Monday Mentionings: October 31

Happy Halloween!!  I have a picture for every day of the week last week, except for Friday.

Last Monday after work, my new running shoes arrived, so I took them out for a pretty 5 fall miles. The trees are just getting prettier and prettier as the leaves turn and fall.  There were so many huge leaves on the ground while I was running last week.


Jasper being Jasper.  I think this was Tuesday night after a run with Chris. He didn’t even bother getting up for us when we got home. 😛


Wednesday night after work, Chris and I were running a couple errands and came across these deer right by the creek by my apartment.  They were so pretty! We watched them for a couple minute before they ran off.


Thursday  night, Chris’ band played at a bar in Westport.  I went with him and watched them play, then we hung around and watched the next band.  It was such a gorgeous night outside, which was fantastic, because the show was outside.  I can’t wait to watch them play again this weekend (show details here).


No pic Friday, Chris and I were pretty tired from being out late Thursday night, and we had a low key evening with pizza and TV.  Saturday morning, I did my long run of 9 miles.  It was warm and pretty windy, and ended up being a rough run, but I got it done!


Sunday was much cooler, and Chris and I had a windy and cool 6 miler, complete with a Great Blue Heron and a groundhog sighting.  We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing.


Have a great week, friends! Be safe trick-or-treating and celebrating Halloween tonight!

Thursday Thoughts: October 30

James and I had a busy weekend back home last weekend, including Granddad’s Hall of Fame induction.

I had my very first Subway Salad the other day… and I don’t know why I’ve never had one before.  It was Delicious with a capital D.  Mmmm!!  It was pretty much the best thing ever.  Subway has a spot in my belly and in my heart.

Photo Oct 27, 11 49 09 AM

I also got my Charity Miles “Run America” shirt in the mail this week.  The shirt was free to those who ran/walked at least .1 mile every day for Team Red White Blue and at least .1 mile every day for Wounded Warrior Project, both, for 22 days before September 11.  I usually run for ASPCA, and throw a smattering of other charities in my rotation, but for 22 days, I walked at least .1 for one of the two, and did my normal run for the other.  My shirt came in the mail the other day, and I’m proud to have earned it, thank you Charity Miles!

If you are interested in walking, biking, or running to help raise money for Charity Miles, read my review here, and get the app here for your iPhone, and here for your Android.

Photo Oct 28, 6 17 00 PM

On Wednesday, James and I attended a Meet and Greet with Dr. Martin, the new President at Fort Hays State University.  We had both met her previously, but she came to Leawood on the FHSU Media Tour and Alumni Association to meet a crowd of FHSU grads.  It was a nice gathering.

After the Meet and Greet, we went to Red Door Grill to watch the Royals in Game 7 of the World Series.   They had special Royals Blue Margaritas that were super tasty, and the burgers were delicious!  It’s too bad they ended up losing the series, but we really enjoyed getting to go to three Royals games this summer and enjoyed becoming Royal.   It really has been a great summer for baseball in KC.

Photo Oct 29, 9 24 40 PM

Tonight at the KCRC Groupies run, I made a new friend and we ran together for a few miles!  It was also costume night, and everyone got free Run Local shirts.  I think I have nearly every shirt now… they are taking over my closet!   Thanks KCRC!

Photo Oct 30, 8 44 58 PM

One of my new favorite websites is  Zelle is a site for women’s running, by women runners.  If you have a few minutes, read a few articles and see what you think.  It’s a great site that left me feeling uplifted, excited, and inspired.

From their site:

“There is no one single “type” of woman runner. We come in all sizes and shapes. Some of us love to race, others just knock out the miles alone, never toeing a starting line.

That is what is makes this sport so awesome – there’s room on the road and trails for all of us.

Running has woven into the tapestry of our lives.

Think of Zelle as the place you can add your own thread.”


Milwaukee (Part One)

My Mom, Dad, and I traveled to Milwaukee this past weekend for a long weekend visit with my sister and brother-in-law.  This post is 1 of 3 posts recapping our trip.  See the second post (Monday and Tuesday) here, and the final post about our running adventures in Milwaukee here.

First of all, I want to thank Mom and Dad for the amazing trip, it was so much fun, and I am so very thankful I was able to go with you both.  And thank you to Kristen and Thayne for putting us up for a few days, and for showing us around.  I had such a good time, and smile every time I look through my pictures.

Photo Oct 04, 11 18 47 AM

Once Kristen picked us up front he airport, we went to Bel Air Cantina for some really tasty tacos.  Kristen had some kind of fish tacos, calamari maybe, and lamb and barbacoa.  I had chicken, beef, and black bean and corn.  Dad had beef and barbacoa I think, Mom had bacon and avocado, and chicken, and Thayne had black bean and corn, and beef I think.  I can’t remember what everyone had, but I know our plates were clean when we left! It was tasty.

Photo Oct 04, 1 37 27 PM

We went to the apartment, and I met Mookie kitty for the first time.  I met my kitty-nephew Tucker a couple years ago, but hadn’t met my kitty-neice Mookie until this trip.  She’s such a unique little cat! When I got home, Jasper was sure to sniff over all of my clothes and suitcase very carefully, making sure to get all the kitty smells.

Photo Oct 04, 3 06 06 PM

Later on Saturday we went to the Public Market and walked around a bit, and then got some spiced chai.  Saturday night, we made pizza and watched the Nebraska game.

Photo Oct 04, 4 09 48 PM

Sunday, we got up and went to the gym where Kristen works, the Wisconsin Athletic Club, where Dad stayed and worked out, and Kristen and Mom and I ran downtown and out to the lake front.  I wrote about our two running excursions here.  After that, we ate brunch and went to the Mukwonago Corn Maze and pumpkin patch.

When Kristen and I were getting on these wooden rocking horses, all of the little kids somehow all ran away.. I think we scared them off.

Photo Oct 05, 2 19 25 PM

Dad probably scared off some kids too, this prop had foot and inch measurements on the side to track how the children have grown over the years.. and Dad decided to do a mug shot photo shoot.

Photo Oct 05, 4 36 57 PM

We walked about a mile past the apple trees and pumpkin patch, to the corn maze.  It wasn’t nearly as cold as Thayne appeared to be dressed for.  The maze was a lot of fun! I had never been in a corn maze before this trip.  I’d definitely go to another corn maze sometime!  We had 5 stations to find and hole punch our little maps.

Photo Oct 05, 3 00 01 PM

Photo Oct 09, 8 50 05 PM

Dad and Thayne were our navigators, and Kristen and Mom spent a lot of time throwing corn at me.  I may have pushed Kristen down in the forest of corn once or twice.  She may have tripped though.  We can’t be sure what happened.  We also spent our fair share of time messing around with random corn cobs, rocks, and corn spears too.  It was a fun maze.  I imagine I would have taken quite a bit longer to find my way around without Thayne and Dad’s help.

Photo Oct 05, 3 29 12 PM

Photo Oct 05, 3 35 48 PM

Photo Oct 05, 3 47 34 PM

After the corn maze, Dad and Thayne grilled hamburgers and brats and we watched the Royals win the series on Sunday night to advance to the American League Championship Series!  A couple of Kristen’s friends came over to watch the game with us too.

Check out part 2 of our trip, which was Monday and Tuesday, here!  And read about running in Milwaukee here!