It’s Spring!

Spring is here in Kansas City, and I couldn’t be more excited! I like all of the seasons, but towards the end of winter, I am just done with it! I want warm weather, light evenings, and non-brown landscapes.

Some of my favorite things about spring:

Lightness in the evenings!
Being barefoot.
Not having to wear a coat.
Flowers and trees blooming.
Animals out and about doing their fun little animal things.
Race season is around the corner!
No gloves, ear warmers, or multiple layers to run in.
Sandals, and with sandals, pedicures!
Baseball season is close!
Being able to have my screen door open.
The smell of rain.
Birds chirping.
Tons of people outside walking, biking, playing in the parks…
Craving salads and fresh fruits and veggies after heavy winter meals.
Warm sunshine on my face.

Photo Mar 09, 6 33 10 PM.jpg

What are some of your favorite parts of spring?

Anything you don’t like? For me, it’s my allergies.  UGH!


Thursday Thoughts: February 19

Over the last weekend, James and I celebrated Valentine’s Day, and our 11th year together.  I forgot to post this picture, it’s from dinner at The Well, I was presented a rose when we walked in the door.  It was a nice touch by the restaurant.

Photo Feb 14, 7 01 17 PM

Also over the weekend, we found this most amazing little pet tie for Jasper.  He wasn’t too sure at first, but once treats were introduced, he wore it like a little gentleman.  Jasper is officially the most dapper cat ever.

Photo Feb 18, 5 08 25 PM

James and I have been wanting to watch Sherlock for a while now, and finally sat down and watched the first 3 episodes (season 1) this week.  To say we love it is an understatement.  We both like Sherlock Holmes stories, though I think James has more history with the stories.  Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are a great team, and we can’t wait to watch the 2nd and 3rd seasons – each season is only 3 episodes, but the episode are about an hour and a half long.  It really feels like a series of movies more than a British TV show.  It’s on Netflix, so if you haven’t watched it and like Sherlock Holmes stories, Benedict Cumberbatch, or british accents, you should really drop what you’re doing and watch it now.  You can thank me later.


I found these little gems at Target the other day.  I love bel Vita breakfast biscuits, and usually have them for breakfast most days on my way to work.  These are itty bitty baby bite sized biscuits.  I found the mixed berry and the chocolate bites, and they are both pretty tasty.

Photo Feb 18, 8 16 12 AM

I am finally feeling better, after battling bronchitis for over 10 days.  I still have a bit of a lingering cough, especially after I run and when I wake up, but I feel tons better than I did last week.

Tomorrow, if the weather holds out, James and I will go home for the weekend to see our parents and grandparents.  We haven’t been home since Christmas.  It’s hard to believe that Christmas was already 2 months ago.  I’m excited to get a hug from Mom and Dad, to drink a snowball, and to meet Mom and Dad’s new little fur baby, Gordon.

Have you seen Sherlock?  What other “must see” shows should we add to our list?

Love Day

Valentine’s Day has always been a special day for James and me.  This year, we celebrated 11 years together.  We began dating 11 years ago, in high school, at our school’s Sweetheart Dance.  Here we are, 11 years later, still going strong!

James surprised me after my quick little run with some gorgeous flowers.  He spoils me. =)

Photo Feb 14, 12 54 13 PM

Photo Feb 14, 12 52 36 PM

Later, we went to a movie, then went to dinner in Waldo, at a fun bar and grill called The Well.  We ended up having a great day, I’m a lucky woman to have this man in my life.

Photo Feb 14, 4 49 07 PM

Photo Feb 14, 4 48 39 PM

Happy Valentine’s Day, James; I love you! ❤

I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!