August Roundup

At the beginning of August, I set three goals for the month. I am happy to report that I reached my 100 mile goal for August! This is the first month since March of 2014 that I reached triple digits!  My other two goals, drinking at least 120 ounces of water per day, and foam rolling at least 5 times per week went well, but I think I missed a couple days of guzzling that much water, and I know I foam rolled at least 1-2 times per week, but only got to 5 rolling sessions per week once.
Photo Aug 31, 7 45 54 PM

You can read my previous months’ roundups here: January, February, March, April, May, June, and July.  With 100 miles in August, my 2015 total mileage is up to 623 miles!  I am right on track to hit my goal of 950 miles for the year!  I will need to average 81.75 miles per month for the remainder of the year to reach 950 miles.  If I bump up my monthly average to 94.25 per month, I will reach 1000 miles, which would be amazing! I would love to break that 1000 mile mark for a year… I don’t know if it will happen this year or not, but I am definitely reaching for 950 miles.

I had one race in August, the Dot to Dot 10k, which is the first of three 10ks in the Heartland 30k series.  I PR’d my 10k, and hope to improve another minute or two on the remainder of the 10ks in the series, in September.

Photo Aug 29, 7 13 50 AM

I ran with KC Running Company and the Groupies 11 times, My longest run was 7 miles, which happened twice, on August 2 on a Sunday Runday with Amy, and another time on August 15, when I ran 7 miles on the treadmill at the clubhouse.  I mixed in several speed nights with the Groupies, and also added some strength training at the gym at the clubhouse.

Photo Aug 20, 6 13 45 PM

I went home with my sister and brother in law over one long weekend in August, and had a couple fun runs with Mom and Kristen and Shay.  I’ve been seeing the chiropractor every couple weeks, and working on my IT band, my glute/hamstring, and back issues.

Photo Aug 31, 7 49 53 PM

I went to a record 7 yoga classes, including one at a Whole Foods store, one at Lululemon, and several fun classes with Maylo on Wednesdays at Lotus Yoga.  I brought my two best friends to yoga at Lululemon, which was amazing!

Photo Aug 30, 1 46 16 PM

Looking forward to September, I have three races, the Labor Day 5k, and the final two races in the Heartland 30k series, the Plaza 10k and the Broadway Bridge 10k.  I’m also going to have a September with NO SWEETS!  You can follow along on Twitter, using #nosweetsSeptember.  How did your August go?

Monday Mentionings: August 31

When I was younger, I never believed people that said “time flies.”  Now, I can’t believe how fast time truly does fly.  August is over.  Wow.  Lots of fun through this past week, including the first of 4 back to back weekends of races.

Tuesday was speed night at KC Running Co, and we did 1k repeats.  The weather was gorgeous; this weather is not August-like at all.  It’s been a beautiful start to fall, even though it should still feel like summer outside.  Thursday night’s run was lots of fun too.  I’m getting super good at runfies (running selfies), by the way.  I love this group so much.Photo Aug 27, 6 09 44 PMAfter the groupies run, we met up at Barley’s Brewhaus for some Thirsty Thursday fun.Photo Aug 27, 7 52 46 PMI’m titling this picture: Kitty Kontemplates.Photo Aug 28, 6 16 37 PMAnd this one: Mr. Fuzzy Feet.Photo Aug 29, 8 24 48 PMSaturday morning, I ran the Dot to Dot 10k, you can read my race recap here.  After the race, Amy and I spent most of the day together, hanging out, eating pancakes, and running errands. I have races the next 3 weekends, including the final 2 races in the Heartland 30k series, but first, the Labor Day 5k next weekend (Monday), with Mom! Sunday morning, Amy and I ran 5 miles with the group, then met up later for the Weekly Squeeze Yoga class at Lululemon.  Lululemon has a weekly FREE yoga class, every Sunday, at the Leawood location., in case you are in the area and want to give it a try.  Michelle joined us for yoga, and I was beyond excited for Amy and Michelle to finally meet! My two very favorite best friends, together at last.  Yay!  Talk about a fun yoga class!!  After class, Maylo, Amy, Michelle, Renee (another Renee from yoga, I’m not talking about myself in the third person!) and I went to lunch at Spin! Pizza and had a great time together.Photo Aug 30, 1 58 17 PMPhoto Aug 30, 1 34 05 PM

Photo Aug 30, 1 46 16 PM

Left to right: Renee, Michelle (top), Maylo (bottom), Amy, and me.

I’m looking forward to a week of work, then a nice long 3 day weekend! Mom is visiting next weekend, and we are doing yoga on the outfield of the K, catching a Royals game, running a 5k, and doing a wine/painting class.  FUN!!!  Have a beautiful week, friends!

Dot to Dot 10k Race Recap

The Dot to Dot 10k, which is the first race of the Heartland 30k series, is over and done, and I’m here to tell you all about it.  Friday, I picked up my packet at KC Running Co, which also included the shirt for the 30k series.  It rained about the time I was going to bed, so I was anxious to see what kind of weather we would have for race morning.  The weather ended up being cool for the race, but muggy and damp too.

Photo Aug 28, 8 32 41 PM

Amy and I got to the race, which was at Corporate Woods, about 35 minutes before the 7:30am race start.  We had plenty of time to check out the port-o-potties and walk around before the race started.  We met up with Mark and made our way to the corral about 10 minutes before the race started.

Photo Aug 29, 7 13 31 AM

Photo Aug 29, 7 13 50 AM

I didn’t really know much about this race before signing up for the series, or even before race morning.  The race is to benefit pediatric brain tumor research.  The race directors said a few words about Paulina Cooper, who is the little girl the race was named for, which was touching, and a nice touch to inform people, like me, who didn’t really know much about why the race is here, and what it’s all about.  So many times you just sign up to race for the medal, the chance to race and PR, etc, and don’t really think about the charity it is sponsoring, so it was really nice to learn a little something about it.

Information from

Information from

The race itself was a 5k and 10k, with the 10k looping around the 5k course twice.  Personally, I don’t really like looped courses, because it sure is hard to make yourself run around again after you’ve seen the finish line!  It was nice to see all the 5k runners with the 10k runners, as we all started at the same time.  The damp, cool, muggy weather was not completely ideal, but I was very happy that it wasn’t a typical August hot and humid morning.

I walked more than I should have (which is NONE!)… but overall, I managed a 2+ minute PR on my 10k time.  I think I let the looped course get to me, and I’ve also had some weird back tightness, which did bother me during the race as well.  With 2 more 10k’s to go in this series, I have my fingers crossed that I can maybe knock another minute or two off my time!

Photo Aug 29, 8 02 16 AM

Photo courtesy of Run and Shoot Freelance Collective and KC Running Co.

Met back up with Amy after the race for our traditional finish line photo.  We also drank some chocolate milk, and had a few bites of bagel.  There was a spread of food after the race, which was a bit surprising because it wasn’t a huge race.  Post race grub included pizza, bagels, bananas, oranges, chocolate milk, water, and strawberry banana smoothie samples.

Photo Aug 29, 9 01 46 AM

My chiropractor will be happy to know that Amy and I came back to my house and foam rolled after the race.  Bonus points, Dr. Shabel?  I put my medal up, and put my bib in my bib book.  Overall, I’m pleased with the race, it was very well run, the volunteers were great, and I’m now 1/3 done with the Heartland 30k series!

Photo Aug 29, 9 46 31 AM

Up next, the Plaza 10k in 2 weeks, and then the Broadway Bridge 10k in 3 weeks!