Monday Mentionings: December 26

Merry Christmas!!!! I hope everyone enjoyed a family filled weekend with good treats and the best company.  I have a few photos to share today, as I travel back home to KC.

Chris, Jasper, and I celebrated Christmas early last week, because we had a busy week and then we both went opposite directions for Christmas.  Jasper had more fun playing with the tissue paper than with his jingly ball and crunchy turtle, but I’m sure he’ll get around to playing with them too.


Sisser and Thayne came to KC Thursday night, and we had Joe’s KC BBQ, of course.  It was tasty, as always. I had my first Z-Man sandwich, with chicken instead of pork.  Tasty!


I drove home Friday after work, and Jazzy was my travel pal.  Chris drove up to Detroit, and I’ll be flying up later this week to meet his family and ring in the New Year in Eastern Standard Time!


Friday night, we chilled at home after having nachos and margaritas. I helped Mom and Dad set up their new iPhones!


On Christmas Eve, we spent most of the day at Grandma and Granddads, having pizza, opening gifts, and playing games.  It’s always great to spend time with family, and I’m so thankful for this family.


Later in the afternoon, Mom and I ran, it was beautiful out! I even ran in shorts… ON CHRISTMAS EVE!  I was getting chilly by the end, as the sun was about to set, but it was so beautiful outside.  I was dressed in gray, and Mom was dressed in Santa and Sparkles.  And a jingle bell, that jingled with every single step of our 3 mile run.


Jazzy has been adapting to the life of travel pretty well.  He’s not allowed out with the other kitties, because there have been fights in the past, and I really don’t want blood spilled! He’s been able to roam the house on several occasions, either when Mom and Dad’s kitties are outside or with different rooms barricaded off to keep them separated.


Christmas morning was spent with Mom, Dad, Kristen, and Thayne, and rotating kitties in and out of the living room.  We opened gifts and had cinnamon rolls for breakfast.


Later in the afternoon, after a freak Christmas Day thunderstorm, I went out for a run, and Mom joined in partway through.  It was SO windy outside, but sunny after the storm.  It was really nice to see no cars at any businesses.  I saw a few people outside walking, and I even saw a Santa riding a motorcycle, but I didn’t see any fellow runners.


Christmas night we had pheasant and cheesy potatoes, which is probably my very favorite meal ever, and watched football, played with phones, and enjoyed the fireplace.

I’m really excited to fly to Detroit to meet Chris’ family.  The holidays are so special to me, and I’m so thankful to be able to see everyone I love and spend time just being together.  I’m not sure if I’ll have a post next Monday, so if I don’t get a chance to post, be sure to have a safe and happy New Year!!

The November Run Down

I’m not really sure how in the world it’s December, but here we are!  November is over, and I finished the month with 88 miles!  I’m at 949 miles for 2016 so far, and I’m right on track (ahead, actually!!!) to run 1000+ miles this year!  I only need 51 miles in December to reach 1000 miles, and as long as nothing catastrophic happens, I’ll easily surpass 1000 for 2016!! Catch up on my January through October recaps here: January, FebruaryMarch, AprilMay, June, JulyAugustSeptember, and October.

November started out warm! I was actually able to run in short sleeves and tank tops for the first half of November.


Chris and I had lots of great runs together, including a really pretty run at Shawee Mission Lake.  The run that day didn’t really feel great for either of us, but it sure was pretty, and we stopped a few times to take in the scenery.  I didn’t make it to any group runs with KC Runing Company in November; I think the time change has really made me want to run as soon as possible after work since it’s dark and chilly now.


I had one race in November, the Longview Half Marathon.  It was chilly that morning, but a pretty run near Longview Lake in south KC.  I was really excited for Mom and her friend Denise to come to KC for Longview, and it was great to see lots of my running club buddies at the race, too!



I was really happy to be able to go home for Thanksgiving, and to take Chris home with me.  Mom, Kristen, Chris and I ran on Thanksgiving morning, I did some solo Black Friday miles, and then Chris and I had a long run Saturday with Mom joining us for part before coming back to KC on Sunday.


It’s gotten pretty cold here over the last week or so. I finished out the last day of November with 5 chilly miles in the dark after work.  Looking forward to December, I have 0 races, and I’m excited about that! I’m hoping I can get in a solid month of miles, and enjoy the holidays.  I’m going to do my damned best to not have any pop or sweets from today until I go home for Christmas… who’s with me? It’s going to be tough with all the holiday parties and sweets, but I’m going to try!


November Run-Down:
Running: 20 runs, totaling 88 miles.
Cycling: 1 cycle class, 45 minutes, totaling 10 miles
Longest Run: 8 miles, November 26, in Hays.
Races: Longview Half Marathon