Running Buddy Review

I am happy to be able to review another running accessory for you today! This one is not a belt; it’s not an arm band; it’s a magnetic pouch that holds your stuff for you while you run. Today, I will be reviewing the Running Buddy Magnetic Pouch.  It simply slips over/under than band of your pants or bottoms, and off you go!  Its simplicity is amazing.  I’ve only run with the Running Buddy once, my Mom bought one and I was able to steal it from her use it during our run together a few weeks ago.

The review that follows is from my one experience using the Running Buddy.  As I mentioned above, I do not own a Running Buddy pouch, I borrowed my moms.  I hope to be purchasing one in the near future, I just haven’t done it yet.  I was not paid by Running Buddy for this review, the opinions in this review are my own.  Thanks to my mom, who let me borrow her pouch to run in and review.

Photo Feb 21, 1 31 24 PM

Photo Feb 21, 1 31 50 PM

Now before I was introduced to the Running Buddy, I was a die-hard SPIbelt wearer.  You can read my reviews of the SPIbelt and FlipBelt here.  Between the SPIbelt and the FlipBelt, I preferred the comfortability and usefulness of the SPIbelt.  After running with the Running Buddy for one short run, I can tell you that I cannot wait to buy one for myself!

The Running Buddy retails at for $22.99 (original 2015 Running Buddy) and $23.99 (2015 Running Buddy 6+).  The Running Buddy 6+ is slightly larger, allowing the iPhone 6 plus and other larger phones to fit with ease. Running Buddy also has a mini version for keys/money/credit cards, but is not large enough for a phone, retailing for $13.99.

Photo Mar 09, 6 52 42 PM

There are two separate pockets in the pouch, allowing of your phone to stay separate from keys or gels or money, so your phone won’t get scratched.  The Running Buddy 6+ is also large enough for Epi-Pens, which is a fantastic use for those of you with severe allergies who should have your Epi-Pen with you but might not carry it while you run because you don’t have the room in a belt or arm band.

The Running Buddy pouches are said to be lightweight, non-chafing. and have a waterproof inner pocket.  As I only ran with this pouch for about 4 miles, I cannot attest yet to the non-chafing part, but the lightweight-ness of the pouch is astounding.  I put the pouch on the back of my pants, and once it was on, I did not notice it once during the run.  It did not bounce, it did not slide, it did not rub weirdly or drag my pants down.  The magnets were strong, and held the pouch in place perfectly.  The magnets used in the Running Buddy will not harm your phone, credit cards, or hotel key cards.

With my SPIbelt or FlipBelt, I typically am aware of where my phone and keys are, they either bounce just a bit, or I can feel their presence.  Also, the belts tend to shift, whether I am getting in or out of a vehicle, sitting down to stretch or tie my shoes, I always have to adjust the belts when I go from sitting to standing, and even occasionally when I am running, as they can slide up.

The Running Buddy pouch did not move an inch while I was running.  I affixed it to my tights I was wearing that day, and did not have to adjust a single thing.  It was also extremely easy to conceal.  With my shirt laid over the pouch, nobody would know I had my phone and keys with me.  (Please enjoy the photos of my butt below).  I feel this is a huge safety perk especially if you are using the pouch for traveling or sight-seeing, it would be very simple to conceal your valuables and money.

Photo Mar 09, 6 57 13 PM

The Running Buddy pouch and 6+ pouch both come in all black, black with yellow trim, or black with pink trim. The mini pouch comes in black, blue, or pink.  There are not as many color options for the Running Buddy pouches as there are with SPIbelt or FlipBelt.  This isn’t a big deal for me, as I generally gravitate toward black accessories.

For comparisons sake, below is a picture of my mom’s Running Buddy next to my SPIbelt.  The top picture is with the Running Buddy pouch magnetically closed, as it would be when it is on you.  The second photo is with it kind of bill folded open, so you can see how large the entire thing is.  I did not have my FlipBelt with me to show you that comparison on sizes, but again, you can find my review and photo / size comparisons here.

Photo Mar 09, 6 53 20 PM

My favorite part was that I did not have something circling my waist; I had complete freedom of movement, and no belts were sliding up or flopping around.  The Running Buddy pouch felt like it disappeared once it was on my pants, and it very easily held my phone, my key, and some gum.  I would have plenty of room to add a gel or two and my chapstick.  I cannot wait to purchase one, or maybe if I’m lucky, I will get one for my birthday in a couple months.  (IF anyone is reading and wants to buy me a birthday present I would want the all black Running Buddy 6+ pouch 😛 haha).

Have you ever heard of the Running Buddy Magnetic Pouch? Have you tried it?  Would you ever consider going from a belt or an arm band to a pouch like this?