Monday Mentionings: February 1

How is it FEBRUARY?!  I had a pretty great week last week, and I took lots of pictures to share with ya’ll too!

Jasper enjoys hanging out in my closet, and thinks he’s a pair of shoes, maybe? One of these things is not like the others..

Photo Jan 26, 7 36 35 PM

I had ordered a new pair of boots, and Jasper enjoyed playing in the box.  This is a terrifying face, and about 2 seconds after I took this picture, I was pounced on.

Photo Jan 27, 6 56 00 PM

I made it to KC Running Co. both  Tuesday and Thursday, which was fantastic! It’s been far too long since I went to Tuesday and Thursday night runs.  Tuesday was 300m repeats at the track, and Thursday night was a nice 4 miler – running to Missouri and back!

Photo Jan 31, 6 16 00 PM

With a bit warmer temperatures last week, the lake at work started to thaw.  The geese loved it, and swam around, then stood around on the ice.  I love this picture, because there are even more geese about to land.

Photo Jan 29, 7 55 42 AM

Thursday morning, before work, I had my MRI.  I met with Dr. Khadavi early last week, and since I am still having knee pain, he ordered an MRI.  The MRI tech gave me a copy of the disc, so of course, I put it in my computer and looked at it.  Does it even look like a knee? It was cool to look at though, but I have no idea at all what it all means.  I will see Dr. Khadavi again this afternoon to get the diagnosis.  I’m nervous, but know everything will work out in the end.

Photo Jan 28, 8 37 52 AM

Saturday was a fantastically fun day.  Amy and I planned to run around 10:30, once it was a little warmer out. Jasper entertained me by laying on my computer and playing with his hedgehog before our run.

Photo Jan 30, 9 26 54 AM

Naturally, after 7 gorgeous miles on the trails, we had to commemorate it with a photo.

Photo Jan 30, 12 17 36 PM

Really the only running pictures we have are from races, so after our run, we took turns running down and back this little section of the trail so we could take pictures of each other.  We will have to do this again in the spring, when everything around us isn’t dead and brown.

Photo Jan 31, 6 06 08 PM

After we ran, I cleaned up real fast and met Michelle for froyo!  We took a little adventure down 135th St. to Target and Scheels, too.  It was so great to catch up with Belle.

Photo Jan 31, 6 07 22 PM

I stopped at Price Chopper on my way home to pick up a few things, and bought this fun little money tree (pachira), and bought it for my office.  Within 30 seconds of purchasing the tree and waking out the door, I spotted a dime on the ground.  Money tree, well done. Let’s keep this up.

Photo Jan 30, 5 08 38 PM

I facetimed Mom and Dad to show them my new little tree, and got to say hi to Shay and Gordon, too.  I caught Gordon yawning at me.  All in all, Saturday was a great day.

Photo Jan 31, 6 06 41 PM

Sunday morning, I ran with Amy at KC Running Co, then took a nap after I got home and showered.  When I woke up from my nap, Jasper was all curled up on my pillow.  Sweet little bear.

Photo Jan 31, 11 19 33 AM

I wrote a post about my January running stats, so be sure to check that out.  I’m pretty pleased at how well January went, considering I had two weeks of no running.  Have a great week, hope all those forecasted for snow and ice this week stay warm and dry!

The January Run-Down

It’s been another month, so it’s time for a run-down of how things went in January 2016!

I set a goal to run 1100 miles in 2016, and in January, I ran 50 miles.  Under normal circumstances, I would be disappointed with my January mileage, but considering I was under doctors orders to not run for 2 weeks after I received a cortisone shot for a likely torn meniscus, I’m happy I reached about half of what I intended for January.

To reach 1100 miles this year, I will have to average about 92 miles per month.  After a 50 mile month in January, I will now have to average about 96 miles per month for the rest of the month to reach my goal.  I’m not yet at the point, with my knee, where I will definitely have to change my goal… I see the doctor tomorrow, and he will tell me what the MRI results are from last week, and he’ll let me know what the plan is.  If I have to have surgery, or go through some kind of therapy, or something else, then I may have to reevaluate my goals for the year, but for now, I’m sticking with 1100 miles!

January started with a run with my best, Amy, as it did last year.  We ran a couple miles on the icy, snowy trails, and called it a day.  It was a great way to start the new year, and it’s now a tradition that I hope we continue to do yearly!

Photo Jan 01, 10 44 40 AM

After my cortisone shot and orders for 2 weeks of no running, I hit up the gym and took several cycle classes during those couple weeks, subbing biking for running.  It’s definitely not the same, but I enjoyed the classes, and worked up quite a sweat every class.  I also did cardio on the elliptical or ARC trainer, and lifted some, being sure to not stress my knee.  I was happy and hopeful, because my knee really felt better.

Photo Jan 23, 9 32 44 AM

Once my two weeks were up, I started running a bit on the treadmill, because the temperatures outside were super cold, and there was ice/snow on most of the sidewalks and trails.  Unfortunately, once I started running, the knee pain came back.  It felt just the same as it felt before the shot.  I was pretty bummed, but I kept running, and kept going to a cycle class each week or so.

Photo Jan 17, 12 31 34 PM

Because the pain came back, I moved up my follow up appointment, and the doctor wanted me to schedule an MRI, to really se what’s going on inside.  I had the MRI done last week, and will see the doctor tomorrow to find out what my future holds.  Here’s a screenshot of one image of my MRI.  Can you tell what’s going on? Me either.

Photo Jan 28, 8 37 52 AM

Once the sidewalks and trails cleared up, and the weather got a little bit warmer, I was super happy to get back to the group runs! I ran with the KC Running Co. Groupies 4 times in January, all in the last week and a half!  I ran on the treadmill a record 5 times in January; my longest treadmill run was 5 miles.  (Click here for tips for treadmill running)

Photo Jan 28, 8 38 53 PM

My longest run in January, and actually my longest run since October(!!) was yesterday, on Jan. 30, when I ran 7 miles, with Amy, on the paved trails by Indian Creek.  It was a hard run, and my knee kind of hates me ever since, but the day was gorgeous, there were rabbits and squirrels out and about, kids and families were at the parks, and the day was sunny and bright.  The downside – the horrible decaying composting smell by by the river in a few places.  It was hard to breathe that in deeply!

Photo Jan 30, 12 18 32 PM

January Run-Down:
Running: 14 runs totaling 50 miles
Cycling: 7 cycle classes totaling 7.5 hours of cycling, 97 miles.
Longest run: 7 miles, Jan. 30.
Races: none.