jasper, and I are moving to Kansas City!  A while back, James and I decided we wanted to really make a go of trying to relocate.  We’ve lived in Western Kansas for our entire lives, and always have enjoyed visiting KC on long weekends, and we actually rang in the new year 2014 in KC.  We started applying for jobs and looking for places to rent a few months go.  We found an apartment we loved, in a location we loved, and submitted an application!

Photo May 30, 1 00 54 PM

We were accepted at the apartment complex in Leawood around the same time that James was offered a position with a really great company in Overland Park.  So begins the packing!  We have a LOT of stuff in our tiny apartment.  Where on earth did it all come from? Boxes and boxes later, we are nearly finished packing, only a few more boxes to go.

We will make our big move at the end of June, and will officially be the Leawood Gerstners. 🙂 Jasper has enjoyed playing in the empty boxes, and with the packing materials.  I think the move will be good for him, he’ll have more room to run around, more windows to look out, and even a balcony to lay on.

Photo Jun 01, 12 23 27 PM

Photo Jun 07, 3 49 45 PM

We have made several trips back and forth to KC for job interviews and apartment viewings.  The drive has gotten prettier and prettier as the spring and summer rains have continued.  The move will be a huge change for us, we have lived in the same town for our entire lives, and have both our families within a 10 minute drive.  I am very close with my parents, my mom especially… we run together nearly every day.  It will definitely be an adjustment, but I think it will strengthen our relationship, and I am sure we will still talk multiple times a day.

Photo Jun 12, 8 31 51 PM

2014 is proving to be quite the life-changing year, we know this will be a great change, I just hope it all goes smoothly!  Thank you all for your love and support along the way!

With love,

The Gerstners 🙂