Three (Random) Things Thursday

Hi all! I forgot to write a Thursday post last week! oops!  I don’t have too much to share today, but tonight or tomorrow I’ll post my March run-down (spoiler: I hit triple digits this month!!!).

I have three completely random things to share today, because I wanted to at least post something!

My badass little sister, Kristen, is flying to California today to run her second Ragnar So Cal, Ragnar for Rett, where 6 extremely talented women (including my sissy) will run a relay of 190 miles, day and night and day again, to help raise money and awareness for Rett Syndrome.

Photo Mar 30, 9 00 37 PM

I dropped my phone on Tuesday night and the screen shattered.  This was my first broken iPhone screen.  Sad day.  A friend pointed out that the cracks kind of resemble wings, #mybravewings, which made me smile.  I got my replacement yesterday, so all is well again!  Last time I had to get a new phone because of damage was a couple years ago when I dropped my phone in the toilet. =/

Photo Mar 29, 6 31 33 PM

I have a half marathon in 9 days.  NINE DAYS! Then another 5 weeks after that; and then another 3 weeks after that!  That would be Rock the Parkway on April 9, Running with the Cows on May 14, and then Hospital Hill on June 4!

Photo Mar 26, 8 42 27 AM

Monday Mentionings: March 28

First of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I have SO many photos to share with you this week! I’m going to just do a quick sentence per picture, to get through them all!

My week started out with a Bestie date with Belle at Red Robin, including lots of bottomless fries!

Photo Mar 21, 7 42 48 PM

Belle and Jazzy are bae.  (most favorite picture ever!)

Photo Mar 21, 8 20 15 PM

He was thrilled at having his picture taken so many times last week.

Photo Mar 22, 12 39 09 PM

Amy and I had a super hill run and we stopped to take a selfie at the top of a crazy hill.

Photo Mar 23, 6 17 09 PM

We ran super fast on the way down.

Photo Mar 23, 6 17 37 PM

It rained during our last mile, and poured after we finished running.

Photo Mar 23, 6 46 14 PM

Wine and kitty.

Photo Mar 23, 8 23 53 PM

Amy found the way to Jasper’s heart: whipped cream.

Photo Mar 24, 7 56 44 PM

I made the easiest “cake” ever, ice cream sandwich cake, for food day at work.

Photo Mar 24, 8 29 26 PM

Lots of snuggles before leaving Jazzy and heading to Hays for the weekend.

Photo Mar 25, 3 52 18 PM

Just some of the beauty of Kansas along I 70.

Photo Mar 27, 9 28 28 PM

Dad discovered Snapchat.

Photo Mar 27, 9 27 27 PM

I ❤ Hays’ tag.

Photo Mar 27, 12 29 46 PM

Saturday morning as I was getting ready to run, somebody was watching my every move.

Photo Mar 26, 8 02 47 AM

Before running with Mom and Shay, I headed out for 5 miles; I ran to the north water tower and back.

Photo Mar 26, 8 42 27 AM

After 5 solo miles, Mom and Shay joined in for a virtual 5k for Rett Syndrome. (links: GP2C, Sparkle Athletic, Rett Syndrome info)

Photo Mar 26, 4 54 20 PM

Hays sure was chilly for Easter weekend, especially with the strong winds.

Photo Mar 26, 9 22 10 AM

Saturday morning after an 8 mile run, I FINALLY got my snoball!!!

Photo Mar 26, 11 36 46 AM

It was so amazing.

Photo Mar 26, 11 38 17 AM

Michelle sent me lots of Jazzy snaps so I wouldn’t miss him so much. I ❤ this picture!

Photo Mar 26, 2 26 20 PM.png

Sunday morning, Mom and I had a great 4 miler, sunny, but still chilly!

Photo Mar 27, 10 11 47 AM

Grandma and Granddad came over for Easter dinner, Gordon got lots of snuggles.

Photo Mar 27, 1 01 36 PM

Sad to leave Hays, but I’ll be back soon!

Photo Mar 27, 4 10 04 PM

The snoball for Chelle made it 3 and a half hours all the way to KC!

Photo Mar 27, 7 48 54 PM

Yesterday was Jasper’s birthday – he turned 9, and got lots of treats!! Happy birthday little bear!

Photo Mar 27, 9 56 57 PM.jpg

Have a good week, friends!!

Running with Reason: Guest Post

Running With Reason: Guest Post by Kristen Griffin

Donate to Girl Power 2 Cure to help girls like Martilee HERE.

Fundraising is hard. You get this guilty feeling… ya know, asking people for money. It’s even worse when they have never even heard of the disease or organization you’re fundraising for. Take that a step further, and have a family member that has struggled from said disorder since she was just 6 months old, finally diagnosed at barely under two years of age. My cousin has Rett Syndrome.

martilee 2

Let me rewind a bit. I first met Martilee when my (now) husband and I had been dating for about two and a half years. It was our third Christmas as a couple and we were finally starting to meet more family during the holidays and such. Of course, I had heard all about Martilee, had seen pictures of her and all, but I didn’t really understand what Rett Syndrome was and I’m embarrassed to say that I never inquired more about her than what was said. At that point in time, it was almost an “out of sight, out of mind” type of thing for me. Again, I’m truly embarrassed to admit this.

Then I met her. I saw her smile. I saw her curly blond hair. I heard her laugh. But again, that’s about all I knew about her and the struggles that Rett Syndrome imposes. I still didn’t ask any questions. The next summer I went to a family reunion with my husband’s family (again, just dating at that time). One of the afternoons, when the family was cleaning up and the kids were playing games, I was given the opportunity to sit with her.

I helped Martilee sit up straight. When I say helped, I mean that I let her lean on me on the couch, with my arm around her, making sure that she stayed put. Her body is not strong enough to support her height. Even though she’s light as a feather, her muscles can’t hold her up. Couple that with her scoliosis and she is not able to stand or sit without extreme assistance. Yet again, I didn’t ask questions. I didn’t want to step on any toes, or bring up bad memories of the past or fears of what the future might bring.

standing frame

Fast forward to summer of 2014. My husband I were married in June, and swiftly went off on our honeymoon. I told Martilee’s mom, my new aunt Vanessa, that I would consider running the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2014 with her. She ran her first half marathon the previous February with a group of ladies (and some dads, uncles, sisters, etc) called Girl Power 2 Cure.  I wanted to join her for that race, but hadn’t ran a half marathon yet and I was scared. I was scared to run that far (even though I completed the distance not even two months later). I was scared to learn more about the disease and what all it brings. It was just too soon to be out of my comfort zone.


When we got home from our honeymoon, I’m not even joking when I say that our first night back in our apartment I told my husband I was going to run this race for Martilee and I signed up right then and there. Vanessa was so happy to have a family member join her on this journey! I had no idea how to fundraise and I was living in a city where I knew very few people. I still didn’t know a whole lot about Rett Syndrome, but over the next eight months… boy, did I learn.

team martilee

I learned that Rett Syndrome is a neurological disorder that mainly affects girls. A lack of a single protein in the brain of these girls causes to loss of function in their hands and their ability to talk. Many have scoliosis and are wheel chair bound. Many of these girls have a GI tube, because they’re not able to chew and swallow their food. There are many seizures and moments where they forget to breathe. Rett is just as prevalent as ALS, Huntington’s and Cystic Fibrosis, which means that 1/10,000 girls are born with Rett. That’s a little girl born every 90 minutes with Rett Syndrome! The very worst part of Rett though, is that these girls function at a high mental level. They know who you are and what you’re talking about.

However, research has proven that Rett is reversible and symptoms subside once the protein levels are back to normal!

That weekend in Florida with the group of people I met with Girl Power 2 Cure was one of the most rewarding weekends of my life. I could continue to tell you stories from the weekend but I honestly don’t have words for what I experienced. I still get choked up when I think about our team dinner and the little brother that raised over $1200 for his big sister with Rett. If you enjoy running, I strongly suggest that just once you run for someone other than yourself if you haven’t before. Run with hope that someday someone else will be able to run with you. I met many girls with Rett Syndrome that weekend. They all had varying degrees of symptoms. I cried with their moms. I laughed with their sisters.  I loved these girls and I learned that Rett is so much more than just a disorder. For many families, Rett is a way of life.


I’m lucky to say that I’m running another race, and yes… I’m fundraising again, all for Martilee. I make anyone and everyone aware of Rett Syndrome and its complications every opportunity I have. Every run I take, I now think of Martilee and how hard she works in her sessions with her physical therapist. She works so hard just to take a few steps. I don’t quit because she doesn’t quit.

I’m happy to say that I understand Rett Syndrome now, and I don’t take that knowledge for granted. If you’d like to join team GP2C please feel free to inquire. If you’d like to donate straight to research and treatment of reversing Rett Syndrome, please follow the link provided below.

I run for Martilee. I run with hope that someday she may run too.

Connect with Kristen on social media: Twitter & Facebook, and/or donate to Girl Power 2 Cure!

Read about Rett Syndrome and learn what you can do to help.  Girl Power 2 Cure, Rett Syndrome, Wikipedia.