Monday Mentionings: October 24

How is it late October?! This month has gone so fast.

After the half marathon last Saturday, I took it easy for a couple days, and dove back into running on Tuesday night, with Chris. Then on Wednesday, I ran a beautiful, easy 5 miler as the sun set.


Thursday night, Chris and I ran on the trails, and I had the best playlist.  I’ve been using Rock My Run lately, and this playlist was just perfect! I will definitely be using this one again.


Saturday, I grabbed lunch with Amy, and of course, we showed up in the same shirt.  I can’t tell you how many times that’s happened! Later, I tagged along with Chris to his band’s practice.  I love listening to them live, it’s so much fun!  Shameless girlfriend plug: they have a show coming up on Nov. 5, for anyone in the KC area who wants to go! Details here.


Yesterday morning, Chris and I went to Leawood City Park to run, which was gorgeous.  It’s so pretty out on the trails, especially in fall.  I can’t get enough of the beauty on the trails.


After running, we grabbed lunch, and while we were waiting, I had a little snapchat fun.


Sunday afternoon, we went down south to check out the Louisburg Cider Mill! We watched the apples going into the mill for a while, and had apple cider slushes and apple cider donuts, too.



Then we walked through the corn maze, which was unfortunately all trampled on, so it wasn’t as much of a maze as it was a path through the corn fields.  It was a gorgeous day, and it was really nice to see so many people out enjoying the Cider Mill.


Looking ahead to this week, I shouldn’t have too much going on, aside from a few training runs during the evenings. I’m hoping the weather continues to cool down, it’s been a pretty warm fall so far.  Have a great week, friends!

Monday Mentionings: October 26

I’m going to give a quick sentence or two per picture today, because I have lots of pictures to share!

Last week was a busy week! Jasper had relaxing on his brain.

Photo Oct 20, 10 42 29 AM

Thursday night, Alter G visited KC Running Company, and we had the chance to run in an unweighted environment! It was super cool, but the 3 mile run I had after running on 80% and also 50% of my body weight was super hard – my legs felt like lead!  Read more about the Alter G treadmill technology here!

Photo Oct 22, 6 14 03 PM

Photo Oct 22, 7 53 30 PM

Friday I got to FaceTime with Ava and watch her open her birthday present.  Happy Birthday boo!!

Photo Oct 23, 12 32 03 PM

Also on Friday, after I wore my KC Royals shirt to work, I made my first batch of chicken noodle soup and watched the Royals win the ACLS! WORLD SERIES OR BUST!

Photo Oct 23, 10 11 04 AM

Saturday, I cheered Amy’s son Joshua on during his last soccer game, then we went to breakfast!

Photo Oct 24, 11 32 21 AM

Saturday afternoon, I ran on the trails and found some of the biggest leaves I’ve ever seen.

Photo Oct 24, 3 09 10 PM

They were like huge tree stars.  Bonus if you get that reference.

Photo Oct 24, 3 09 28 PM

I love running in October.  It’s so pretty. I love fall.

Photo Oct 24, 3 14 43 PM

Jasper and I have been loving the balcony lately.

Photo Oct 24, 3 39 04 PM

Yesterday morning, we enjoyed some more balcony time before running.

Photo Oct 25, 8 26 35 AM

Amy and I ran on the trails, and once again, the trees and leaves and fall took my breath away.

Photo Oct 25, 9 17 47 AM

We are tree huggers. =D

Photo Oct 25, 7 24 35 PM

Photo Oct 25, 9 20 04 AM

Later Sunday afternoon, Amy and I drove out to the Louisburg Cider Mill, took a hay ride, had some cider, and walked the corn maze.  It was such a perfect afternoon.

Photo Oct 25, 7 20 00 PM

I love my best.

Photo Oct 25, 1 49 56 PM (1)

And I finished the week off by cuddling with Jasper, watching Scandal (OMG!) and enjoyed a piece of toast with pumpkin butter that I got at the Cider Mill.

Photo Oct 25, 8 03 40 PM

It’s looking to be a busy, fun week.  GO ROYALS!