My Birthday in Pictures

Wednesday I turned 30! 30!! I had a fantastic day filled with love.  I have lots of pictures to share!

My 30th birthday started with 3 miles with Amy! Unfortunately, we took our run inside, because it had been storming all night.  We had a nice 3.0 mile run for my 3.0. See what I did there. =P

Photo May 25, 6 05 32 AM

I was surprised at work with a carrot cake (one of my favorite kinds of cake) and a card filled with birthday wishes from my coworkers.  Yes, I had carrot cake for breakfast.  It was my birthday, so it was perfectly acceptable.

Photo May 25, 8 17 29 AM

After work, Amy and Michelle and I went to dinner at Jose Peppers.  Margaritas, nachos, and queso.  Perfection.

Photo May 25, 5 19 13 PM

After dinner, we went to Grapes and Paints for a wine and painting class.  I had some birthday wine, and we sat down to paint a cherry blossom tree at dusk.

Photo May 25, 6 37 39 PM

My best people.

Photo May 25, 6 37 13 PM

Mini cupcakes and wine, perfect dessert while painting!

Photo May 25, 7 57 43 PM


Photo May 25, 8 14 06 PM

So, before I show you my painting, this one was displayed in the studio.  It looks EXACTLY like Jasper! I am going to keep my eyes open and see if they have this one coming up.

Photo May 25, 6 34 16 PM

Ok, the suspense is over, here’s my cherry blossom painting!

Photo May 25, 8 08 24 PM

Our paintings! They are all so different, which I just love! We had so much fun!

Photo May 25, 8 10 38 PM

I had some good snuggles with Jasper after I got home.  It was a perfect end to a great birthday.

Photo May 25, 9 12 06 PM

Last night, I hung up my painting next to my other two tree paintings that I’ve done in the past.  As long as you stay several feet away, they don’t look terrible! haha! The closer you get, the more obvious it is that I am not a skilled artist!

Photo May 26, 6 31 26 PM

I’m so excited to go home this evening and spend the long weekend with my parents.   Thank you so much to everyone who wished me happy birthday.  I truly appreciate all the love from everyone!