MM: July 24

It’s Monday, and I’m having surgery tomorrow! *insert big eyed anxious emoji* For those who don’t know, I’m having the screws from my ACL surgery in 2009 removed tomorrow.  The doctors believe the screws have been pushing on a tendon and the nerves behind it, causing the increasing pain I’ve been having over the last couple years, made worse by running. I’m very hopeful that it will alleviate my pain and allow me to get back to running!  Anyway, since it’s Monday, I have a few pictures to share with you from last week!

I was able to get a couple miles in with Jenn last week, and boy was it hot out. UGH it was hot! We sat with our legs in the pool after that ridiculously hot and humid run. It was nice to get a little run in with a friend before surgery. Hopefully in a couple of months, I’ll be able to get back to weekly runs with friends!

Photo Jul 18, 6 41 41 PM

I also got some miles in on the bike and on the ARC last week.

Photo Jul 23, 7 44 37 PM

On Thursday night, Chris and I went to the Royals/Tigers game. The Royals had a really good game, and the Tigers did not. We sat in Gordo Nation, and it was lots of fun to get the t-shirt and cheer ‘dem Roys on to a great win.

Photo Jul 20, 7 05 35 PMPhoto Jul 23, 7 39 35 PM

We got ice cream at the game, and I just had to put the little hat on Jazzy when we got home. He hated it, but he was beyond cute.

Photo Jul 23, 7 38 23 PM

Saturday morning, Chris and I biked to his eye doctor, to pick up his new pair of contacts. It was super warm and humid out, but we got in our long ride and ran an errand. Win-win!

Photo Jul 22, 9 18 27 AM

Also on Saturday, we saw the new Spiderman movie, got flowers to make the bouquets for our wedding, and did some other wedding stuff.  I planned on saving the bouquet making for the next couple of weeks when I’m laid up with my knee, but I caught the “get stuff done bug” and now all the bouquets are done! I will need to figure out boutonnieres, but that can wait a bit!

Photo Jul 22, 8 26 03 PM

Jasper has really been enjoying all the new spots to lay in our new townhome. Every time I look up, he’s laying somewhere new.  I think he’s happy here, and I know I love it here.  It really feels like home.

Photo Jul 23, 9 31 10 AM

Have a great week! I’ll try to post next week, but if I don’t, I’ll see ya’ll in a couple weeks! I hope everyone stays cool with this crazy heat!

Monday Mentionings: August 8

I feel like this last week went fast, and the weekend went super fast! It’s Monday again, so here we go!

I got some fancy candies at work from a client last week, which was really nice of them to do for me.  I shared them with the floor, so everyone got some chocolates.

Photo Aug 04, 9 55 06 AM

Thursday night at KC Running Co., we finished our VERY HOT run and were given some delicious watermelon afterwards.  Watermelon after a run is just one of those perfect combinations.

Photo Aug 04, 6 36 58 PM

Friday, after work, my Aunt Leann, Uncle Steve, and cousin Ava came to KC to visit for the weekend.  Saturday, we did a bit of shopping at Oak Park Mall, and Ava and I had lots of carousel rides too.

Photo Aug 06, 12 41 36 PM

After fun at the mall, we hit up the pool.  Ava is quite the little fish in the water.

Photo Aug 07, 8 56 53 PM

Saturday evening, we went to the Royals game…. Ava’s first Royals game!  She had lots of fun watching the Boys in Blue win against Toronto.  She cheered for the mustard hot dog during the hot dog derby, but relish won.  [Ava was reading along as I was writing this post, and she said “But they were in white, not blue!! Leann and I cracked up, she has quite the reading comprehension going on!]

Photo Aug 06, 5 46 17 PM

She even got a “first game certificate” from the Royals Guest Services team.  I’d say she’s a new lifetime Royals fan.

Photo Aug 06, 6 49 55 PM

Leann and I got my favorite Royal ‘Ritas.  Mmmm tasty!

Photo Aug 06, 7 04 27 PM

Ava and I had more carousel time in the Outfield Experience.  The weather for the game couldn’t have been more perfect Saturday night.  It was very cool for August and breezy.  Perfect weather.

Photo Aug 06, 7 51 22 PM

After the Royals won(!!!), Ava did a bit more playing in the outfield before we headed back to my apartment.  I didn’t realize you could see the World Series Champs sign from the outfield experience area.  Just in case you forgot, ‘dem Roys won the World Series last year!!

Photo Aug 06, 9 00 37 PM

Sunday, we ventured out to Chuck E Cheese’s for lunch.  Ava won lots of tickets, gave Chuck E  Cheese a hug and a high five, and we left with bellies full of pizza and Ava cashed in her tickets for a Chuck E Cheese ball to take home.

Photo Aug 07, 11 54 49 AM

Leann and I spent our tokens playing Skee Ball.

Photo Aug 07, 12 38 50 PM

After some more shopping, we went back to my apartment for some relaxation time.   Jasper enjoyed his new catnip plant.

Photo Aug 07, 2 17 56 PM

Once our energy levels were back up, Ava and I went down to the park to play for a bit.

Photo Aug 07, 4 08 50 PM

We met up with some of Steve and Leann’s friends for dinner, then we got some yummy custard at Sheridan’s.  It was a great end to the weekend.

Photo Aug 07, 8 17 12 PM

Today, we’ll hang out a bit more before Steve, Leann, and Ava head back to Hays this afternoon.

I don’t have too much planned for this week.  I’ll try to get in some runs while the weather is nice and unseasonably cool.  Have a great week, friends!!