Monday Mentionings: November 23

Most of what I have to share this week is pictures of Jazzy! Best week in pictures ever! Last Monday was my last week in Las Vegas! My post about our time in Vegas is here, and my two race recaps are here: 5k and 13.1.

Photo Nov 16, 2 03 51 PM

Jazzy was super happy when I got home.  He tried to eat my glow stick from the 5k, and gave me lots of purrs and cuddles too.  I missed him lots, and I’m taking him home to Hays this week for Thanksgiving so he’s not alone again!

Photo Nov 17, 6 46 12 PM

Photo Nov 17, 8 22 22 PM

With the cold temps, Jazzy has been a cuddle bug, cuddling up and sleeping on my pillow every night since I got back.  I get the tiniest little corner for my own head, and get to listen to kitty snores and purrs all night long.

Photo Nov 20, 7 07 37 AM

Wednesday, I started a new job!! I am now a Financial Account Representative for RTS Financial.  I’m learning a lot, and I’m really excited  to learn and grow and become part of this amazing company.  I got home and my brain was full, so I chilled on the couch with Jazzy.  I was cold, so I went ahead and covered him up too.  He wasn’t too excited about being covered up, but it made me happy.

Photo Nov 20, 8 27 25 PM

Saturday morning, Amy and I met up and ran a few miles.  My body is not ready for running in cold temperatures yet.  Especially my lungs, they are not happy with the cold and dry weather!  Just like in the summer, when it takes a few weeks for my body to adjust to the heat and humidity, it takes a few weeks in the winter to get used to the weather change on my body.

Photo Nov 22, 7 29 08 PM

I recently put my main cozy fleece blanket on my bed, and realized I did not have another cozy fleece blanket.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with the rest of my blankets, but I just love the big fleece blankets!  They are so warm and cozy and extra long, so I can wrap up like a burrito!  On Saturday afternoon, I went to the fabric store, which is so not in my comfort zone, by the way, and found some adorable fleece to make my blanket!

I went to Mockingjay Part 2, after I bought my fabric.  Mockingjay was good, and I lost it at one point… I may have to re-read the books again.   Anyway, after the movie, I went straight home and made my new blanket!  Not too much to make really, I just cut and tied it, and then sewed a bit in the middle to keep it together.  Nothing fancy!  Jasper was very helpful as a supervisor, and immediately took it over as his own.

Photo Nov 21, 6 52 14 PM

Oh Jasper, and his adorableness.  I typically eat dinner on my couch, and Jasper has gotten into this habit of sitting right next to me, looking at me with puppy dog eyes, and then he reaches up and touches my arm to ask for some.  He’s pretty relentless, though.

Photo Nov 21, 7 20 47 PM

After running yesterday morning, again in the cold, I cleaned up and put some stuff away after getting back from Vegas.  Jasper wasn’t really too pleased to be Majestic Sea Flapped, but he was pretty cute.  It only lasted about 20 seconds before he got up and ran away.

Photo Nov 22, 11 23 21 AM

Later on Sunday, when I was writing my race recaps, Jasper decided he wanted to be the center of attention… like always, and jumped up on the stool and plopped himself down.

Photo Nov 22, 4 18 13 PM

This week is going to be a lot of fun! I have 3 days of work at my new job, then I’m driving home with Jazzy, Kristen, and Thayne, for Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone has a fun and beautiful Thanksgiving with family and friends and loved ones.  If you’re traveling, please be safe!