Thursday Thoughts: February 5

Last Thursday night, I ran with the groupies, and Amy and I had a great run! Our times have been decreasing, which means we are getting stronger!  We had a test run with Hoka One One Bondi 4 shoes.  After my feet and legs got used to the extra cushioning and feeling like I had on moon shoes, I liked them! They are super maximalist shoes, with a HUGE oversized midsole.  I would consider buying a pair for recovery runs someday.  They do have a 2-4 millimeter drop, depending on the shoe, and the toe box is not foot shaped, like Altras, but it was a generous toe box and a comfy shoe.

Photo Jan 29, 9 21 59 PM

James and I had a busy weekend, on Saturday we went to Lee’s Summit and went to an archery range to shoot bows.  We had dinner at Spin! Pizza, which was really good!  We hope to hang out with our LS friends again soon.

Photo Jan 31, 6 42 04 PM

Then Sunday, Amy and I went to Arrowhead Stadium to volunteer at the Kickoff 5k.  It was lightly snowing, and was cold, but it was really fun to volunteer for KCRC.  I made the amateur mistake of not wearing two pairs of socks, and my toes got super wet and cold, and by the end, my feet were pretty miserable.

Photo Feb 02, 10 57 52 AM

After volunteering at the race, I warmed up my toes and decided to try out  my luck at doing a supported headstand, like I did last week at yoga.  I had bought some yoga blocks to help me practice, and I was able to successfully lift up into several block-assisted headstands.  James was happy (at least in my mind!) to take pictures for me, and it helped, because I was able to adjust the placement of my arms to help be more in line.  James even did a couple handstands, kicking up onto the wall.l  I’m really focusing on trying to lift up slowly and with control, to not need the wall.

Progress, not perfection!

Photo Feb 02, 10 59 36 AM

I also signed up for yet another race over the weekend.  My mom’s cousin asked me if I was interested in running the Trolley Run at the end of April, and, of course I am! My mom will sign up too, and it’ll be a great weekend!  The Trolley Run is a flat to downhill course, and is a point to point run.  I’ve never run a point to point run, where you’re shuttled to the start and run to the finish.  I’m really looking forward to it; it should be a fast race with a downhill course!

Photo Feb 02, 11 01 45 AM

James and I went to Trader Joes, and I caved and bought some cookie butter after seeing so many people on twitter talk about it. It is AMAZING!  James doesn’t think it’s amazing, so he doesn’t get any!  It’ll just be my little treat!

Photo Feb 01, 2 17 37 PM

It sleeted and snowed a bit over the weekend, and Jasper kept begging to go outside.  He spent some time outside, and really seemed to like it.  His little paw prints were adorable.  His ears were cold when he came in, but otherwise he loved it!  We started a fire and had a nice and toasty warm evening to end the weekend.

Photo Feb 01, 4 58 02 PM

My boys. ❤  I made this picture my phone background, it makes me smile every time I see it.

Photo Feb 01, 2 04 03 PM

Tonight, James and I are going to an early screening of the new cross country movie McFarland USA, with the KCRC groupies! KCRC set up an awesome night for us, with appetizers at Old Chicago and then a group screening of the movie!

After a busy couple of days last weekend, I’m looking forward to having a relaxing weekend!

Have you ever tried cookie butter?  Did you love it?

Do you have the same problem as me, you keep signing up for races?

Thursday Thoughts: December 18

This week has been a trying week, especially for my family.

Friday, I got a very sad phone call, my family’s cat, Cooper, was hit by a car and he passed away.  Cooper was the most lovable, cuddly cat you’ve ever met, he would snuggle you to death, and drown you in happy purring kitty drool.  RIP Cooper, we all know you’re getting belly rubs and chasing squirrels and mice in Kitty Heaven now.

Photo Dec 16, 5 51 26 PM

Saturday, I came home to Hays to spend a little time with Grandpa.  He had been doing progressively worse, and the Hospice nurses and family in town thought he would be leaving us over the weekend.  Just after midnight this morning, Grandpa passed away.  I am so thankful I got a chance to see him and talk to him a few more times before he went to see Grandma.  I wrote him a little letter, reminiscing on just a few memories.

He was such a fighter, one of the strongest men I knew.  It was really sad seeing some of Grandpa’s friends come in and see him, and to see how touched his brothers and sister are to have family close by.  Grandpa has touched a lot of lives, and he will be missed, but I have no doubt in my mind that he went straight to Heaven to be with Grandma.

Photo Dec 13, 10 04 26 PM

Sunday morning Mom, Kristen, Shay and I went on a run; it was nice to spend a little time on the pavement after having a few days off last week and again this week.  I had hoped and planned to run 100 miles (at least) in December, because my total as of the end of November was 800 miles, and I wanted to make 900 miles, but with traveling and Grandpa’s condition, I took 4 days off last week and have taken off 2 days this week… I’ll try to maintain my mileage through the holidays, but doubt I’ll reach 900 for the year.  I’ve outlined my goals for running in 2015, check them out here.

Granddad also ordered some Altra’s, this week, and I was pretty excited that Golden Harper, co-founder of Altra commented on my Altra Torin Review post.  Mom is looking at some Altra’s too, we’re going to be an Altra family soon!

Photo Dec 15, 5 39 04 PM

Clockwise starting with puppy feet, Shay, Kristen, Mom, and Me.

Tuesday night we made chili and cinnamon rolls at home, and even though Kristen and Thayne put some icky dry Mustard, Paprika, and Cumin in it, it was pretty tasty.  Since moving to KC and having chili a few times since I’ve been there, I’ve noticed that nobody has chili with cinnamon rolls, it must be a German thing.  Ya’ll are missing out, not having your cinnamon rolls with your chili.  I think Thayne takes it a bit too far though, he puts his cinnamon roll at the bottom of his bowl, then piles chili on top.  I tried taking a bite of chili and cinnamon roll at the asme time, and it was pretty tasty, but I don’t think I could have a cinnamon chili bowl like Thayne.

Photo Dec 16, 6 58 56 PM Dad and Shay had a really special cuddle time with Shay.  She lays down if you try to pick her up, so Dad picked her up and then flipped her over like a baby.

Photo Dec 16, 5 48 22 PM

It’s finally feeling like December weather outside, the weather has been so warm lately, it’s kind of refreshing and nice that it is finally cold.  And now that it’s cold, we can have fires! James and I have had a couple fires, and Dad’s started a few since I was home this past week too.  Lucy, Mom and Dad’s little kitty, loves laying by the fire, her fur is so warm and toasty, she just loves it.Photo Dec 16, 6 50 28 PM

I got to see my very favorite Christmas lights/decoration while I was in Hays.  This house ALWAYS has this display up, and it reminds me of driving around looking at Christmas lights as a kid. Photo Dec 16, 10 12 51 PM

Grandpa was still fighting the good fight on Wednesday, so I decided to go back home to KC for a couple days and get back to work.  Driving home on Wednesday afternoon, I started listening to Serial Podcast.  I’ve heard of a lot of runners talk about listening to this while they run, and it is apparently the HOTTEST podcast on Earth right now.  I binge-listened to 5 episodes on my way from Hays to KC, and can’t wait to listen to more.  I definitely recommend it, very captivating, I can’t wait to find out what happens.  It’s a true story about a murder that happened in 1999, and getting to the bottom of who really killed the young woman.

Today, I’m going to finish up some laundry and head back to Hays to be with family and stay through Christmas, and James will join for the funeral and for Christmas.  I can’t believe Christmas is in a week; are you ready?  Have you ever eaten cinnamon rolls with your chili?

Thursday Thoughts: December 4

It’s Thursday! You know what that means! Time for Thursday Thoughts!

Last weekend, of course, we were home for Thanksgiving. Monday I got to use my new balaclava that Dad gave me to rob a bank  go for a night run and look at Christmas lights.  I totaled my 2014 miles as of the end of November, and I’m at 800 miles before December.  I’m going to try to run 100 miles in December to make it 900 miles or more!
Photo Dec 01, 9 41 45 PM

I have two throwback Thursday pictures today.  This one is from last September when James and Grnadpa and I went to Nevada to visit my uncle Stan, and we took a day trip up to Lake Tahoe. Grandpa is still hanging on and fighting, but he isn’t doing very well.  I got to talk to him on the phone yesterday afternoon, and got to hear “I love you.”

Photo Dec 02, 2 11 47 PM

My second throwback Thursday is a gem I found from 6 years ago! I was looking through old pictures on Facebook to find a few of my grandpa and me, and came across this one.  Thayne and Kristen look like babies!

Photo Dec 02, 1 46 38 PM

Dad was off work this week, and took Shay hunting a couple times.  Shay ran down a bird for Dad, she’s such a good girl!  I hope we get to have a pheasant meal when we are home for Christmas.  Fried pheasant is one of my very favorite meals.Photo Dec 02, 2 42 40 PM

James and I put up our little Christmas tree, a few lights outside, and our stockings this week.  I’m so happy we have a fireplace to hang our stockings on! I’ve wrapped most of our presents, only a few left to arrive and wrap.  I sent Christmas cards out today, and we are ready for Christmas!  It feels good to have everything ready for Christmas, I hope the weather holds out and everyone is able to travel safely.

Photo Dec 02, 8 42 33 PM

Photo Dec 02, 8 43 32 PM

Photo Dec 02, 8 46 11 PM

Last night, I watched a bit of the FloTrack Beer Mile.  The beer mile consists of chugging a beer, running a lap (1/4 mile), chugging a beer, running a lap, etc, for a mile.  Talk about gross.  I don’t like beer, and this seems insane to me! The elite men ran the mile in about 5 minutes, and the elite women ran it in 6:17.  I can’t even run anywhere close to that when I’m not drinking anything, let alone 4 beers!  It was pretty fun to watch though.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 8.25.23 PM

James’ parents are coming to KC this weekend to shop a little and hang out.  Hopefully we can go to the Plaza and see the Christmas lights, I’ve heard they are really good.

Do you prepare for Christmas early, or wait until the last minute?  I like to have everything done a few weeks before Christmas!