Monday Mentionings: June 6

Good morning friends! I have a short little Monday update for you today!

Last Monday I was in Hays! I had a great long weekend home for Memorial Day.  Mom and I had a humid 4 miler on Monday, we ran along the bypass and enjoyed the scenery.

Photo May 30, 10 54 07 AM

Lucy, Mom and Dad’s cat, decided to lay on me for a bit before I went home.

Photo May 30, 1 04 53 PM

One last snoball before I hit the road.

Photo May 30, 4 02 41 PM

I also saw on my timehop that I bought my car last year!

Photo May 30, 5 12 46 PM

Wednesday was Global Running Day, and we celebrated the best way possible, by running with the KC Running Co. Groupies and all our running friends!

Photo Jun 01, 6 07 47 PM

Left to Right: Melissa, Sandey, Amy, Me, and Jenn.

Saturday morning, bright and early, I ran the Hospital Hill Half Marathon.  I hope to have a recap up for you tomorrow.  I will say that it was vey hard, and very humid, and very hilly, and very hard.

Photo Jun 04, 6 34 03 AM

Left to Right: Kevin, John, Mark, Me, and Amy.

I’ve now done 10 half marathons.  This one may have been the very toughest.

Photo Jun 04, 10 19 20 AM

Sunday morning, Amy and I ran a few shakeout miles.  Little did we know, that we dressed very similar.  Of course we did.  Same visor, black tank, running skirt.  Check, check, check.

Photo Jun 05, 11 02 03 AM

I have a very exciting weekend coming up, I’ll be visiting Kristen and Thayne in Milwaukee! I hope to also share my experience from Hospital Hill, tomorrow! Have a great week!

Thursday Thoughts: May 28

Super quick Thursday Thoughts this week, because the highlight of this past week was definitely going to Hays for the long sisser and birthday and Memorial Day and family weekend! 

Photo May 23, 4 20 16 PM

Photo May 24, 7 51 26 PMI have two very new (to me) favorite things to share with you this week.  Both have to do with sea salt.  I know, weird, right?  First, Pop Secret’s Sea Salt Popcorn.  To die for delicious.  Carmen let me try a bag at work, and then she gave me the whole box because I loved it so much.  Once this box is demolished, I will definitely be purchasing more.  Yum yum goodness.

Photo May 26, 10 56 57 AM

The second fun new (to me) thing to share with you this week is Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe sea salt spray and sea kelp extract.  I’ve used these products a total of one time, and they not only smell amazing, they make my hair super soft, nice and pretty beach wavy, and they help take away the frizz! Win, win, win.  I can’t wait to use them again and again!Photo May 27, 10 01 56 PM

Last night was the final yoga class with Maylo at Life Spring Yoga.  Most unfortunately, the yoga studio is closing at Life Spring, but I will follow my very favorite Maylo to Lotus Yoga and continue yoga once a week with her.  Last night’s class was an emotional class.  I’ve only been attending yoga at Life Spring since January, but I’ve become very attached to the studio, to my fellow students, and to Maylo.  She’s really become my “yoga mom.”

Photo May 27, 7 33 11 PM

Tonight is the first KC Running Company’s “Thirsty Thursday,” which will be a KCRC Groupie run followed by drinks at a local brewery! I think Thirsty Thursday will be a monthly Groupie thing; I’m really excited about getting to know the Groupies better!  Also, for anyone who has experienced how awesome KCRC is, I’d love for you to nominate them for one of the best US Running Stores.  They certainly deserve to be recognized for how amazing they are, you can read my top 10 reasons to love KCRC here, and you can nominate them for one of the top 50 running stores in the US here!


Flyer courtesy of the KC Running Company Facebook page.

Have a safe and fun weekend! Don’t forget your sunscreen if you’re outside, it’s getting warm and sunny!

Thursday Thoughts: May 21

I’ve got another Thursday Thoughts for you this week!  Last weekend, Amy and I ran the Scout Strong Challenge Half Marathon at the Kansas Speedway. You can read my race recap here. We were lucky the rain held off, but for each of us, the race was a disappointing one.  We are now looking forward (read: dreading the hills!) to the Hospital Hill Half Marathon, which is in just over 2 weeks!Photo May 16, 7 23 51 AMAfter the half marathon, I went to a bike shop and picked up some stuff to clean up my bike, air up the tires, and oil/grease the chains.  My poor bike has been sitting out in the weather for nearly a year, and it desperately needed some TLC.  Now that it has a little shed to live in, and also since I live right on the trails, I really want to get out and ride it more.  I’ve seen so many people biking while I run not the trails, and I want to join them!  I also have been doing a lot of thinking about reassessing my goals and will be adding in more cross training and strength exercises.  I wrote a post about my revised goals, and you can read about them here.

Later Saturday night, Amy and I saw Pitch Perfect 2, which was really fun!  I loved the first one, and couldn’t wait to see the second.  I think I will see it again, hopefully this coming weekend, with Mom and Kristen.  Saturday night and into Sunday morning, it RAINED and RAINED and RAINED! I cannot believe how much rain Kansas City gets, compared to western Kansas.  Insane.

Photo May 20, 8 23 17 PM

Image courtesy of

Tuesday night, I went to Ladies Night at KC Running Co., and won a pair of shoes!! How exciting! I have been really lucky when it comes to winning shoes from KCRC! I won a pair last fall, for wearing a KCRC shirt to a race, and I won a pair from the KC Track Club at the New Years fun run, and then won a $100 gift card from KCRC at a fun run in Martin City, which bought part of my Adidas Ultra Boosts! This time, I won a pair of 361° shoes! I’d never heard of the company, and apparently they are a huge company in Asia, and are coming to the US with a whole new line.  Runners World has reviewed the Sensation, which is what I won, and the shoe will be featured in the summer shoe guide magazine.  I’m thrilled to have won these shoes, and look forward to trying them out.  I’ll be sure to write a review for you!

With all the rain, and the cooler weather we’ve had over the last week, Jasper’s cat grass has been turning into a cat grass jungle.Photo May 20, 8 25 33 PMI’m super excited for this weekend.  Kristen is flying in tomorrow, and it’ll be the first time I’ve seen her since Christmas! We will drive to Hays for the long Memorial Day weekend!  I’m hoping for a relaxing weekend of time spent with family, some nice running with Mom and Kristen and Shay puppy, and good food and snowballs! PLUS, it’s my birthday on Monday!

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day!