Monday Mentionings: September 19

Hello friends! It’s been a couple week since a proper update.  Last weekend I was in Wisconsin watching and cheering Kristen as she became an Ironman! But before I went to Wisconsin, I had a great little groupie run with Amy, Jenn, and Chris. (That’s about the only picture I took that week before I left!!)


Mom, Dad, and I flew (very very early) to Milwaukee, and then we all headed to Madison to get Kristen’s things finalized for her race.


Sunday was filled with Ironman! Kristen did so fantastic; I can’t even describe how amazing it was to watch her and all the Ironmen on Sunday.


Congratulations, Kristen!!!!!! I am so beyond proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished. I can’t wait to see what else you are going to do – you’re going places, sisser!


Monday, we drove back to Milwaukee, and had to take Dad to the airport to get back home for work.  Thayne also went to work for the afternoon, so Mom and Kristen and I went to lunch on the riverfront, which was delicious and pretty!!


Tuesday, after a short run (Kristen biked!), we ventured up to Cedarburg and wandered around, shopped a little, and had a little wine tasting, too.


Wednesday, before flying home, we had a short run around by the lake, had some great pizza, and visited one of the beaches.

Photo Sep 18, 8 42 46 PM.jpg

I kind of illegally took this snapchat about 5 minutes before we landed in KC, I wish I would have done it and screenshotted it going 500+ mph, but almost 300 mph is still pretty cool!


Jasper was pretty excited I got home.  He’s been extra cuddly since I’ve been back.  I spotted him chilling with my stuffed animals.  “One of these is not like the others.”


Sunday, I ran 8 and a half great miles with Chris at KC Running Co.  It was such a pretty morning, and a great little course.  Half marathon #11 is less than a month away! and it’ll be Chris’ first half marathon! YAY RUNNING!


Fall comes this week! I can’t wait for the fall temperatures, and for fall running! What’s your favorite season?

Have a great week friends!

Rock ‘n Sole Quarter Marathon

Saturday, I ran my very first quarter marathon (6.55 miles), the Rock ‘n Sole Quarter Marathon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! This was the second time I’ve raced on a vacation. the first being our Vegas Run-cation last fall.

I flew into Milwaukee Friday morning, Kristen and I picked up our packets, and less than 24 hours later, we were ready to run the Rock ‘n Sole Quarter Marathon!

Photo Jun 10, 9 11 43 PM

It was warm and muggy, but compared to Kansas City, the weather was pretty nice! It was warm for Milwaukee, though, and the race directors had a yellow flag for the race (green is good; yellow means caution, adjust expectations; red indicated timing had stopped, and to slow down; and black means they will stop the race and pull you off the course).

Kristen planned to stay with me, which was a nice way to spend more time together.  I’m sure she would have finished a half hour before me!  We walked from her apartment to the starting line, which was about a mile away.   We used the bathrooms, and made our way into the corral.  There were about 3000 people running the half or quarter, with another 1500 or so doing the 5k.

Photo Jun 11, 6 54 07 AM

We spent the first couple miles running through the Third Ward, and making our way south from downtown Milwaukee.  After about 2 miles, we were heading to the bridge by the lakefront, and you could see the entire bridge was crawling with runners!  It was pretty cool to see.  Once we turned and got onto the bridge, we ran about 3 miles on the Hoan Bridge, with the beautiful lake to our right, and a pretty downtown Milwaukee skyline ahead of us.  The last couple miles were getting off the bridge and heading back through the Summerfest grounds (Summerfest is a huge music festival during the summer in Milwaukee).  We finished under the Hoan Bridge, just outside of the Summerfest entrance.

Photo Jun 11, 8 29 02 AM

The finish festival was inside Summerfest grounds, with live music, food and beer.  Kristen and I took a few pictures (above is near the finish line, outside Summerfest, and below is with the Hoan Bridge in the background).  It was really starting to warm up – actually, after we got home and showered, we received alerts that the race had been red flagged, so all timing was stopped, and runners were encouraged to slow down/adjust paces for the heat.

Photo Jun 11, 8 29 55 AM

Overall, it was a fun race, I’m really glad Kristen ran with me, it was a lot more fun that way.  I had to walk a couple times, but finished with a PR; of course, any time would have been a PR since it was my first time at this distance, but hey, I’ll take it!

Kristen and I went and saw a movie after the race, and when we got back, Kristen, Thayne, and I biked to a beer garden, about 4 miles away.  It was a perfect little afternoon with 2 of my favorite people!

Photo Jun 11, 4 05 15 PM

I like the distance of the quarter marathon, 6.55 miles; the 10k is more well-known, at 6.2 miles, and I really enjoy the 6-6.5 mile distance for a race – it’s challenging, not completely draining, but not just any old 5k either.  Have you ever done a quarter marathon?

More Milwaukee Mentionings

After I posted yesterday’s Monday Mentionings, we did a lot more in Milwaukee, so I wanted to share the rest of my photos and recap my trip before the rest of the week!

Kristen and I ran 5 miles yesterday, which went WAY better than Sunday’s attempted 10 miler.  It may have gone better because it was a couple hours later, or a bit warmer and lighter out, or because I knew in my mind that we were only running 5 miles instead of 10, or because I was better hydrated… who knows. But it felt better than Sunday’s run.

Photo Oct 05, 8 37 29 AM

We ran out to McKinley Marina and then ran on the breakwater out to “the pole.”  We ran to this pole last year with Mom, and Dad biked alongside us.  It’s really neat to run on the breakwater, a much different experience than running in KC.

Photo Oct 05, 8 37 54 AM

You can kind of see in this picture, there is a crane fixing up the breakwater after a week of heavy winds and waves.

Photo Oct 05, 8 38 53 AM

Had to get a picture touching the pole… it doesn’t count unless you touch the pole.

Photo Oct 05, 8 40 53 AM

After a short break to take some pictures, we ran the 2.5 miles back to Kristen’s apartment.

Photo Oct 05, 8 42 44 AM

Photo Oct 05, 8 44 00 AM

We ate a quick breakfast of oreos and tea (so nutritious) and then headed to The WAC.  Kristen had to train a client, then she had a Cycle class to teach.  I talked to Mom for a while, then decided to run another mile on the Woodway Treadmill.  If you have never had the chance to run on a Woodway, it’s not an opportunity to pass up… it’s a wonderful experience.

Photo Oct 05, 11 08 09 AM

After my mile, I took Kristen’s Cycle class!  This was the second Cycle class I’ve taken, the first was three years ago, also at the WAC, alongside Kristen.  Cycle is hard, but I felt much better this time compared to last time.  It was a really good workout!

I was pretty tired after everything! All together, on Monday, I ran 6 miles, rowed 1000 meters, and cycled for 45 minutes.

Photo Oct 05, 11 25 42 AM

After our workouts, we showered up and drove up to Glendale and watched The Intern while eating popcorn and nachos.  Delish.  Later Monday evening, Kristen and Thayne took me to their favorite pizza place, Transfer Pizzaria. Again, delish!  Apparently, I was the very last family member to be taken to Transfer, so I’m glad I finally got to taste it! The garlic pizza was heaven, and we also had margarita pizza and a meat lovers pizza.

Photo Oct 05, 6 30 18 PM

This morning, I made sure to grab a Colectivo Chai Tea in the airport before flying back to KC.

Photo Oct 06, 8 38 39 AM

Once I got home, I went on a run, because this evening, all I’m doing is hanging out on the couch, cuddling with Jasper.  He was pretty happy I came home.  He hasn’t let me out of his sight, and I’ve gotten lots of cuddles and head boops.

Photo Oct 06, 2 19 24 PM

Now, back to the grind! Glad to only have 3 days of work this week!