Thursday Thoughts: November 20

I almost forgot to write this post!

Last weekend was COLD! James and I had our first fire in the fireplace! This is the first time James has had a fireplace in his home, and it was really nice and cozy to have a roaring fire on such a cold couple of days. I had a fireplace back home in Hays, but I don’t think I ever started my own fire.  We were forecasted to get 2-4 inches of snow, but we barely even got a dusting.  It would have been a perfect little weekend inside with the fire, watching it snow.  Maybe next time.Photo Nov 15, 4 29 24 PM

Photo Nov 15, 7 04 58 PM

Also last weekend, my little sister ran the Avengers Half Marathon at  Disney Land.  Earlier this year, she ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon at Disney World.  She is running to support the research for Rett Syndrome.  Read her guest post about Rett Syndrome and her cousin Martilee here.  And check out those muscles.  DAMN girl!

Photo Nov 16, 10 38 23 PM

This week, the print that I ordered from Maiedae arrived!  I found this site from a fellow runners Instagram, and just thought the prints were beautiful.  I am even considering have the ladies at Maiedae print a custom piece for me.  I’m thinking of getting “With Brave Wings She Runs” and also “What If I fall?  Oh My Darling, What If You Fly?”  I am still deciding what I want to do.  If you have time, check out their store, they have so many beautiful and inspirational prints.

Photo Nov 17, 4 24 58 PM

Also this week, Oklahoma Joe’s changed their name officially to Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que.  Of course James and I had to go and celebrate the change!  I understand why they wanted to change their name, but I imagine most people will still refer to it as Oklahoma Joe’s.  I would have voted to leave well enough alone and just keep the name.  It was still tasty though, I will say that.  And before anyone says anything, YES I eat my BBQ naked.  BBQ sauce = icky.

Photo Nov 17, 6 51 20 PM

Tuesday, Mom, Kristen, and I signed up for the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, which is next November.  I still can’t quite believe we are going to Vegas in a year! Read about it here.

Tonight at KCRC, it was not only Hug a Runner Day, but we had a Chief’s BBQ and watched the game after our run. I only watched the first little bit, but it was fun! The New Balance rep was out, we had a test run in the shoes, there were giveaways, and lots of good burgers and brats after our run.  I find myself looking forward to the Thursday night runs, and I can’t say enough about how welcoming the KCRC Groupies are.

Photo Nov 20, 8 26 55 PM

Tomorrow, James and I will see Mockingjay Part 1.  EX-CIT-ED is what I am!!  Are you going to see Mockingjay? Have you read the Hunger Games?

What do you think of the name change from Oklahoma Joe’s to Joe’s Kansas City BBQ?