Thursday Thoughts: February 19

Over the last weekend, James and I celebrated Valentine’s Day, and our 11th year together.  I forgot to post this picture, it’s from dinner at The Well, I was presented a rose when we walked in the door.  It was a nice touch by the restaurant.

Photo Feb 14, 7 01 17 PM

Also over the weekend, we found this most amazing little pet tie for Jasper.  He wasn’t too sure at first, but once treats were introduced, he wore it like a little gentleman.  Jasper is officially the most dapper cat ever.

Photo Feb 18, 5 08 25 PM

James and I have been wanting to watch Sherlock for a while now, and finally sat down and watched the first 3 episodes (season 1) this week.  To say we love it is an understatement.  We both like Sherlock Holmes stories, though I think James has more history with the stories.  Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are a great team, and we can’t wait to watch the 2nd and 3rd seasons – each season is only 3 episodes, but the episode are about an hour and a half long.  It really feels like a series of movies more than a British TV show.  It’s on Netflix, so if you haven’t watched it and like Sherlock Holmes stories, Benedict Cumberbatch, or british accents, you should really drop what you’re doing and watch it now.  You can thank me later.


I found these little gems at Target the other day.  I love bel Vita breakfast biscuits, and usually have them for breakfast most days on my way to work.  These are itty bitty baby bite sized biscuits.  I found the mixed berry and the chocolate bites, and they are both pretty tasty.

Photo Feb 18, 8 16 12 AM

I am finally feeling better, after battling bronchitis for over 10 days.  I still have a bit of a lingering cough, especially after I run and when I wake up, but I feel tons better than I did last week.

Tomorrow, if the weather holds out, James and I will go home for the weekend to see our parents and grandparents.  We haven’t been home since Christmas.  It’s hard to believe that Christmas was already 2 months ago.  I’m excited to get a hug from Mom and Dad, to drink a snowball, and to meet Mom and Dad’s new little fur baby, Gordon.

Have you seen Sherlock?  What other “must see” shows should we add to our list?

Thursday Thoughts: February 12

The theme of the past week has been SICK.  Last weekend, I came down with a head cold that quickly turned into a chest cold.  I went to the doctor Monday and was told I not only had bronchitis, but also a sinus infection.  Greeeaaaat.

Last weekend the weather was gorgeous.  Gorgeous enough for sitting on the balcony barefooted with Jasper.

Photo Feb 07, 12 02 40 PM

Saturday I had a nice run, it was actually warm, sunny, breezy, a perfect spring day.  Saturday evening I started feeling sickish, but brushed it off as allergies.  Then Sunday I woke up to go to the Groupie run, and felt terrible.  I went anyway, hoping to run 9 miles for a long run, and ended up managing 4 miles.  I haven’t run since.  I’d like to run this evening, but haven’t decided yet.  I know my body needs rest, this cold has gone on a long time.

Photo Feb 07, 2 00 19 PM

Since I haven’t done much except sleep, rest, and lay around blowing my nose all week, I’ll leave you with a few pictures of Jasper. James caught this picture the other night, his little tongue is sticking out.  Silly Jasper.

Photo Feb 07, 10 21 32 PM

Jasper’s favorite new hiding/sleeping place is behind/underneath the quilt rack.  It took James and I a few attempts to find him the first time.  It must be quiet and cool and dark back there, good napping spot.

Photo Feb 08, 2 50 13 PM

Jasper has really gotten used to going outside for at least a few minutes almost every day.  Since it’s gotten cold and I don’t feel well, I’ve been letting him out and sitting inside to keep an eye on him.  He’s on to my devious plan of staying inside while he’s out.

Photo Feb 11, 5 26 57 PM

This weekend is Valentine’s Day; James and I will be celebrating by going to dinner and a movie (maybe 2 movies!)  Do you have plans?  Happy Valentine’s Day!