Monday Mentionings: August 24

This past week, well, mostly the weekend, was a busy one! I’m going to share a bunch of pictures, and just give a sentence or two to explain each.

Last Monday evening I had a great run and weightlifting session after a visit with the chiropractor.Photo Aug 17, 8 06 59 PMTuesday ended with a 4+ mile killer track workout, followed by a killer rain shower 10 seconds after we finished our run.  Love running with these people.11944888_10100324630645153_1457556465_nThursday was a beautiful evening for a run, again, with some of my favorite people to run with.  Also, I’ve mastered the mid-run group selfie, and I’m pretty proud of my skillz.11903575_10100324630570303_1999578238_n11949714_10100324630650143_1024623076_nThursday night I picked Thayne and Kristen up from the airport, and our first stop was Oklahoma Joe’s for some delicious BBQ.  Thayne texted me countdowns for several days leading up to this meal.11896892_10100324630605233_2067075220_nFriday morning, Kristen and I got up WAY too early, in order to run with Amy before we went to Hays.  I’m sad it’s staying dark later, but we had to utilize my trusty headlamp for our 3 miles at 5:15am.11923072_10100324630580283_690683337_nI drank too much water before and after our run, and had to stop and pee twice on the way home.  Had to take a #reststopselfie with Kristen.11920358_10100324630565313_1174308725_nGot a pedicure with Mom and Kristen shortly after we got to Hays.11942244_10100324630585273_136296171_nHad to hug Shay puppy for several minutes before she stopped crying.  I miss Shay puppy every day.11940225_10100324630595253_1041028770_nPhoto Aug 21, 5 18 56 PMWe went to visit Grandma and Granddad, and meet their new baby boy, Tiger.  Side note, how fitting and adorable is it that his name was Tiger before they adopted him?  Granddad now has a kitty, and the kitty now has his Granddad.11948013_10100324630635173_2002480191_nFriday night, Mom gave us our new Sparkle visors, and we wore our matching Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas shirts and tried to take a picture to commemorate our little Vegas adventure. Kristen makes it impossible to take a picture.  We have signed up for the 5k and the Half Marathon in Vegas, which should make for a super fun long weekend in Vegas, while we “Run the Strip at Night!”11910861_10100324630625193_607930741_nOh, Gordon.  Such a dapper young man.11909801_10100324630610223_1038741301_nSaturday morning, we had a fun little run.11897204_10100324630640163_1789497653_nAva and I enjoyed our snowballs and some playground time while we watched Thayne play in the Hays High Alumni soccer game.11938192_10100324630545353_211207791_nPhoto Aug 22, 10 58 16 AMFollowed the game with a Q burger.11944645_10100324630555333_969639176_n-2Finally got to see Jasmine and get a Bubble Tea; I’ve missed her the last few visits to Hays.11923399_10100324630620203_1103244265_nSpent some more time with Grandma, Granddad, and Tiiger.11910671_10100324630590263_1719557987_nSunday morning, Mom and I ran a few miles.  Another perfect mid-run selfie.  It was actually pretty chilly this morning, it was gorgeous outside after the cold front came through Saturday night.11911432_10100324630600243_593421049_nGot the last mile done with Shay by our sides.  I love this pup. (awesome photo courtesy of Momma)11933046_10100324630575293_283786346_nPUPPY!Photo Aug 23, 10 15 21 AMIt’s always sad to leave home.11920357_10100324630630183_487903455_n11920287_10100324630655133_1029758478_nRealized that we never took any pictures with Dad.  He took pictures of us in our Vegas shirts and before we ran on Saturday, but we didn’t get any with him IN them.  So a Dillon’s photo shoot happened before we left town.11896972_10100324630550343_476935994_n-2Thayne was sleepy on the way back to KC Sunday afternoon.11911832_10100324630560323_1112326883_n-2I got back to my apartment just in time to watch the Royals come back and beat the Red Sox in the 9th inning.  Yay baseball!  It was an exciting last inning.  Jasper could hardly contain his excitement. He was happy to get some dinner and cuddles.  I missed him while I was gone for the weekend.  THANK YOU to Amy for checking in on him.Photo Aug 23, 6 55 07 PMAll in all, last week was a great week.  My heart is full after lots of family time, friend time, and some quality runs. I am currently at 79 miles for August, so I’m right on track to hit 100 or more by the end of the month.  Next weekend is the Dot to Dot 10k, which is the first 10k of the Heartland 30k series.

Have a great week, friends!

Granddad’s Hall of Fame Induction

Over the weekend, James and I went home to attend Granddad’s Fort Hays State University Sports Hall of Fame Induction.  Granddad has been scorekeeping for the basketball games at FHSU for over 50 years.  The write up in the Hall of Fame announcement says:

“Eugene Fleharty has been a constant supporter of Fort Hays State Athletics both in service and financially for over 50 years.  Eugene and his wife, Jo Ann, are members of Fort Hays State’s Difference Makers.  They were major contributors for several of the recent improvements at Tiger Stadium (softball) on the campus of Fort Hays State University.  He has served as the official scorekeeper at Fort Hays State home basketball games for over 50 consecutive years, a roll he still serves to this present day.  Fleharty was a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Fort Hays State University from 1962-1999.  He was Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences for 11 of his 37 years at FHSU.”

Photo Oct 25, 9 58 56 AM

Photo Oct 25, 10 03 56 AM

Saturday morning James and I joined Grandma and Granddad, Mom and Dad, my Dad’s sister Debbie and my cousin Ann, and my granddad’s brother Gerald and his wife Cindy for a brunch and the induction ceremony.  (I accidentally missed James in this picture!)

Photo Oct 25, 10 32 53 AM

Campus was so gorgeous.  I wish we had gotten more time to walk around campus, but I was able to snap a quick picture out the window of the Union.  James and I both went to FHSU.  Being back on campus was special, we definitely missed seeing the seasons change this fall.

Photo Oct 25, 10 36 42 AM

Photo Oct 25, 10 40 55 AM

During the speeches introducing some of the other inductees, Granddad walked over and gave me this note.  I laughed out loud.  The Huskers were tied at the time, but went on to win the game.  I was sure to keep him updated throughout the rest of the brunch and ceremony.

Funny story, during my parents’ wedding (October 1st), Granddad actually had a radio in his suit pocket with an earphone in, listening to the FHSU game.  The man loves his sports, and he isn’t afraid to show it!

Photo Oct 25, 11 47 57 AM

FHSU Athletic Director Curtis Hammeke introduced Granddad, and he and Dr. Mirta Martin, the new FHSU President, presented him with his Hall of Fame plaque, and then Granddad said a few words.

Photo Oct 25, 12 08 27 PM

Photo Oct 25, 12 12 15 PM

Photo Oct 25, 12 21 25 PM

Photo Oct 25, 12 39 17 PM

I can’t believe James and I never took a picture here… this is at the top of the spiral grand staircase in the FHSU Union.  Go Tigers!

Photo Oct 25, 12 45 20 PM

After brunch and the induction ceremony, we had a few minutes before the football game.  Mom and James and I picked up Ava to take to the game, and we stopped to see Jasmine at Indigo, and to get a Bubble Tea!  I don’t think Ava loved trying bubble tea, but she did love Jasmine.

Photo Oct 25, 1 34 17 PM

We went to the game, and the weather was perfect.  So perfect.  FHSU ended up losing to Northwest Missouri State, but it was fun nonetheless!  Ava had fun watching the dance team and cheerleaders, watching the band at halftime, and meeting Victor E. Tiger.

Photo Oct 27, 11 03 20 AM

Photo Oct 27, 11 01 06 AM

After the game, Grandma, Granddad, Mom, Dad, Aunt Debbie, Ann, James and I went to Gutierrez for dinner.  It’s our favorite restaurant in Hays, and it was tasty!  Once dinner was over, we went back to Mom and Dad’s and had S’mores.  Grandma didn’t think she had ever eaten a S’more, so she had (maybe) her first S’more ever!

Photo Oct 25, 6 26 07 PM

Photo Oct 25, 7 35 11 PM

It was a really fun day, I was happy to spend so much time with family, and to see Granddad accept his well-deserved award.  Read about the rest of our visit back home in Hays here.