MM: March 6

Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law, Thayne, today!

For the first week THIS YEAR, I was able to workout 6 days last week.  Between packing for Chris’ move, being sick, and working on wedding stuff, I hadn’t done my typical 6 days per week workouts, usually skipping an additional day above my normal rest day per week.  But this last week, I got in all 6 days!  Monday, Chris and I went to cycle class. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I ran, with Chris or solo. Saturday and yesterday, Chris and I ran, including a 7 mile run yesterday with some crazy wind.  It felt good to get in all 6 days!


Jasper is quite intrigued by my new hypersphere massager ball.  It is doing wonders for my knee/calf pain, I am really glad I bought it.


Saturday, Chris and I had all sorts of adventures, including driving out to Oak Grove to pick up some wedding decorations, an impromptu visit to the downtown KC library, and dinner with an old friend in Brookside.  It was a fun day, for sure.

Photo Mar 04, 1 47 46 PM.jpg

Sunday after our long run, Chris got treated to his very first pedicure. It felt wonderful after a hard, long, windy run.  And don’t worry, Chris didn’t get any polish. 😛

Photo Mar 05, 3 05 35 PM.jpg

Funny story that happened last week in KC: A trailer full of cattle tipped over and a huge bunch of cows were set lo0se in Lenexa, and were wandering around and being lasso’d on the highway.  #onlyinkansas

I don’t have too much else to share for this week, Chris and I have been busy wedding planning, running, and keeping Jazzy occupied! Have a great week!