10 Years of Throwbacks

Today is a throwback kind of day! I have 10 photos, one from each of the past 10 years, to share for a Throwback Thursday today! This could also be… 10 years of Renee’s changing hair… haha!

2o06, my family at the Fleharty Family Reunion at my great Uncle’s home in Nebraska:


2007, at a Nebraska football game.  GO BIG RED.  We went to lots of Husker games back in the day:


2008, Kristen and I parasailing in the Gulf of Mexico, when we visited South Padre Island, Texas with my family:


2009, the day I adopted my baby Jasper:


2010, the era of ZUMBA, and my Bestie forever:


2011, at a park in Hays, after we surprised Dad for his 50th birthday:


2012, the year I started running! Mom, Kristen, and I ran the Color Run in KC, my first race:


2013, visiting Reno, Nevada, and my uncle, with Grandpa:


2014, a huge Christmas celebration with the whole Fleharty gang:


2015, the year Amy and I became inseparable, sisters, and bests for life… also, the Plaza 10k was the race where I ran 2 steps behind Amy for about 2 miles, to surprise her in the last quarter mile and to cross the finish line together:


It was a lot of fun looking through old pictures on Facebook, I’ll probably do another throwback post sometime, because I had lots of runner up pictures to share, too… and I had some crazy hair going on in some of them.

Thursday’s Three (or 9, who’s counting!)

I didn’t have time this week to prepare a proper Thursday’s Three post, so I came up with some random hat/mask selfies to share, some dating almost 10 years back! Enjoy my #throwbackthursday pics!!

September 2006, Lincoln Nebraska May 2007, Colorado Springs Colorado.  March 2008, Boston Massachusetts  November 2008, Salina KansasMay 2011, Key West Florida    October 2012, Hays Kansas September 2013, Fernley Nevada October 2013, Hays Kansas     December 2014, Hays Kansas  

September Visit

My parents came to town this weekend, and we crammed as much into 2 days as we could!  My grandpa was planning on coming too, but he’s been fighting some health problems and stayed home.  Wish he could have visited, but I’m glad my parents were still able to make it.  We had tickets for the Saturday afternoon Royals game, so they came into town Friday night.

Saturday morning, Mom and I got up and ran a few miles in the the neighborhood area, and I was able to show her some of my favorite running places, including the roundabout fountain and a little pond with a swan.

The swan, who I have lovingly named Edgar, is not a happy swan.  I’ve been on the trail around the pond before, and Edgar follows you in the water, never looking too thrilled to have company on his pond.  Mom and I stopped to see what would happen, and he got out and started chasing us!  We ran a bit and he hopped back in the water to follow us.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 7.45.56 PM

We headed to the Royals game around 10:30, there were a TON of people there! It was very warm, and very sunny.  I actually got a sunburn on my shoulders and chest, but it clouded up after 3-4 innings, and was much more comfortable after that.

Photo Sep 20, 11 04 58 AM

We had great seats, and several foul balls came close on either side of us, Dad actually jumped up to try to go after one, but the rail stopped him quick.  Unfortunately, the Royals lost, but it was a lot closer game than the first game we went to in July (with my parents).  James and I went to a game in August, and the Royals won.  It was a great day for a game though, and the crowd was fantastic, lots of cheering and a great energy.

Photo Sep 20, 11 20 31 AM

Photo Sep 20, 11 21 20 AM

The Royals won today, which is great.  Lots of talk of playoffs, and the Royals have drawn the biggest crowds this year in decades. I’m really glad we were able to go to a few games this summer, and hope we’ll get to see more games next year! Go Royals!

Photo Sep 20, 11 20 52 AM

After the Royals game, we came back to the apartment, chilled for a bit, changed into Nebraska gear, and went to Callahan’s to watch the Nebraska/Miami game.  The atmosphere in the bar was the best I’ve seen.  Everyone was cheering for the Huskers, everyone was cheering loudly and getting into the game.  Every time the Huskers scored, a siren light would go off, and everyone went nuts.

Photo Sep 20, 6 27 09 PMPhoto Sep 21, 7 05 58 PM

There was even Lil’ Red there to get cheer for the Huskers! We’ll definitely be back, Callahans is our official Huskers watching bar! Saturday was a crazy full day of sports! We were pretty tuckered out by the time we got back to the apartment, and headed straight to bed.

Photo Sep 20, 8 10 23 PM

This morning, Mom and I went to the KCRC Groupies Sunday Runday!  The route was gorgeous, different than the last Sunday Runday from the groupies.  It was cool, calm, gorgeous! We saw ducks, squirrels, lots of other runners and bikers.  KCRC had a Feetures rep and Sacuony reps out, and we all got a free pair of Feetures! There were Saucony shoes to try out, and even though we didn’t this time, it was great to have the option.  I tried Altra Running shoes at one of the last running groupies runs, and ended up buying a pair!

Photo Sep 21, 7 01 51 PM

After Mom and Dad left midday, James and I took a wonderful Sunday nap, and saw a movie.  It was such a great weekend, and it was fantastic to hang out with Mom and Dad, it had been far too long.  Now in 2 weeks, Mom and Dad and I will fly up to Milwaukee to visit Kristen and Thayne! 2 short weeks after that Kristen will fly down and we will run the Kansas City Half Marathon.  Yay for family visits!

Did you watch any baseball or football this weekend? It’s fall… cooler weather and football season! Do you love fall as much as I do?