Monday Mentionings: October 3

Hello, happy October, and happy Monday!

I was in Hays over the weekend, and took Chris along with me, so I only have a few photos from the weekend to share!  We made it into Hays Friday evening, and very early Saturday morning, Chris and I ran 10 miles around Hays.  Mom joined us about halfway through, and it was such a beautiful morning for a long run.


Just after our run, we went to Cervs to get snoballs and then watched the FHSU parade.  Chris had his first snoball.  He’s hooked now too, just like me.


After the parade and lunch (at Lomato’s), we drove around Hays a bit showing Chris the sights, and then got another snoball.  Dad even got one!

Photo Oct 01, 3 25 00 PM.jpg

Later on Saturday, after dinner with Grandma and Granddad (at Gutierrez), we had dessert and hung out with Grandma and Granddad, and Steve, Leann, and Ava.  Ava was shy at first around Chris, but certainly got over her shyness Saturday night.  She and Chris played for quite a long time.


Sunday morning, Mom and I ran, while Dad biked along with us, then we all went out to the Q for lunch.


After lunch, we walked around Frontier Park and then Chris and I headed back to KC.


It was such a great weekend, and went far too quickly.

Thursday Thoughts: November 13

Over the weekend, Kristen and Thayne flew in, and we went home to visit Grandpa.  He has been very sick with his pancreatic cancer and treatments, and was in the hospital last week.  Just before we got home, he was transferred back to the nursing home to continue healing and fighting the cancer.  We wanted to go home and see him, since Kristen and Thayne won’t be home over Thanksgiving.

Since James was out of town (in warm and sunny California!  More about that later.) and Jasper has been left home alone over a few weekends lately, I decided to bring him along to Hays.  He travels pretty well, considering most cat’s despise car rides.  He had his moments of crying and needing attention, but overall he did really well.  I’m glad he is able to travel well, and I’m so glad Mom and Dad don’t mind him taking over a room of the house while we are in town.  He has never been boarded, and he’s had some trust issues since he was a kitten, and I don’t think boarding would go over well.

Photo Nov 07, 5 06 34 PM

While I was in Hays, my favorite Bria was kind enough to make time to do my hair.  YAY.  It’d been since June since I last had it colored and properly cut, I’m beyond grateful that she was able to work me in.

Photo Nov 08, 10 09 18 AM

Like I mentioned earlier, James went to California last weekend, for BlizzCon. His very favorite gaming company, Blizzard Entertainment, has a convention every fall to introduce new games and expansions of current games, have panels with the artists and developers, and have game demos.  James has tried to get tickets for at least 8 years, and they historically sell out within minutes, but this year he was lucky enough to finally get a ticket! He flew out to California last Thursday and came back home late Sunday night.  I’m so happy he was finally able to go! Look how handsome he looks! ❤

Photo Nov 07, 9 24 55 AM

While we were in Hays, we got to spend some time with uncle Steve and aunt Leann, and little cousin Ava! It  amazes me how smart she is, and how big she’s getting.  It’s hard to believe she’s 7 years old already, and is in first grade.

Photo Nov 08, 6 19 32 PM

We also spent quite a bit of time with Grandpa, though he was sleeping for most of it.  Uncle Stan also drove in from Nevada to spend a week in Hays, I hadn’t seen Stan since last fall when James, Grandpa, and I went to Reno and Lake Tahoe to visit.  Kristen and Thayne hadn’t seen him since my wedding 3 and a half years ago.

I wish the circumstances were better for everyone to be home, but hopefully Grandpa will continue to fight his cancer and get stronger.  He’s been confused lately, the last several months’ activities and his sickness have really been taking a toll on him.  If you’re one to pray, my family and I would sure appreciate any prayers, good vibes, or positive thoughts.  I thank you in advance.

Get well Grandpa, I love you.

Photo Nov 09, 8 57 35 PM

Not too much else happened this week.  I was off work Tuesday for Veteran’s Day.  Thank you to all the past, present, and future veterans, for your sacrifice and for ensuring freedom.

It got really cold this week, I had to break out my hat, gloves, and other winter gear to run in.  It was pretty cold the last couple nights on my run, but the crisp air is pretty refreshing.  I also bought a headlamp for night running, and hope to write a review soon.  I’ve used it a couple times, and I not only tell a difference in my ability to see, but I can also tell oncoming traffic can see me, cars have been moving over further than previously, and have moved over sooner than without my light.  Look for my review this weekend!