The Sport Bud Single Earbud

Ok guys, I’ve found a wonderful product, and want to share my thoughts with you!  I’ve had the opportunity to try out the Sport Bud Single Earbud, from the makers of the Buddy Pouch! You all know how much I love my Buddy Pouch, and this product is just as awesome!  I am a Buddy Pouch Ambassador, but I was not paid by Running Buddy for this review, the opinions in this review are my own.

I’ve gone back and forth with using music while running.  For a very long time, I did not run with music.  Over the last couple months, I’ve started using music occasionally on my runs.  One of the biggest challenges of running or exercising with music is finding ear buds or earphones that stay put, sound decent, and work consistently.  Well, I’ve found them, and they are the Sport Earbuds.

My very favorite part about this ear bud is that it’s a single earbud!  There is only 1 ear bud, not 2.  Why not 2, you ask? For safety!  With only one ear bud, you can still hear things around you, traffic, conversations, wildlife, other runners/bikers, etc.  It’s a very good practice to only use one ear bud while you are listening to music while running or biking, or even walking.  You need to be able to hear your surroundings!  Instead of tucking the extra earbud in your sports bra, or having it flop all over the place, you don’t have to worry about it at all because it’s not there!

Photo May 23, 8 44 37 PM

Another of my favorite parts of this earbud is that it can be used in either ear.  The actual ear bud is on a swivel, how brilliant! You simply hook the fantastic over the ear piece over your ear, and stick the ear bud in your ear, and you’re set! This product comes with 6 sizes of ear bud plastic pieces, so you can find the size that fits comfortably in your ear.

It also has a microphone, which is pretty much a must have for earbuds these days.  Between actually using it for a phone call or changing your music, it is super handy to have the mic right there on the wire.  There is also a handy clip that you can attach and clip onto your shirt or sports bra.  I typically string the wire through my sports bra strap so it doesn’t flop around, but this is another easy way to keep it in place and keep enough slack in the wire.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 8.41.19 PM

I have had a handful of runs with the Sport Bud, and have found it to be super comfortable.  It doesn’t slip around or fall out of my ear, even though I sweat a ton.  Other earbuds will slip around or end up falling out because of the moisture, but this one stayed put perfectly.  The sound quality is also great.  It’s not tinny sounding, the bass is not over the top, it’s a real quality ear bud!

Photo May 23, 8 43 22 PM

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the Sport Bud Single Earbud.  There’s also a more traditional double ear bud pack, which would be great for the gym or for yard work.  I’ve tried a couple other brands, and the sound has gone in and out or they fall out of my ears, but not the Sport Bud!  The current price is $17.99, it’s on sale currently; normally $19.99.  Some of the sport ear buds go for as much as $50, and I think the Spot Bud is perfect.  No need to spend twice as much!

Photo May 23, 6 50 48 PM

Do you listen to music when you run, walk, or bike? Be sure to check out the Sport Bud if you’re in the market for some fantastic ear buds!

Buddy Pouch Winners

I’m happy to announce that I have two winners who will soon be owners of their very own Buddy Pouch!  Holly H. and Ashley W. each won a Buddy Pouch in my giveaway from last week.  I’m so happy to be able to share this amazing product with two very deserving people!

Jasper helped me out by shuffling the names in the hat. Such a good little helper.

Photo Jan 15, 5 35 30 PM

Photo Jan 15, 5 43 37 PM

For those of you who did not win, I have a discount code to share with you.  If you enter RB6 on, you can save 10% on a Running Buddy!

Thank you, everyone, for participating – for sharing my post and commenting.  I wish I could give each and every one of you a Buddy Pouch, because that’s how much I believe in this product!


Monday Mentionings: January 11

Super quick reminder to check out my Running Buddy Pouch giveaway post  – it’s super easy to enter to win, and I have 2 pouches to give away!! Remember to enter to win by Friday!

Photo Jan 05, 6 37 10 PM

Apparently, last week was all about trying new foods! Tuesday, at work, a bunch of us ordered from Holy Land Cafe, which is a middle eastern ethnic food cafe close to our office.  I tried the Shawarma, which was really tasty! I will admit that most of the reason that I decided to get the shawarma was because they talked about it in Avengers and it always kind of stuck.  Anyway, it was really quite delicious, and I’d definitely order this again!

Photo Jan 05, 1 15 13 PM

Thursday night, I went to my first cycle class at the Athletic Club of Overland Park.  I’ve taken 2 cycle classes, ever, previous to this week, and both were in Milwaukee, most recently with my sister as the instructor.  So I took a class Thursday night, and again on Saturday morning, with a different instructor.  I’m taking cycle classes, of course, because I’m restricted from running for 2 weeks because of my torn meniscus.  Both classes last week were fun, but I liked the style of the Saturday morning class better.  And neither class topped my sister’s class  I’m going to a third instructor’s cycle class at the Athletic Club tonight, so we’ll see which one I like best!  I have enjoyed the classes, and will likely keep going to at least one a week after I’m allowed to run again.

Photo Jan 07, 5 21 31 PM

With no running at all last week (insert sad face here), I’ve had a lot of extra cuddle time with Jasper.  I went to the gym instead of running last week, but still had extra time to snuggle with Jazzy.

Photo Jan 08, 7 05 07 PM

Friday, I tried another new food! A few of us from work went to a Korean restaurant nearby, called Choga.  I’d never eaten Korean food before, and decided on the Bimbimbap, and was very surprised at how much I liked it!  It was similar to Chinese food, in some ways, but it was also distantly different, and very tasty.

Photo Jan 10, 8 10 56 PM

Saturday morning I went to the gym bright and early to go to the cycle class, and then met with a personal trainer to discuss options for strengthening my quads, hamstrings, and calves to help protect my knee and the meniscus tear.  Later, on Saturday, I met up with Amy and we ate at Potbelly, then went to Sisters, and believe it or not, we didn’t even take a picture.  Who would have thought! The food was great, the movie was funny, and it was a much needed girls’ afternoon with my best.

Photo Jan 09, 8 18 25 AM

Pretty much the remainder of the weekend was devoted to watching Making a Murderer.  I’m a bit late to the game on watching, and have 2 episodes left to watch (likely tonight).  I won’t really talk about it on here much, but it is a very compelling documentary on Netflix, and if you give it a watch, it’ll definitely entertain you and make you think a lot about the justice system.  Jasper wasn’t as enthralled as I was, but he kept me company.

Photo Jan 10, 6 10 44 PM

I’m looking forward, this week, to trying new things at the gym, getting through my second (and hopefully last) week of no running, and being one week closer to spring!

Again, don’t forget to read and enter to win the Buddy Pouches!