T3: Some Pet Peeves

For today’s Thursday’s Three, I’m going to share three of the most annoying pet peeves; these things just drive me up a wall. In the grand scheme of things, these pet peeves aren’t really that important, but they just really hit a nerve! 1. When clocks don’t match. Especially when the clocks are very near each other, like my oven and microwave. When one clock is off, it drives me batty. I also have a clock that gains time in my bathroom; I’m constantly fixing it.

2. When drivers don’t turn right on red. I’m not talking about when traffic is too heavy to safely turn, or when there is a “no turn on red” sign. When there is no traffic, and someone just sits there without turning, I just want to reach out and slap them out of their car. Turn on red, people!

3. Wobbly tables. Or chairs. Or when a coaster on a table doesn’t sit flat, and it makes a weird wobbly clicking sound. Wobbling drives me crazy! For the record, I also despise people who stand up immediately after the plane reaches the gate, just to stand there with their butts in your face. Or when you finish filling gas, and the price is a non-even number. Or when people don’t move over or acknowledge your presence when you are on a sidewalk or in an aisle moving towards them. Share the road, people, no need to walk directly down the middle, the world is NOT your runway!!  Or when you’re talking to someone on the phone but they’re talking to someone else instead of you.  …I could go on and on with these pet peeves! I’d love to hear some of your weirdest or craziest pet peeves!