That Time I Quit Caffeine

Raise your hand if you’re addicted to caffeine. No really, almost everyone should have their hands raised right now. As of 2 months ago, I would have raised my hand too. Today, I wanted to share my story about how I ditched caffeine! I’ve had lots of questions from lots of people about how I did it, how I felt while I was was detoxing, and how I feel now. This is not a sponsored post, these are my own thoughts. I am not a doctor, and cannot tell you what to do or how to do it, but I am sharing my own personal experience.

Firstly, why did I want to get myself free of caffeine? Well, the simple answer is because I was addicted to it. Without some sort of caffeine in the morning, I would get a headache and become irritable and just feel like poo until I got some caffeine. I hated feeling like I HAD to have pop or tea. And more often than not, I would find myself reaching for pop, which not only has caffeine, but also has tons of sugar. I wanted to stop, once and for all.

Secondly, what was my end goal? My end goal was (and is) not to never ever have caffeine again, but simply to not be addicted. There will be times I want caffeine. I will want warm tea in the winters to warm me. I will want a cold pop now and then. I will have an iced tea in the summertime. I simply didn’t want to depend on the caffeine.

The game plan: SLOWLY lower my caffeine intake to zero. I had tried to stop cold turkey before, and it’s awful.  The headaches, irritability, and crappy feeling just sucks! I knew I wouldn’t last trying to quit cold turkey. I did some research and decided that caffeine pills were the way to go, for me. I found these pills and bought a pack after reading tons of reviews and talking it all over with my husband.


The pills came, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous to start! The pills I chose to taper with were 20mg caffeine pills, and the plan was a 4 week taper plan. I began with 10 pills on the first few days (200mg of caffeine, which is about the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee), and tapered down to 1 pill, before having no pills at all! The taper lasted 4 weeks. I started on February 1, and by February 26, I was down to 1 pill (20mg of caffeine) and decided to not take any, just to see how I did. I ended the 4 week taper with 3 pills left over.

I have not had caffeine now since February 26, so just shy of 1 full month of 0 caffeine. The biggest challenge for the first week was just the habit of getting caffeine in the morning. I coped with that by replacing pop and tea with sparkling water. I tried la croix and was just not satisfied, so I have been drinking sparkling water. The fizziness and hints of sweet suitably replaced the pop craving, along with the allotted caffeine pills. I am still drinking my sparkling water in the morning, but no caffeine pills!

What is my plan moving forward? To generally not need caffeine! I am going home to Hays this weekend, and plan on having a snoball, which is my very favorite. I plan to have 2 when I’m in town, and then Monday when I’m back in KC, no caffeine. 2 days of having some caffeine should not induce caffeine withdrawal headaches. I plan on having caffeine occasionally, here and there. I hope to stop drinking sparkling water every day too, to only have that occasionally, and have herbal or green tea more often, as there is no sweet or sparkle in that, and the health benefits of herbal and green teas are much more than in sparkle water, and definitely more than pop!

So there you have it! I’m off caffeine, guys! I’ll still go have coffee with you, though, I’ll just have my sparkle water with me.  🙂

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