2017: April Running

April, I’m glad you’re over! I ran 52 miles in April, which is my lowest mileage for the year. In fact, it’s my lowest mileage since January 2016! You can check out my recaps for JanuaryFebruary, and March if you need to catch up!

I really have no good reason why my mileage was so low. I just wasn’t feeling running in April.  The month started off with the Rock the Parkway Half Marathon. That race kind of led me into a downward spiral, with lots of emotions in many different aspects of my life bubbling up.  I’m fine, nobody needs to worry, but my running has definitely been slacking.  On top of the emotional issues I’ve been dealing with, I’ve been super swamped with wedding planning, moving prep, and work.  None of these things are good excuses, and I’m not trying to write them off, it’s just what happened in April.

I’m glad for May, a clean slate, a fresh start, a new month.

Back to April.  Rock the Parkway was the second Saturday of the month.  I didn’t write a race recap, but basically it was the slowest half I’ve ever run. I walked more than I’ve ever walked, and Chris stayed by my side for every single step. Emotionally, I went through happiness, sadness, frustration, hope, disgust, thankfulness, gratitude, rage, envy, hopelessness, shame, joy, love… the list goes on and on and on…  The race is over, I’ve dealt with a lot of my emotions, and still dealing with a lot more, but I’m in a much better place than I was at the finish line of that race.

Photo Apr 08, 11 23 40 AM

I only ran 11 times in April, the lowest in a long time.  Running is always there for me, and will always be there for me, whether or not I take a break.  I’m ready to get back on the horse and start putting in the mileage again.  I got a nice fun run in St. Joseph while Chris had band practice one Saturday, which was a fun way to explore a bit.

Photo Apr 23, 9 44 56 PM

Chris and I had some good runs too, the weather was really nice for part of the month, really hot and windy for part, and then at the end of the month, got cold and rainy.   I didn’t cycle at all in April. I need to work on that for May, and plan to go to cycle tonight.  I’ve added in some Group X classes, mainly a strength class during lunch once a week, and hope to add in a second day per week soon, and also get back to lifting on my own once a week or so.  Baby steps!

Photo Apr 30, 8 27 33 PM

I finished out the month with the Trolley Run, which is one of my very favorite KC races.  It was Chris’ first time doing the Trolley Run, and my third.  It was cold and drizzly, but we had a great run. I’ll be writing a recap this week.

Photo Apr 30, 7 48 06 PM

Looking forward to May: I have no races, but hope to get in some solid runs. My goal for the month is 75 miles for the month, and at least 1 strength session per week at the gym, and at least 3 cycle classes for the month.  How was your April? What does your May look like?

April stats:
Running:  11 runs, totaling 52 miles
Longest Run: 6 miles, April 23rd.
Races: Rock the Parkway Half Marathon and the Trolley Run

Monday Mentionings: April 25

Monday again! I only have a few pictures to share, but hopefully in a couple days I’ll have a Trolley Run race recap to share! I’m going to share a fun little sentence per picture for you this week!  Also, 1 month until my birthday!

Jazzy had quite the fun time playing like a little hunter in the jungle.

Photo Apr 20, 7 26 40 PM

Wednesday night, I had a really great run, and I wrote about it here.

Photo Apr 20, 7 30 58 PM

He always keeps me entertained.

Photo Apr 21, 8 08 02 PM

Friday night I had a dinner date with this little boy.

Photo Apr 22, 8 00 07 PM

My dinner date was with Amy and her family on Friday night, to celebrate Passover (I’m not jewish, but I wanted to support and celebrate with my best!)

Photo Apr 24, 7 35 56 PM

This snapchat filter is my new favorite.

Photo Apr 23, 1 48 01 PM

Saturday I had a very difficult 9 mile long run, but I survived, and celebrated with Chick-fil-a!

Photo Apr 24, 7 36 17 PM

Sunday I had a fantastic Trolley Run, and PR’d by 21 seconds!

Photo Apr 24, 9 02 49 AM

Last night, I watched the premiere of season 6 of Game of Thrones! Did you watch? What did you think?

Trolley Run Recap

This morning was the Trolley Run! I have been looking forward to this race for quite a while, and I’ve heard great things about it!  My Mom drove down for the weekend, and we had a great weekend visit and ran the race this morning.

The Trolley Run is one of the largest 4 mile road races in the US, and this year was the 27th year of the race.  The Trolley Run is the largest annual fund raiser for Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired.

Photo Apr 25, 9 16 26 PM

The course is unique because is a point to point course, beginning on 75th and Wornall in Waldo, and ending on the Plaza.  We met up with my Mom’s cousin, Kim, and my running buddy Amy, and took the bus from the Plaza to the starting line.  It was a dreary and chilly morning, but luckily, the rain held off!

Photo Apr 26, 7 36 20 AM

Me, Kim, Mom, Amy

We tried to stay warm around the start line, and listened to a beautiful Star Spangled Banner, and then the race began!  Each wave had about 5 minutes between it, and there were 6 waves of runners.  I think I heard someone say there were nearly 10,000 runners and walkers, which was a great turnout!

Photo Apr 26, 8 25 22 PM

My strategy for the race, which was mostly flat and fast, with some nice downhill stretches, and only a couple small uphills, was to just go out strong and steady and try to hang on!  There were some fun signs, one said “Running 4 miles is easy, getting up early on Sunday morning is HARD!”  So true.  There was also a really cute family grilling bacon and the little kids were holding plates of bacon out for the runners!

I finished the race about 3 and a half minutes faster than my previous best 4 mile race (last spring in Hays).  I was really happy with my race, I felt like I left it all on the course, and now I have a shiny new PR! In looking at my mile times, I negative split the race perfectly, meaning the second half of the ride was faster than the first half. Each of my mile splits was faster than the previous!  

If any race photos turn out (there were a TON of runners all around!) I will edit the post and add them later this week.

Photo Apr 26, 8 58 21 AM

Mom, Kim, Amy and I all met up again after the race, and we enjoyed some of the finish festival, but it was pretty chilly, especially since we all ran hard!  Another buddy from our running group also found us after the race, so of course we had to get some photos with John!

Photo Apr 26, 9 08 42 AM

Me, Kim, Mom, Amy

Photo Apr 26, 9 18 07 AM

Amy, Me, John

All in all, it was a fantastic race!! Amy and I both PR’d, the weather held off, no rain! Later this afternoon, the sun came out and it warmed up really nicely.  I will definitely do this race again in the future, it was a beautiful course, a well run race, and a really great local cause!

Photo Apr 26, 8 23 02 PM