A Royal Celebration

I am so thankful and excited that I was able to be a part of history today.  As you know, the Royals won the World Series on Sunday night.  The Royal Celebration parade through Downtown KC took place this afternoon, and I was able to be there!! I have a few photos to share with you!  Video courtesy of KMBC9.

Photo Nov 01, 11 33 11 PM

Mark, Amy, and I made our way to the shuttle in Olathe, and unfortunately, stood in line for over an hour (the line was at least a mile long, AT LEAST!) to take the shuttles up to the parade.  With a ton of line still ahead of us, we were told the line was cut off and there would be no more shuttles.  We were discouraged for only a minute, and then decided to attempt the drive to downtown to catch the end of the parade and attend the rally.

Photo Nov 03, 11 19 55 AM

Photo Nov 03, 11 20 25 AM

The parade started at noon, and we made it to near the end of the parade route around 1:15, and were able to see most of the parade, though there were TONS of people all around and in front of us.  We saw many players’ heads sticking up on the parade trucks, we heard the bands, and were part of the over half a million people celebrating our Royals in person at the parade.

Photo Nov 03, 1 14 40 PM

Photo Nov 03, 1 16 13 PM

Photo Nov 03, 1 16 28 PM

Photo Nov 03, 1 39 41 PM

Chris Young, to the left of the red phone case.

Photo Nov 03, 1 36 46 PM

Photo Nov 03, 1 54 51 PM

Photo Nov 03, 2 39 01 PM

Photo Nov 03, 2 33 49 PM

Photo courtesy Mark Weber.

Photo courtesy Mark Weber.  Taken from the Liberty Memorial.

Photo courtesy Mark Weber. Taken from the Liberty Memorial.

Photo courtesy Mark Weber. Taken from the Liberty Memorial.

Photo Nov 03, 5 05 07 PM

After the parade, we tried to get as close as we could to Union Station, where the rally was.  Once again, we got as close as we could, and were part of the rally for a while, before making our way back through Crown Center, and then walked 15 or so blocks south to where we parked.

Photo courtesy KMBC 9 on Facebook.

Photo courtesy KMBC 9 on Facebook.


Photo courtesy Roy Inman, Facebook.

Photo Nov 03, 4 37 07 PM

This was such a fantastic day.  I was so happy to be a part of this.  I may not have actually seen much, or heard much, while I was there, but being able to be a part of this Royal Celebration for the first time since I’ve been alive was just amazing.  I am currently watching the parade on TV now, so I’m able to see what I missed while I was experiencing everything.

Congratulations, Royals.  Congratulations Kansas City.  Congratulations to all the fans, everywhere. I read that there were no riots or damage after the Royals won the World Series, and I also read there were no incidents during the huge parade celebration, with over 500,000 people present (some reports of over 800,000 people present!).  I’m so proud to be a part of this city, and I’m so proud to Be Royal.

Photo Nov 03, 8 00 01 PM

KC 13.1 Recap

Grab a chair folks, because this one’s a long one.  Time to recap the KC Half Marathon! Friday, after work, I met Amy at Crown Center to go to the marathon expo.

Photo Oct 19, 7 29 15 PM

Photo Oct 16, 5 23 45 PM

After spending a while (and some money) at the expo, we got some groceries and went back to my house.  Mom was driving in, and arrived just in time for spaghetti, wine, and the Royals!  After dinner, I laid out flat Renee and got all my gear out before bed.  Bed came a bit later than I would have liked, but Mom and I stayed up ’til the end of the Royals game and watched them win game 2 of the ALCS.

Photo Oct 19, 6 48 38 PM

Saturday morning was race morning; bright dark and early we dressed and ate a bit, and then headed to Crown Center.  We got there and parked with about an hour before the start, and stayed warm inside Crown Center.

Photo Oct 17, 6 13 48 AM

When it was closer to race time, we used the bathroom one last time, checked our bags, and hopped into the race corral.  Literally, we hopped the fence into the corrals, because everyone was stuffed in like sardines!

Photo Oct 17, 6 20 24 AM

As I was waiting in the corral, I remembered that last year, I started the race (in the dark) without my sunglasses, and by the time I wanted to wear my sunglasses, the cool air paired with my warm body made lots of fog.  So last minute, just before the start, I adjusted my sunglasses on my face.  Race start was at 7:05, and the sun comes up around 7:30, so I figured sooner or later, it would be okay, and then I wouldn’t have to worry about it.  Turns out, this was a perfect plan.  No adjusting my sunglasses later, and no fog problems!  Plus, I am positive I looked like a badass wearing my sunglasses in the dark, running a half marathon.

Photo courtesy ActionSportsImages.com

Photo courtesy ActionSportsImages.com

I brought two Gu’s with me, safely tucked away in my Running Buddy, and took the first one around mile 3, which was right at the breathtaking Liberty Memorial part of the course.

This course, by the way, is gorgeous.  This was my second time running the KC Half Marathon, and I love this course.  It’s hard and hilly, and it’s a breathtakingly gorgeous way to run KC.

Photo courtesy ActionSportsImages.com

Photo courtesy ActionSportsImages.com

After the Liberty Memorial and Trinity Hill, we wound our way down through Westport, and onto the Plaza.

My outfit for the day included compression capris, a KC Running Co. Groupie tank top, compression arm sleeves, throw away gloves that I never threw, my visor, and a KCRC headband over my ears.  I wore my Hoka Clifton’s, had my Running Buddy Pouch, and my sunglasses that did not fog!

Photo courtesy ActionSportsImages.com

Photo courtesy ActionSportsImages.com

We left the Plaza and ran by the JC Nichols Fountain, then ran past the Nelson Atkins Museum.  Mom paused during the run to snap a few pictures, which is why I have awesome course photos!

Photo Oct 17, 8 43 40 AM

Photo courtesy Donna Fleharty.

Photo courtesy Donna Fleharty.

Photo courtesy Donna Fleharty.

Around mile 7.5, the marathoners split off and went further south, and just after their departure, close to mile 8, I took my second Gu.  The half marathoners started running back north, and we were over halfway done!

I was feeling really good at this point.  I hadn’t walked at all, not even through the water stops.  The water stops were about every 2 miles, and were all very well organized.  I’ll pause a moment to thank the volunteers; they were all so amazing.  The course was also lined with spectators, lots of fun signs, and they were full of cheer.  I was very thankful for the great volunteers and spectators, they definitely helped make the run easier!

Photo courtesy ActionSportsImages.com

Photo courtesy ActionSportsImages.com

Around mile 10, my problems began.  Now, before this race, the most I had run before walking in a half marathon was about 5 miles.  So to get past mile 10 was HUGE for me.  I didn’t walk a single step until mile 10.5.  Physically, I was feeling great.  My paces were on point, my feet, knees, and hips felt ok, fatigued, but ok.  My stomach was great, my water, gatorade, and gu intake was great.

But my head… I got a massive dizzy spell around mile 10, and even with slowing down through the first half of mile 10, I was still dizzy.  By mile 10.5, my steps began to falter and stagger.  I really didn’t want to pass out, so I went over to the right side of the road and slowed to a walk.  I was disappointed that I had to walk, because everything else felt great, but I was also pleased that I didn’t push through when my body was obviously telling me that something was off.

There was another water stop around mile 11, so I decided to walk to the water stop, catch my breath and slow my breathing and heart rate a bit, then grab some gatorade and hit the road again.   Well, water stop came and went, and I started running again just after mile 11.5.  So I walked just over a mile, all at once.

Once I started running again, I had just over a mile and a half until the finish.  This entire mile and a half was spent calculating what my time would be for the finish, and whether or not I would come in under my goal of 2:30.  Had I not walked, I would have been closer to 2:25, but I’m confident that I made the right choice by walking and allowing my dizziness to subside.

Photo courtesy ActionSportsImages.com

Photo courtesy ActionSportsImages.com

I came across the line and stopped my watch, and it said 2:30:00.  Like, exactly, 2:30:00.  So did I make it? What would the results ticket say? Did I get under 2:30? I had talked with my sister, when I was in Milwaukee, and told her that I was considering doing a full marathon next fall.  She told me that if I beat my previous half marathon of 2:40:42, and ran anything in the 2:3x:xx, I would have to sign up for the full next fall.

She texted me, minutes after the race, and gave me the news, I came through the line at 2:29:58.  I beat my goal by 2 seconds, and ran the most I’ve ever ran during a half marathon, and felt STRONG!  I later joked with her that since I didn’t run in the 2:3x:xx, I didn’t have to sign up for the marathon, because I ran in the 2:2x:xx.  She didn’t find it funny.  =P

Photo Oct 17, 9 56 02 AM

After I got my heat sheet and my medal and water, I found Amy, and we made our way to the spectators near the finish line to cheer on our friends.  We saw a few KCRC friends come through, and cheered Mom on to her finish.  We ended the day with all of us meeting our goals, Amy PR’d, I PR’d, and Mom met her time goal.  Great finishes for everyone, and lot of smiles after getting our medals.

Photo Oct 17, 10 24 10 AM

Left to Right: Jenn, Mom, John, Amy, and Me.

Left to Right: Jenn, Mom, John, Amy, and Me.

We changed into some dry clothes, and tried to keep warm.  The sun was out, but it was a chilly morning in KC.  We got our results printed out and made our way to the food tents.

Photo Oct 17, 10 50 05 AM

Hamburgers, beer (not for me, ewwww), and chick fil-a made our bellies happy.  After taking some pictures at the banner, we headed hobbled to the car and made our way back to my apartment.


Photo courtesy ActionSportsImages.com

Lots of picture sharing, instagramming, face booking, and calling family from my living room, as well as foam rolling.  Jazzy partook in the Lacrosse ball rolling.  After Amy left, Mom and I showered and I found several spots on my body that had chafed.  That was not really a fun experience in the shower.  Ouch.  Mom found some chafing too, but was smarter than me, and put Aquaphor on before her shower.  Pro Tip: put Aquaphor or vaseline on your chafed areas before showering!

Photo Oct 17, 3 29 48 PM

Later in the afternoon, Mom and I went to Joe’s KC for BBQ, and watched the Royals game.  On our way home after stopping at Scheel’s, we went to Yogurtini, and ate it at home after changing into PJ’s.

Photo Oct 19, 7 20 56 PM

Bed was early on Saturday night.  Sunday morning, we ran a couple miles on the trails with Amy, to shake out our legs, which felt really good.  Then we went to yoga at Lululemon with Maylo to stretch everything out.

Photo Oct 19, 6 51 27 PM

Half marathon #6 is in the books, and it was really and truly a great half marathon.  I enjoyed the entire weekend, the pasta dinner, the race, the relaxing afternoon on Saturday, followed by a great Sunday.  Couldn’t have asked for anything better.

I finished the KC Half Marathon and met two goals in the process: I finished in one piece, and I finished with a PR and under my time goal of 2:30:00.  I wasn’t able to finish without having to walk, but I was very pleased with my performance, and know I can run the whole thing without walking.

I’ve also committed myself to the KC Marathon next fall.  The full marathon!  Read about that decision here.  It’s going to be one heck of a ride!  Congratulations to all my friends who did the KC Half and Full on Saturday, I’m so incredibly proud of everyone!!

Monday Mentionings: October 12

What a busy week! At the beginning of the week, I was in Milwaukee! Hard to believe that was just a week ago!  I wrote about my Milwaukee weekend here and here. I got back to KC Tuesday, and Jasper was super happy that I was back.  The snuggles I got were so sweet.  My little bear.Photo Oct 06, 7 52 00 PMThe Royals postseason started Thursday, and KC was painted blue! A building that I pass just about every day had KC lit up on the side, which was pretty cool.  GO ROYALS!Photo Oct 08, 7 29 52 PMMom sent this picture on Saturday, she and Dad had a bit of fun playing dress up with Shay over the weekend.  Mom puts shirts on Gordon sometimes too.  Unfortunately, the Huskers lost again over the weekend.  They’ve got some work to do!Photo Oct 10, 5 17 40 PMSaturday afternoon, my bestie Michelle texted me and asked if I wanted to have a sleepover! Of course, I ddi! I made chili, and Chelle bought over treats and drinks! We had chili, watched TV, played with Jazzy, and had a grand time.  I caught this sunset right before she got here, it was so pretty.Photo Oct 10, 6 59 38 PMJazzy was excited to a sleepover with Michelle, too!Photo Oct 10, 7 00 14 PM

Sunday morning, I ran with Amy at KC Running Co, finishing the week with 27 miles.  Then Belle and I ate at the Big Biscuit, and then I took a nap after she left.  Weekends done right!  Loved our time together!Photo Oct 11, 10 06 32 AMAfter she left yesterday morning, I saw she not only left me my favorite snacks, but also washed our dishes from the night before.  How lucky am I!!Photo Oct 11, 12 24 42 PMI had a quite frustrating afternoon Sunday!  I decided to go ahead and buy the postseason package from MLB TV, so I could watch the Royals…. and I bought it on Apple TV, and it didn’t work…  so then I bought it (again) on the MLB TV website, and it still didn’t work.  I spent over an hour on hold waiting to talk to someone in Customer Service, then talked to someone for less than 1 minute, and finally got a refund from MLB, and am waiting to hear about my refund from apple TV, but it should be processed with no problems.  Lesson learned!  Hope the Royals pull out a win today!!  Go Royals!

Jasper was all about the snuggles again on Sunday afternoon.  I think he could tell that I had a headache and was frustrated with MLB stuff.  Or maybe he just wanted to eat.Photo Oct 11, 2 06 48 PMLooking forward to this weekend, Mom’s coming to town and we are running the KC Half Marathon Saturday! Hoping to get a good PR at this race, I’m as ready as I’ll be, for this race at least!  Good luck to all the KC runners!