Tuesday Mentionings: September 6

Hello! It’s Tuesday! haha, I missed posting yesterday because I had a crazy busy and fun weekend! I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day weekend, I know I did!  I have lots of pictures to share from the long weekend.

Saturday, I ran 4 miles with Amy before she left town.  I was then going to run 6 more miles with Chris, but my knee was really acting up, so I ended up biking while he ran, but I did ditch my bike and run 2 miles in the middle with him, so I ended up with 6 miles of running and 4 miles of biking.  Good day!

Sunday morning, Chris and I headed out to the K bright and early for yoga in the outfield of the stadium, before the game.  Mom and I did yoga last year on the outfield, and I was super excited to get the opportunity to do it again!  We ran into Jenn, and hung out with her for the yoga part of the day. The weather was beautiful; the yoga was great, and the morning was just perfect!

Photo Sep 05, 7 22 08 PM

Photo Sep 04, 7 42 06 AM


Photo courtesy KORE MOVEMENT.

Photo Sep 05, 7 22 42 PM

Photo Sep 04, 8 53 01 AM

We actually got to walk down the tunnel right onto the outfield this year.   It was really neat to walk down through all the field equipment and see the murals on the wall and World Series posters and stuff.

Photo Sep 04, 8 58 37 AM

After yoga, we ate breakfast at Rivals, and then watched the grounds crew for a bit before heading to the car to change and wait to get back into the stadium.  We went in and had plenty of time to check out the Hall of Fame, including the 1985 and 2015 World Series trophies, and had a chance to walk around the outfield experience for a bit before heading to our seats.

Photo Sep 05, 7 39 18 PM.jpg

Photo Sep 04, 12 25 22 PM

Photo Sep 04, 1 27 00 PM

The Royals and Tigers were playing.. Chris’ team is the Tigers, and mine is the Royals (of course).  Chris joked that we are in a complicated (baseball) relationship. 😛  When the Royals were ahead, Chris made a sad little face, and then when the Royals ultimately lost, I, too, made a sad face.

Photo Sep 05, 7 22 58 PM

Monday after a warm Labor Day run, Chris and I hit up the zoo for the afternoon.  We got to see about half of the zoo, we didn’t have time for the Africa section, so we’ll definitely have to go back again.  We had a chance to see the penguins be fed, and watched the sea lion splash show before we left.  It was a lot of fun, I can’t wait to go back to the zoo again!

Photo Sep 05, 7 23 42 PM

Photo Sep 05, 2 23 27 PM

I’m really excited to go to Wisconsin this next weekend for Kristen’s Ironman and a visit up there. I’m not sure if I’ll have a post next Monday… I’ll try to post a little something, and I’m sure I’ll have lots of pictures on Facebook and Twitter.  Have a great rest of your week, friends!

September Roundup

September has come to an end, and I have some numbers rounded up to recap my month in running.  As always, you can catch up on my previous months’ recaps here: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, and August.  I am not running tonight, but will be attending a yoga class, so let’s take a look at my numbers for September.

I ran exactly 90 miles this month!  September’s 90 miles puts me at 713 miles for the year so far.  My goal is to reach 950 miles this year, and with three months left, I need to average at least 79 miles per month in October, November, and December to reach at least 950.  And, if I average at least 96 miles per month over the last 3 months of the year, I will get to 1000 miles for the year, which would be amazing!  I am really excited to hit the quadruple digits!Photo Sep 20, 9 33 49 AMSeptember was a very busy month, race wise!  The final two races of the Heartland 30k series, the Plaza 10k (10k PR!) and the Broadway Bridge 10k were in September, as was the Labor Day 5k.  I ran with the KC Running Co. Groupies 8 times, including 4 speed work sessions with the Groupies.  I missed most of the long Sunday runs, because of the Labor Day holiday weekend and then the two 10k races on Sundays.  I ran with Mom 3 times, when she was here over the Labor Day weekend, and finished the Labor Day 5k with her as well.  My longest run was 8 miles, on September 27th, with Amy at the KC Running Co. Sunday Groupie run.11994276_10100330663989283_814193399_n12025327_10100333951166753_1263268631_n12026654_10100336840591323_866744501_nI’ve still been seeing my chiropractor about once a week, still working on my right glute and left IT band issues.  I have (I should say, my chiropractors have) been making significant progress, and I’m doing much better… just trying to get that last 10% or so fixed.

I have also continued to practice yoga about once a week, and even got to attend a yoga class on the outfield at the K.  I missed my weekly yoga class twice during September, both due to running conflicts – celebrating KC Running Co.’s birthday at the Leawood store, and then a run and Running Healthy clinic with Golden Harper, the founder of Altra Running.Photo Sep 06, 9 21 48 AMDuring the month of September, I attempted to cut out sweets – pop, candy, donuts, etc.  I was successful for about a week to 10 days, but wasn’t able to make it the entire month.  I have drastically cut back on my sweets, which is a huge improvement, and I will continue to try to limit them, as I do feel better without sugar slogging me down.

The only other thing to share for September is that I treated my body and mind to a wonderful massage, something I get done about once a year, but could definitely use about once every 2-3 months!12016705_10100333951201683_1917265412_nLooking to October, I am visiting my sister in Milwaukee, and hope to get in a 10 mile long run before volunteering at the finish line of the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon.  I am also running the KC Half Marathon, and hope to earn a shiny new PR!

How was your September? What are you looking forward to for October?

Monday Mentionings: September 14

It’s Monday again, already! The weeks have been flying by lately.  Last Monday was Labor Day, and I spent the day with Mom, as she was in town for the long weekend.  Monday morning was the Labor Day 5k, you can read my recap here.12028940_10100333549257183_1313688055_nAfter the race, Mom and I met up with Michelle for lunch and a few errands.  It was a fun day, and a perfect end to a really fun long weekend.  And just for Belle, smile emoticon.12023087_10100333549217263_1568650360_nThursday evening, the group at KC Running Co surprised Amy for her birthday, with cupcakes!  A few of us from the group also pitched in and gifted Amy her first Garmin watch! We ran a nice 3 mile loop, and it was warm, but leaves have been starting to turn and fall.  Autumn is just around the corner!12000064_10100333549222253_1501297195_n11998506_10100333549252193_277363201_nSaturday morning, Amy and I went to run at Shawnee Mission Park, which is something we’ve wanted to do for a while.  It was the most perfect, gorgeous, beautiful morning.  Amy got to break out her new watch, and we ran 4.1 (for Amy’s 41st birthday, on Saturday) beautiful miles around the lake.11998541_10100333549272153_1708184176_n11998491_10100333549232233_1721676381_n12026549_10100333549277143_1532000676_nAfter our run, we met Amy’s husband and son for lunch at Culver’s, which was delicious.11998541_10100333549207283_1867208315_nWhile Amy celebrated her birthday, my Dad also celebrated his birthday, with Mom, in Lincoln, at the Huskers game!  They are birthday twins! Happy Birthday Dad!11933492_10155979693985333_3856933831489124887_nSaturday night, Amy and I got back together, and ventured over to Lee’s Summit to look for a visor, which is the most comfortable and perfect visor ever, and had no luck finding it, even though the store said it had “limited quantity.”  Note: the store said limited quantity means it is not in stock, but the product number is still in the computer.  That’s not what “limited quantity” means to me, or the rest of the world… Alas, we did a bit of shopping and had dinner at On the Border.  PS, I’m not sure who started the thumbs up first, but it’s become our signature pose.11998363_10100333549242213_1006958259_nSunday morning came very early.  The second of three 10k races was yesterday morning.  Jasper wasn’t too happy about me waking him up at 5:20.  The Plaza 10k race recap will be up later this week, once the official photos are released, because I’m hoping a couple of them are really good!12021768_10100333549267163_152221374_nAmy and I finished the race together, hand in hand. I’ll write more in the recap, but it was really special, and meant a lot, especially with a 4+ minute 10k PR!11997320_10100333549212273_1330869848_nI was looking through my last year’s Plaza 10k pictures, and see a lot of change in myself compared to last year.  More on that, later.  Last year’s race recap is here.12021752_10100333549237223_1733448391_nSunday afternoon, I had a lovely little nap, with this little fur baby.  The weather has been cooler through the weekend, and he’s been way more playful, but also more snuggly.12000069_10100333549227243_552436867_nAnd for some reason, he decided not to sit in his chair (yes, that is HIS rocking chair… he is visibly distraught if someone sits in HIS chair), and squatted on the end table for awhile yesterday evening.  Weirdo.12025356_10100333549247203_767835272_nHave a great week, friends! Fall weather is HERE!