Whiskey Run 5k Recap

The Whiskey Run 5k was this morning, in Martin City, MO.  For those of you who don’t know Martin City is a small, very old town right by state line in southern KC.  Martin City has a yearly Irishpalooza, and the 5k is part of the palooza each year.  Saturday afternoon, Amy and I picked up our packets, and we were all ready to go!

Photo Mar 12, 6 47 52 PM

Photo Mar 12, 6 43 00 PM

Sunday morning, it was overcast and cool, but really, no complaints! It was a bit humid, but it wasn’t raining, and it wasn’t hot, or cold.  We got to the race about 45 minutes early, met up with some friends, waited for the race.


Photo courtesy Run and Shoot Photo.

The race itself was pretty good.  It was an out and back, with 2 decent little hills.  We ran through the main road in Martin City, then through a neighborhood, and behind some car lots, then back into town.  I started off at a really good pace, perhaps a PR pace.  At about a mile in, I got a side stitch.  Now, I normally don’t get side stitches, but over the last week or so, I’ve been getting them; I’m not really sure what’s going on, but it’s annoying.  I let it get the better of me, and I walked.  I think I walked 3 times total, all because of the stitch.

Photo Mar 13, 11 55 16 AM

Bottom picture, left to right: Amy’s son Joshua, Amy, Sandey, Melissa, and me.

I was frustrated with myself for not just pushing through, and letting myself walk. I ended up finishing about 80 seconds slower than my PR.  Overall, I’m pleased with my time, and if I wouldn’t have walked, I may have PR’d, but even with the walking, I feel like my time was decent.


Photo courtesy Run and Shoot Photo.

It was really nice that Amy’s husband and son came to cheer us on, then eat brunch with us.  Instead of a race medal for the Whiskey Run 5k, we got a huge brunch, courtesy of RC’s Chicken.  Tons of really good food, fruit, and company!

Photo Mar 13, 9 28 16 AM

Photo Mar 13, 12 02 55 PM

Clockwise from bottom left: Valerie, me, Amy, Melissa, Greg, Jess, and Jeremy.  All KCRC groupies!

The race, food, and experience were all great, I’d definitely do this race again.  Martin City is a really cute little part of KC, with lots of history.  We didn’t end up staying for the dog show or parade, but that was all happening later on Sunday, after the race, as part of Irishpalooza.

After breakfast, I headed home.  On my drive home, I realized how frustrated I was in my run. I dropped my stuff off at home, and headed out for another 3 miles.  I went slowly, and had a really great second run.  It was still really pretty out, and I saw so many squirrels and robins.  I wasn’t punishing myself for a bad run, but I felt like I needed a nice, easy run to clear my mind and kind of get the bad taste out of my mouth, so to speak.  It was a truly refreshing run!

Photo Mar 13, 11 57 07 AM

Thursday Thoughts: March 12

Unfortunately it has been an insane week, so I only have a short little Thursday Thoughts for you today.

Last Thursday night was the KCRC Groupie Run in Martin City, with free pizza, beer, and prizes after.  I actually won a $100 gift certificate to KC Running Co!!! I’m planning on redeeming it tonight for a pair of Adidas Ultra Boost shoes. =D

Photo Mar 05, 5 57 28 PM

Photo Mar 05, 9 30 33 PM

After a longish run on Sunday, I became friends with my long lost buddy, the foam roller.  It’s truly a love/hate relationship.  I know I need to roll more, maybe I’ll write a post about it, that way I can convince myself more that it’s something I need to do more than once a month.

Photo Mar 08, 4 59 38 PM

Beautiful weather plus spring coming soon plus Daylight Saving Time equals lots of balcony time.  Jasper and I have been soaking up the sun.  The birds are chipping, the squirrels are out and about, and spring is definitely in the air!Photo Mar 09, 3 41 05 PM

Sorry for the short post this week, lots going on.  I’ll try to get a post up this weekend some time! Enjoy the spring-like weather!

Thursday Thoughts: March 5

Thursday already!  First things first, I want to congratulate my little sister, Kristen, she PR’d by 9 minutes at the Little Rock Half Marathon last weekend!!  She is super speedy, I’m amazed and inspired by her every day!  Congrats speedy sisser!

Photo Feb 28, 11 31 51 AM

I totaled up my February running totals and wrote a little post about it.  I like being able to quickly look back on each months and see my progress and also to see where I need to improve.  Also last week, James and I went to the Frontier Justice shooting range.  You can read about that here.

The weather has been mild and sunny, then cold and rainy, and back to sunny and cold.  I’m so ready for spring! I can’t wait until the time changes this weekend.  I wish I didn’t lose an hour of sleep (I do love my sleep), but I am looking forward to being able to run after work and it still be light out!

Photo Feb 26, 2 22 29 PM

Photo Feb 28, 11 45 24 AM

Last weekend I tried out Energy Bits for my long run.  My long run didn’t end up being too long… I ran on the treadmill, and just couldn’t push myself past 6 miles on Sunday.  I am not sure what to think of Energy Bits yet.  I will write a review once I try the remainder of my samples, but I’m not convinced yet.  I’d love to know if you have tried Energy Bits, and what you think of them! I have about 45 bits left to try out.

Photo Mar 01, 1 22 55 PM

Momma sent me this the other day, and I love it! I came up with my mantra “With Brave Wings She Runs” from this phrase, “With Brave Wings She Flies,” read my story about “My Brave Wings” here.  Thanks Mom!

Photo Mar 03, 11 54 16 AM

Tuesday night, I went to my third KCRC speed night.  I like to go to the Groupies runs on Thursdays, and will try to add one or two speed nights per month, on Tuesdays, with the Groupies.  Amy and I tackled some hills, and I can tell you, even today, my butt and shins are a bit sore.  Add that to my sore shoulders from yoga, and I’m a mess! It’s a good sore though, progress! 

I’m really excited to go to the KCRC Groupies Martin City run with Amy tonight! It will be a special group run in Martin City, MO, followed by pizza and beer at Martin City Brewing Co., sponsored by Nathan Sports!

Photo Mar 03, 7 04 02 PM

Are you ready for the time change this Sunday?

Have you tried Energy Bits? If so, how did you like them?