Monday Mentionings: October 31

Happy Halloween!!  I have a picture for every day of the week last week, except for Friday.

Last Monday after work, my new running shoes arrived, so I took them out for a pretty 5 fall miles. The trees are just getting prettier and prettier as the leaves turn and fall.  There were so many huge leaves on the ground while I was running last week.


Jasper being Jasper.  I think this was Tuesday night after a run with Chris. He didn’t even bother getting up for us when we got home. 😛


Wednesday night after work, Chris and I were running a couple errands and came across these deer right by the creek by my apartment.  They were so pretty! We watched them for a couple minute before they ran off.


Thursday  night, Chris’ band played at a bar in Westport.  I went with him and watched them play, then we hung around and watched the next band.  It was such a gorgeous night outside, which was fantastic, because the show was outside.  I can’t wait to watch them play again this weekend (show details here).


No pic Friday, Chris and I were pretty tired from being out late Thursday night, and we had a low key evening with pizza and TV.  Saturday morning, I did my long run of 9 miles.  It was warm and pretty windy, and ended up being a rough run, but I got it done!


Sunday was much cooler, and Chris and I had a windy and cool 6 miler, complete with a Great Blue Heron and a groundhog sighting.  We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing.


Have a great week, friends! Be safe trick-or-treating and celebrating Halloween tonight!

TT: Fall is Just the Best

Fall is just the best. And October, the best of the best. Octobers are like the Saturdays of months. For today’s Thursday’s Things, I’m going to share my top 5 very favorite things about fall, and more specifically, October. 1. October is running weather, perfected. September is great, but there are still generally some pretty hot days, but October has the perfect amount of warmth and chilliness. Fall running is the dessert of running, after putting in all those hard, hot, humid runs in summer, fall running is amazing. Plus, running outside while leaves are falling all around is magical, and I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like crunching on crispy leaves. 2. Speaking of leaves, are the colors breathtaking, or what? Red, yellow, orange, green… the trees treat us to an amazing show as they shed their leaves. 3. October is generally the first month of soup season. I heart soup season. My first chili was in October. Tomorrow evening, I’m making my first Chicken Noodle Soup of the season. Having the screen door open and letting chilly air in while snuggled up on the couch with a hot bowl of soup is delightful.  4. I don’t have to run my heat, or my air. October weather is so perfect, that I can turn my air and heat off, and just open my windows or screen door in the evening and cool things off, and the sun will still warm my apartment back up during the day. Curling up in bed while the air is chilly is fantastic, and Jasper becomes more cuddly because of the cooler temps too. Even better? My energy bill is super low! 

5. Jackets, hoodies, sweatpants, blankets. I can still wear my sandals, but can stay warm with cozy jackets or sweatshirts. Fall clothes are better than any other seasons’ clothes! After a hot and humid summer, the cool air and cozy clothes feel wonderful.  I only have one thing that I hate about fall, and that’s the time change. I hate when it gets dark so early, and in a couple weeks, it’ll be getting darker even earlier. As much as I love the fall temps, colors, and treats, I am not looking forward to it being dark all the time. Instead, I’ll just focus on all the amazing fall stuff that happens. Happy fall, ya’ll!

Thursday Thoughts: October 23

Last weekend, of course, was the KC Half Marathon.  I’ve added the “official” race pictures to my race recap.  Be sure to go back and check them out!

It’s cooler outside, which means Jasper has turned into a snuggle bear.

Photo Oct 18, 4 41 49 PM

Photo Oct 16, 2 53 19 PM

Photo Oct 22, 7 56 44 PM

When Mom and Kristen were here for the Half Marathon last weekend, Kristen thought we would be crafty and make wreaths.  I was not so happy, but it was fun and I’m glad she made me do it.  It will be super cute on our front door for the holidays.  Kristen also made one for Mom, but hers wasn’t done when I snapped a pic.  Mine is on the left, Kristen’s is on the right.

Photo Oct 17, 9 39 04 PM

I went to my first ever KC Running Company Groupies Speed Night on Tuesday.  I’d gone to several Thursday night runs of 3 or so miles, and Sunday morning long runs, which are up to 12 miles.  Tuesday runs are at a nearby high school track, and Tuesday’s run was 400m repeats.  Now, let’s get one thing straight here, I don’t do speed.  I don’t do speed work… but as I now am preparing for the Rock the Parkway Half Marathon next spring, I desperately want to add some speed work and tempo runs to get in better shape and challenge myself to complete the distance with no walking.

The workout was as follows: Warmup, 3/4 mile running to the track from the KC Running Company store.  4 x 400m repeats at 5k pace (I ran each in just over 2 minutes, which is about an 8:30 per mile pace, which is speedy fast for me), with 200m recovery jog in between.  My recoveries started out as a slow run, but ended up being a walk by the last couple repeats.  Then cool down by running 3/4 mile back to the store.

I was wiped out by the end of this.  It felt really good though, to get it done.  I wore my Royals shirt for extra speed.  🙂  I hope to go to a couple Tuesday speed nights each month.  Thanks KCRC for this amazing service!

Photo Oct 21, 7 20 06 PM

OH MY GOSH the trees are beyond gorgeous this fall.  So much color, reds, oranges, yellows.  Breathtaking.  I only had a few minutes to snap a couple pictures of the trees, but I could spend all day walking around, taking pictures of trees and leaves. I wish these pictures could do it justice, the trees are just amazing this fall.

Photo Oct 23, 5 06 11 PM

Photo Oct 23, 5 06 31 PM

Photo Oct 23, 5 07 42 PM

Photo Oct 23, 5 07 55 PM

Photo Oct 23, 5 08 29 PM

Photo Oct 23, 5 09 00 PM

Tonight was Ladies Night at KCRC, and New Balance hosted a wonderful night for us! There were chair massages, wine and pizza, samples of Honey Stinger products, and a fun fashion show of New Balance gear.  Lots of giveaways, including free massages, free New Balance gear, and race entries… and I even won a free pair of cold weather tights!  It was a ton of fun, I’m so thankful that KC Running Company is so close and so great, and that these amazing companies can get together for giveaways and fun events like this.

Photo Oct 23, 7 34 04 PM

Photo Oct 23, 7 31 03 PM

James and I are driving home this weekend to spend time with family, see my Granddad inducted into the FHSU Hall of Fame, see a FHSU game, and drink at least 4 snoballs.  For those of you who don’t know, snoballs are pretty much the best drink ever.. frozen pop, but it’s not an ICEE, and not a freezee, it’s just the one and only Snoball, only served at Cerv’s.  Mmmmm!

Have a great weekend!!