One Year

My my my, how things can change in a year.

A year ago today, I spent most of the day texting back and forth with a boy, the second day I’d spent most of the day texting him.  With flutters in my stomach, I texted this boy and said I was planning on going to an appointment after work, and then I was going to Joe’s KC BBQ.  It was more of a statement than a request for a date, but he agreed to meet me later that evening.

After a delicious dinner and 3 hours of talking, we agreed to meet again on the weekend, to see a movie.  Once the movie was over, we spent another 3-4 hours talking and walking and sharing gelato.  We waited 3 or 4 days before seeing each other again, and from then on, spent nearly every evening together.  We watched a baseball game together, having calzones at Grinders, and shared our first kiss. We had our first run together a week and a half after we met.  He waited for AAA with me when I locked my keys in my car.

Photo Jul 16, 9 32 31 AM

We talked and talked and talked.  For two relatively quiet and introverted people, we talked a lot.  Sometime between that first run together and our first 5k together at the end of July, I knew that this boy was something else, and that our relationship was different.  We hadn’t even quite been together for 2 months when I knew our relationship was going somewhere.  We told each other we loved each other, and I felt it in every bone of my body.

Before we knew it, the holidays were upon us. I invited him to Hays for Thanksgiving, and then we planned for me to fly to Detroit after Christmas for the New Year.  We spent 12+ hours driving home on New Years Day, including stopping in Indiana to run, singing and laughing and listening to books on CD, and meeting Chris’ best friends on the way home.  6 days later, on the 6 month anniversary of our meeting, Chris dropped down to one knee and asked me to marry him.  The half year whirlwind of our lives together was just truly starting as I said yes.


Now, 6 months later, we are well on our way to planning our wedding, we just moved in to our new townhome together, and we’ve built our lives around each other. All of  this in just a year.  It feels like so much longer than a year, it’s been a lifetime lived in this year, and I can’t wait for many more years to come.  I honestly couldn’t be any happier than I am with Chris.

4 months from yesterday, we’ll say “I do,” and in 4 months, exactly 16 months after I met that boy at Joe’s KC, we’ll wake up and for the first morning of the rest of our lives, we’ll be husband and wife.

Happy 1st year anniversary, my forever love.


He Asked Me…

Happy Monday! I have only 1 photo to share this week, but it’s my favorite picture ever!

Last Friday was Chris’ and my 6 month anniversary.  We had reservations at the Melting Pot in the Plaza to celebrate. First of all, the Melting Pot was delicious! I highly recommend the chocolate fondue, for sure.  Secondly, the entire experience was lots of fun, a great date experience, and a great start to a great night.

Once we got home, Chris had a couple things planned and then he asked me to marry him! I am not quite sure that I actually said the word yes, but I am pretty positive I managed a few nods yes.  We had talked about our future quite a bit over the last few months, and knew we wanted to be together.  We were both so excited, and couldn’t stop smiling. We called our parents, siblings, and a few friends before calling it a night.

Photo Jan 08, 5 24 37 PM.png

For those of you who know me well, you know it was difficult for me to want to venture out and try online dating 6 months ago. I was scared of never finding anyone again, after getting divorced in 2015.  I had honestly never even dated… I met my ex-husband in high school and things developed very slowly into dating, engagement, and marriage.  I was scared to try again, and almost more scared to succeed.

When I met Chris in July, nothing felt scary or awkward or difficult. Everything felt right. For the last 6 months, everything has felt so right.  I can honestly say I’ve never felt this way in my life before.  I don’t regret getting married before, and though I wanted to fight for my marriage at the time, I do believe everything happens for a reason, and my marriage and divorce have helped shape me to the person I am today.  Without the struggles I have gone through, I never would have been in a position to meet Chris.  Without Chris’ struggles and the things he’s been through to bring him to KC, he never would met me.

I am so happy and beyond thrilled to move into this next chapter of my life with Chris.