Monday Mentionings: December 19

Good morning and happy Monday! Less than a week until Christmas, are you ready?!  I’m really excited to go home for the long Christmas weekend and spend time with family.  Last weekend I found these adorable kitten mittens, without fingers, and had to get them! My hands often get cold at work, and these little mittens are not only adorable, but super cozy too! And I can still type!


Last week at work, we had an Ugly Christmas Sweater day, and it was a lot of fun to see everyone dressed up in their ugliest sweaters.  I remember doing this last year, I had only been with RTS for a month; it’s such a fun group to work with.


Friday night, Chris, his band mate Katie, and I went to The Midland to see Third Eye Blind, The Strumbellas, and Judah & The Lion.  We took the streetcar for the first time, and it was so convenient.  I highly recommend parking at Crown Center/Union Station and taking the streetcar up to P&L if you ever need to!


The concerts were great! I had never been to the Midland, and it was such a beautiful venue!  And talk about some great performances, especially by the Strumbellas!



My aunt and uncle happened to be in town for my aunt’s company Christmas party, and they were staying at Crown Center, we were able to stop by and get some hugs after the concert.  Steve sent me the pic below from the top of the hotel, and it’s so pretty, I just have to share.  Chris and I have actually been to Crown Center the last 3 weekends in a row!


Photo courtesy Steve Schumacher.

Saturday early afternoon, Chris and I went to the gym to run.  All night Friday night it had drizzled, and by the time we got up Saturday, everything was icy.  We got in a few miles on the treadmills, hit the heavy bags for a little bit, and did some rowing, before going home.  It was snowing while we were at the gym, and was really pretty to watch out the windows.


We ran a few errands in the afternoon, including going to Guitar Center.  That’s a place I had never ever been to in my life, and during the last 6 months, I’ve been there a handful of times.  I had to try out the guitar fedoras, I think I probably need one of these in my life.


Saturday night, we braved the snow and ice and ventured to Chris’ band’s show in Lee’s Summit.  Carmen and Adam were also able to make it out, and we got to hang out a bit before the show.  It ended up being a really late night, but a great show and fun company.


Sunday I really needed to get in a long run.  It’s been a couple weeks, and I wanted to get 6-8 miles in, and I was really hoping I could manage 8 on the treadmill.  3 Netflix shows and some Chief’s football later, 8 miles were done!  The rest of the day was spent chilling at home, because DANG it’s cold out.


Jazzy was all about the snuggles last night while Chris and I watched Harry Potter.  He laid on me for about an hour while we watched the Half Blood Prince.


I hope everyone has a great week leading up to Christmas, and stays safe traveling to see family and friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody!!

Monday Mentionings: December 12

Good Monday morning! Less than 2 weeks until Christmas! Last week, I bought Chris’ and my stockings and put letters on them. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  And of course, Jasper’s tube and mousie are in the picture too.


It’s finally gotten really cold around these parts. Thursday night, it felt like 14 degrees with the wind chill, and that’s about as cold as I’ll tolerate for running.  I ran to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, and ran home.  It was chilly, and once it got dark it felt even colder.


Friday evening was the work Christmas party.  My team is below, the 3 guys I work with day in and day out.  It was a great party, and I’m so lucky and grateful to have such a wonderful company to work for.


And of course I had to get a pic with my work bestie, Jenn.  We hung out most of the evening, and had some delicious finger foods and desserts.


After the work party on Friday, I went to Michelle’s apartment for a get together she was having.  It’s always great to see Belle, I’m so glad she is in KC now.



Saturday morning, I decided to get my long run over.  It was cold, but felt ok since I bundled up.  It was a rough run in terms of how I felt… I definitely haven’t been drinking enough water since it’s been colder out.  I really need to work on upping my water intake again.  I got through 8 miles, and then got some chores done before Chris came home from work.


Saturday night, we drove up to St. Joseph for his band’s show at Rendezvous.  The show was great, and I can’t wait to see them play again this Saturday at Captain’s in Lee’s Summit. If you’re in the KC area, you should definitely come out and watch his show (it’s free!!).


We got home really late on Saturday night, so we enjoyed sleeping in a bit, then ran lots of Christmas errands. By the time we got home Sunday evening, it was definitely time for relaxing.


Have a great week! Stay bundled up!

Monday Mentionings: December 5

Monday! Happy December everyone! Christmas is 20 days away!!  Last Monday evening, I wrapped some Christmas gifts, and Jasper was happy to help with the ribbons and bows.  He’s been enjoying sitting and licking the tree and/or batting at decorations just about every night.



Friday night, I went to Chris’ band practice with him, and spent a good majority of the evening playing with snapchat filters while they played.


Saturday morning, Chris and I ran hill repeats (his very first time running hill repeats!) and they were pretty awful, as hills tend to be.  But we got them out of the way, and then had some delicious burgers and went grocery shopping.


Saturday evening, we ventured down to Crown Center, and checked out the Union Station Christmas tree and some of the shops at Crown Center.  Chris hadn’t been to the Crown Center area, so it was cool to check out the sights, and it was really pretty with all the Christmas lights.


Then we went ice skating! I’ve been ice skating twice before, and Chris has skated hundreds of times, if not thousands.  Since he grew up in Michigan, he said he has been skating since he’s been able to walk.  Needless to say, I didn’t completely make a fool of myself… I didn’t even fall, not even once!


It was a lot of fun skating around for a couple hours.  I had to take lots of breaks because my ankles and legs were getting tired, but I think Chris would still be there if I would have let him stay! He probably could have skated all night.


Look at me, not even falling!  There were TONS of people falling, and I masterfully evaded all the fallers, even when they were falling right around me.  +10 points for agility.


After we skated, we walked around a bit more and grabbed some dinner at Panera, then went down to the Plaza to walk around and check out the Christmas lights there.


Sunday morning, we ran, and were sore a bit from skating the night before. After we ran, we drove up to St. Joseph for his band’s practice with a different drummer. It was a nice Sunday drive.


Last night, I finished up Christmas cards and got ready for the week.  My work’s Christmas party is this Friday, so I’m looking forward to that, and Chris’ band has a show Saturday night also, so it’ll be a fun weekend!