He Asked Me…

Happy Monday! I have only 1 photo to share this week, but it’s my favorite picture ever!

Last Friday was Chris’ and my 6 month anniversary.  We had reservations at the Melting Pot in the Plaza to celebrate. First of all, the Melting Pot was delicious! I highly recommend the chocolate fondue, for sure.  Secondly, the entire experience was lots of fun, a great date experience, and a great start to a great night.

Once we got home, Chris had a couple things planned and then he asked me to marry him! I am not quite sure that I actually said the word yes, but I am pretty positive I managed a few nods yes.  We had talked about our future quite a bit over the last few months, and knew we wanted to be together.  We were both so excited, and couldn’t stop smiling. We called our parents, siblings, and a few friends before calling it a night.

Photo Jan 08, 5 24 37 PM.png

For those of you who know me well, you know it was difficult for me to want to venture out and try online dating 6 months ago. I was scared of never finding anyone again, after getting divorced in 2015.  I had honestly never even dated… I met my ex-husband in high school and things developed very slowly into dating, engagement, and marriage.  I was scared to try again, and almost more scared to succeed.

When I met Chris in July, nothing felt scary or awkward or difficult. Everything felt right. For the last 6 months, everything has felt so right.  I can honestly say I’ve never felt this way in my life before.  I don’t regret getting married before, and though I wanted to fight for my marriage at the time, I do believe everything happens for a reason, and my marriage and divorce have helped shape me to the person I am today.  Without the struggles I have gone through, I never would have been in a position to meet Chris.  Without Chris’ struggles and the things he’s been through to bring him to KC, he never would met me.

I am so happy and beyond thrilled to move into this next chapter of my life with Chris.